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Medium Length Low Maintenance Hair Cuts for 2023

With the increasingly busy lives, we lead these days, it’s important that our beauty regimen, specifically our hair, is as low maintenance as possible. The thing about low-maintenance hairstyles and hairstyles is that they don’t have to be boring or overwhelming. They can be equally easy to care for and chic at the same time. Most would assume that only short haircuts are low-maintenance, but as the photos below show, there are cute and quick hairstyles for long and medium-length hair too.

Low maintenance haircuts and hairstyles

The most important thing when going for a simple haircut is that it should be uncomplicated and should look just as good when you style it at home as it does when you leave the salon. The following photos provide good hairstyle and hairstyle inspiration on the given topic. Check out the following ideas to cut hair care time in half without sacrificing a beautiful look.

Shaggy Medium Length Hair

Forget the flat irons that require extra styling time and instead opt for a medium choppy cut with loose, tousled waves and a long, straight bow bang.

low maintenance short hair

Side Parted Messy Bob

Who knew low-maintenance haircuts could look so edgy and be easy to style at the same time? This messy blonde bob is broken up by semi-finished waves and an off-center part.

low maintenance bob

Medium Choppy Cut with Bangs

In general, medium length is the most popular length in haircuts for women. With a cut like this, you can wear your locks free-flowing or pull them up in a quick updo. This effortless look features a side bang, subtle layers, and simple understated waves that you can create in a flash.

low maintenance undercut

Medium feathered cut for thin hair

Taking a cue from the feathered haircuts of the ’70s and ’80s, low-maintenance haircuts like this one are a lot less complicated than they seem. Front suspension is easily achieved with the right cut. Once you get it, styling will be a breeze – lift the locks at the roots while blow drying and shape the swoopy bangs with a round brush.

pixie cut

Medium Blonde Ombre Bob

Grazing only on the collarbone, this medium-length blonde bob is a beautiful haircut and a simple hairstyle that seems flawless. Textured at the ends and finished off with a gorgeous ombre, it looks perfectly polished and quite head-shaking.

edgy short pixie cuts

Red waves on thick hair

Bright red hair makes a statement, but adding some soft and sexy waves to your layered haircut makes it look even better. Additionally, this long look is very easy to style with or without a curling iron.

low maintenance short haircuts

Long bob with a braided crown

This half updo isn’t just for wavy hair, but it’s just cuter with waves, natural or styled. The word “pretty” doesn’t even describe this long wavy bob, complete with a braided crown. The great thing about this style is that it’s intentionally imperfect, meaning it doesn’t have to look polished to be appealing.

low maintenance pixie bob haircut

Fishtail Headband for Shorter Hair

Adding a braid to a short haircut is a great twist to wear your short hair differently. This stackable bob in a lavender hue is adorable braided or not, but the braid lets you show off the roots in your natural color, which is a sign of trendy hairstyles that also use low-maintenance hair dye.

undercut low maintenance pixie cut

Short Bob with Side Bangs

When you want a hairstyle that requires virtually no styling time, short haircuts like this are your best bet. With a short bob length, slightly rounded shape, and layered side bangs, your locks don’t stand a chance to settle unflatteringly, whether you have straight hair or curly hair.

feminine pixie cuts

Sassy Layers for Long Hair

This style proves that low-maintenance haircuts can still be very sexy. The long flowing waves that are parted in the middle gently frame the face and look quite appealing.

edgy low maintenance pixie cut

Black Asymmetric Bob

This low-maintenance, asymmetrical bob is part of a short, ultra-modern style. Style with an iron or a blow dryer and a round brush to get sexy, curvy lines, or simply let your hair air dry and do your own thing for a carefree casual look.

low maintenance messy pixie cut

Edgy Pixie Cut

Embrace your inner rock star and give this edgy, spiky cut a try. When done right, this haircut doesn’t require much styling other than brushing your hair in different directions with one product. So, it can be your best short low-maintenance hairstyle that you want to keep for a while.

low maintenance curly pixie cut

Tousled Side Ponytail with two braids

And now let’s talk about pretty simple and creative hairstyles. A ponytail is always a welcome quick and easy style. This long blonde ponytail gets a boost thanks to the tousled texture, two chunky side braids, and hair-covered base.

undercut pixie cuts for thick hair

Half Up, Half Down Curls

This is a simple idea brought into a gorgeous formal hairstyle that is worthy of a bride rocking. But you can take the concept and copy the same hairstyle to apply it to your daily life. In this case, polished curls are not necessary.

curly pixie cut

Swirl Chignon

A bun with a whirlpool look is pretty bridal too, but if it’s perfect like the photo, you can wear it as one of your everyday styles too. For women who have long hair and dexterous hands, this is a gorgeous updo.

messy wavy pixie cut

Low Bun with a side braid

A cute bun and an extremely thick side braid for thick hair come together in this quick hair look that will take you from the office to cocktails and back without a hitch.

pixie haircut for curly hair

Soft Tucked Updo

Low-maintenance hairstyles can escape romantically and are incredibly cute like this updo with wispy flyaways on the sides. A beautiful hair accessory pinned to one side is an instant way to make it even prettier.

short curly pixie cut

Medium bob with mini side braids

If you have an outgoing personality and like to have a little fun with your tresses, this simple half-up hairstyle is for you. Parted down the middle with two small pigtails on each side and the rest of the hair hanging down is just plain fun.

curly long pixie cut

Pastel Blue Bob with Braided Bangs

The trend of messy hairstyles emerged a while ago and it is still alive as it supports low-maintenance hairstyles. Every girl wants to wake up in the morning, do a sloppy braid or two in 2 minutes, and look beautiful all day long. Now you can afford it.

pixie cuts for curly hair

Short two-tone curls

A short length often means easy styling. That’s in case you have a beautiful hair texture that can do its own thing by producing some cute ringlets. Those who can get such beautiful natural curls are the lucky ones. Others have to resort to styling tools and still have time to style.

thick hair feminine pixie cuts

Low-maintenance haircuts and hairstyles are tolerant of the length of your hair. As you have seen, you can do a pretty and quick ‘do whether your hair is short, long, or medium length. Experiment with braids, buns, twists, and tucks to find some new hairstyles that you will love to wear casually shortly. Remember that you can upgrade any casual hairstyle you like to the level of a formal “do” so that it gets a bit more polished and put together.


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