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Long Pixie Cuts for Women 2021

The elongated pixie haircut managed to conquer the fashion world with triumph and conquered women of all ages with its versatility and ease of styling. The lightness and sophistication of the hairstyle in this case harmoniously complements the large facial features, and the elongated oval, and the clearly defined line of the cheekbones.

But fashion trends tend to change. The ultra-short version of the pixie, which held the lead among hairdressers around the world for a long time, now looks a bit retrospective. It is being replaced by haircut options for long hair, allowing you to breathe new life into classic looks.

An elegant hairstyle with an extension, with or without bangs, is ideal for women of all ages. It is undemanding in care, it is enough to maintain a given shape with the help of regular visits to the hairdresser. The use of different styling options helps to change the appearance in the case of an elongated pixie haircut.

Asymmetrical design options for haircuts with bangs look especially impressive, equally well suited for creating evening and everyday stylish women’s looks.

Features of the

Created for those who want to be on-trend, the elongated pixie cut allows every woman who is not ready for too radical changes to try on the fabulous image of a fairy from the wild. The features of this solution include the following.

  • Open neck and ear line. She gives the appearance of woman helplessness, youth, carelessness.
  • Different lengths of strands. A torn haircut with thinning emphasizes the textured, multi-layered hairstyle. It is great for creating volume on fine hair.
  • Hair lengthening at the crown and in front of the head. In this case, the temples are completely shaved or significantly shortened, the neck also opens, but not completely.
  • The bangs shifted to the side, are often asymmetrical, exaggeratedly lush, with pronounced graduation of strands or clear geometry. This is where stylists leave the most room for self-expression.

Another important feature of fashionable elongated pixie haircuts is their versatility. With the right approach, absolutely any version of the face oval can be effectively framed with a suitable styling option. The elongated pixie-style solution allows you to bring the length of the back and front of the hair to the jawline, which provides it with a completely new interpretation. Create spectacular images in glam rock style is now easily possible to mix with styling in the spirit of baby dollars.

Pixie with lengthening can already be called a new Hollywood trend. Spectacular, luxurious styling looks harmoniously on the red carpet – here it is customary to curl long bangs with classic waves or curls, braid them.

Busy actresses, female directors, and other creative professionals alike appreciate the light creative mess that characterizes the everyday version of the pixie.

Advantages and disadvantages

Created for women who have no prejudices, the pixie hairstyle in its elongated version has both opponents and supporters. Among its advantages, one can note originality – a graphic haircut that is memorable at first glance will immediately exclude the possibility of meeting ordinary, boring people. In addition, stylists recommend using this version of the image for women who want to get rid of severely split ends of their hair.

A haircut will help remove all unnecessary and will contribute to a comfortable restoration of the lost length.

An important plus of using a pixie haircut for lengthening is an unlimited choice of styling products. Hair can be given volume and shape, texture, smoothness, or curls. In the arsenal of women who prefer a bold hairstyle, there is all the best – gels, varnishes, mousses, waxes, foams.

The opportunity to try on vivid images is another good reason to get a pixie cut. Even deep purple, pink or blue can look very harmonious with this new hairstyle. All sorts of complex types of coloring – shatush, ombre, glare also look worthy here. In the summertime, the long version of the haircut can be easily shortened to boyish, enjoying the comfort and natural, artistic clutter effect of hair regrowth.

The extension pixie is ideal for women with fine or curly hair. A haircut allows you to avoid difficulties with everyday styling, light waves will only add individuality and chic to it. Light negligence is in great harmony with this hairstyle option, making it optimal for a vacation or vacation.

It does not do without flaws. In the case of pixies, they will be as follows:

  • complexity combined with gentle and romantic images;
  • excessive avant-garde;
  • the need for individual selection of the shape with a square lower jaw;
  • showing ears and neck for women after 40 can be a serious problem;
  • the need for a regular visit to the salon, at least once a month;
  • giving brutality to the image – it is much more difficult to be a strong woman.
long pixie bob haircut

In any case, all the shortcomings of such a hairstyle can be called rather far-fetched.

If done correctly, a pixie haircut can beautify absolutely any girl and woman.




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