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20 Hairstyles for Little Girls with Short Hair in 2022

Children’s hairstyles for short hair can lay the right foundation for habits in future adulthood. What connection could there be? It is worth remembering the phrase that is greeted by clothes, and immediately attention switches to a dress for a little beauty. And the hair? They have long been cut shorter for practical reasons. But even strands that barely touch the shoulders need care and proper design. After all, it is not for nothing that Sophia Loren once remarked: “The hairstyle influences the way the day develops, and in the end, life.”

Children’s life is full of its own tasks, to the solution of which the baby approaches with all seriousness. Every day, in games or class, she learns skills that will be useful to her in the future. Nothing should distract at such moments: hair gathered in a ponytail, a pigtail, or caught up with a beautiful hairpin cannot interfere with the fun. And the familiar elements, decorated in an interesting context, will help bring up a sense of taste and style in a girl from childhood. Below, to help mom, are collected beautiful hairstyles for little girls for short curls that will help them always be charming. So, let’s see!

Original ponytails

It is as easy as shelling pears to do such an uncomplicated children’s hairstyle on short hair at home, and they look adorable and charming.

beginner easy toddler hairstyles hairstyles for girls

medium hair cut for girls

It is worth taking these two options as a basis, and you can fantasize as you like. For example, move the usual two tails up and place them close to each other. Decorative elastic bands will add originality to the girl, and not completely elongated ends will create the illusion of bundles.

hairstyles for kidsack baby girl hairstyles

The inverted tails, located one after the other on the sides of the head, will also remove interfering hairs and look very interesting. Experiments with parting will give a “zest” to the usual children’s hairstyle. With such options, it’s not a shame to go to kindergarten.

Twisted harnesses

It is worth dividing the ponytail into two parts, twisting it together, and the children’s hairstyle acquires a special charm. Removing short strands from the face and intercepting the ends with cute hairpins, or putting harnesses along the top of the head one by one with a finishing touch in the form of a decorated elastic band – it really depends on the imagination or the time that mom has at her disposal. The twisting technique is clearly visible in the following version of the children’s hairstyle for short hair.

little black girl braided hairstyles

To make a hairstyle for every day, even for short hair, is a little more original with the help of one or several bundles in an unusual place – this is within the power of any mother. Collecting the baby in the kindergarten is not just a tail but a whole textured composition that looks completely new. It will be convenient for a schoolgirl to comprehend the primer and the multiplication table if the front strands are attached to an openwork rim.

little girl hairstyles


What children’s hairstyles for short hair will do without braiding: it’s okay that the little ones’ hair is still thin and fragile, and their length is not lower than the shoulders. In this regard, braids are real magic wands! To remove the bangs in a charming pigtail that sticks out cutely in a child’s face, or to braid a French version with a bun ending?

simple hairstyle for girls

short hair cut for girls

In the direction from the face, you can also start up several such weaves, made topsy-turvy. An ordinary pigtail, directed into the very funnel of an inverted tail, does not need special skills.

little girl haircuts with bangs

little girl wavy bob

The French headband braid and its closest German relative will already require some skill, but the effect is worth it!

short toddler girl haircuts wavy hair layered little girl haircuts for wavy hair

The “waterfall” weaving method

perfectly fixes short strands in the right direction, and the familiar ” Malvina ” gets a new reading in the hands of a creative mother.

thin hair toddler girl hairstyles short hair

By the way, simple hairstyles on a short length look even more charming: the usual two braids standing upright, as in the photo, give the baby a special cuteness.

little girl haircuts for thick wavy hair

More Different Ideas

braids for babies with short hair cute hairstyles easy hairstyles for kids step by step

easy hairstyle for short medium hair short haircuts for girls little girl wavy haircuts


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