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20 Hair Colors for Older Women in 2022

Sometimes, to look younger and fresher, you need to do the right color to hide wrinkles and other signs of aging. What color visually reduces age after 30, 40, and 50 years? We determine our source of youth and urgently make an appointment with a colorist.

Rules for choosing hair color after 40-50 years for women

The basic rule is straightforward: the hair color should be chosen one or two shades lighter than the natural one to give the image a youthful look. But attempts to hide gray hair with dark shades, on the contrary, can add age. Particular care should be taken with black (unless the woman is a naturally burning brunette with fair skin). Skin color in the choice of hair color is generally one of the key concepts. Olive undertones, for example, go well with dark blond and chestnut shades, honey blonde is suitable for golden skin, and dark-skinned women can safely experiment with a rich chocolate range.

Hair color that rejuvenates a woman after 35

When choosing a shade, try to stick to your natural color. For example, if your curls are light blond by nature, you can refresh the image and give your face a rested look with the help of honey shades of blond. Avoid uniform staining by opting for modern techniques. So, instead of a monochrome blonde, create the effect of naturally burnt strands on the curls. This can be achieved by combining several light shades.

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Hair colors for women after 40

Warm red, chocolate, and honey tones are the perfect palette for women over 40. When choosing a shade, first of all, you should start with your color type, skin color, and eye color, and also do not forget to look after the curls carefully. Healthy and shiny hair itself helps you look younger. Moisturize curls, do salon treatments, and visit your colorist on time to refresh the shade.

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Hair colors for women after 50

The main task at this age is to divert attention from skin imperfections, wrinkles, and other signs of age on the face. Therefore red and red shades are taboo: they can emphasize redness and dullness. But the soft golden blond, lively chestnut, and ash range have a rejuvenating effect. The main rule is the same: your ideal shade should be in harmony with the color type and differ from the natural color by no more than one or two tones with a minus sign.

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Blondes – what shade to choose

Owners of gray, green, or blue eyes and skin of a light cool shade should pay attention to the range of cold blond (except ashy). The caramel will be appropriate if the skin has a warm golden undertone, gourmet shades of cappuccino, wheat, honey.

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Brunettes and brown-haired women – what color will refresh the face

If you have brown, blue, or green eyes, and your skin is white or, on the contrary, dark, warm, rich shades of dark chocolate, cocoa or coffee will be most suitable. Monochrome blacks are best avoided.

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Red and copper shades

If you are a “sunny bunny” by nature – your eyes are green, your hair is red, and your skin is white (and maybe with freckles) – choose caramel, amber, and golden-copper shades. Swarthy girls with brown eyes and copper-colored hair are more suited to a palette of dark brown, chocolate, and coffee colors.

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