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Short Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for Women 2022

An asymmetrical bob is one of the current trends of the new season. Many people like this haircut; celebrities love it; it makes women unique. It is worth taking a closer look at the features, varieties of an asymmetrical bob, as well as options for its styling.


This haircut is a stylish element of the women’s set and allows you to hide the flaws in appearance, shifting accents, and add individuality to the image due to the lack of strict symmetry. According to fashion trends, combining timeless classics and modern trends, the asymmetrical bob is one of the ten best hairstyles. It adds pomp and volume to the hairstyle, looks stylish and impressive. In addition, it is versatile and can beautify both a casual woman’s look and an evening bow.

The hairstyle emphasizes the neck, gives visual proportionality to the face. However, it is demanding to style; otherwise, it can seem like a wig. For example, you can use light whey or milk for this. A diagonal length line distinguishes the haircut itself. On the one hand, the hair is shorter than on the other.

An asymmetrical bob visually refreshes the face. The asymmetry of the haircut is especially noticeable in the facial area. In the classic version, the hairstyle is done with bangs. Often it is replaced by a long strand of hair starting from the back of the head. The hair length is the shortest at the back.

short asymmetrical bob stacked asymmetrical bob asymmetrical haircut

Who is it suitable for?

A bob with asymmetry is relevant for owners of straight and curly hair. It is chosen by the fair sex, who want to change their lives. In addition, it is a perfect option for ladies who want to look several years younger. The haircut itself is unique; it allows a woman to look different: bold, eccentric, and unrealistically feminine.

stacked inverted bob curly undercut asymmetrical bob wavy asymmetrical bob


In the classic version, asymmetrical bob is characterized by the length of hair on one side at the chin level. The size of the hair, on the other hand, is different so that the tapered line can be either subtle or sharp. Today, the following types of asymmetric bob can be distinguished:

  • ultra-short;
  • normal;
  • elongated;
  • graduated.

In addition, each type has its modifications. For example, the base can be decorated not with a long strand from the middle of the back of the head but with a short bang. And also, the hairstyle may have a shaved head. The shortened version of the haircut accentuates the neck; this hairstyle will not suit the owners of a short or thick neck.

A haircut with a shaved temple today is at the peak of its popularity. Bright personalities agree to such an experiment, sometimes supplementing the base with some unusual pattern shaved with a trimmer, creating a gradient effect due to the different lengths of short hair in the design area.

asymmetrical bob with bangs

long bob haircut

The hair in the back may be shorter than the hair in the front: an ultrafine from the crown will look unusual. Moreover, it can be profiled or thick. Options with lengthening can have either a smooth diagonal cut line or a sharp one. The second option looks pretty unusual. So that the haircut does not lose its effect, an unmistakable silhouette must be traced.

The graded version differs in that; in fact, it introduces a bit of mess in the clarity of the forms. It involves the implementation of a haircut according to the principle of a cascade or ladder. Such a hairstyle is always lush; often, it does not require styling at all.

How to choose?

Even though a haircut is considered suitable for many girls, several criteria will most accurately select its length, diagonal, and variety.

By hair type

Even though this haircut is suitable for different hair types (including curly hair), it is not recommended for owners of springy curls. The fact is that on such curls, the diagonal is invisible, as is the clarity of the lines. If the hair is barely wavy, it looks beautiful and well-groomed. Straight hair owners will have to constantly style asymmetry: it should not be disheveled since it will lose effectiveness.

edgy asymmetrical bob shortmedium length asymmetrical bob

By face type

An asymmetric haircut is more recommended for those with an oval or elongated face shape. At the same time, the cut diagonal itself is of great importance: it corrects the shape of the face. In one case, you will need to perform a bang; in the other, you can get by with a long falling strand. For example, girls with a large nose or a prominent chin should choose a haircut with a side bang. An asymmetrical bob is also suitable for a round face: long strands in the front will help hide wide cheekbones and plump cheeks.

shoulder length curly bobshoulder length layered curly bob

With and without bangs

The bangs in the hairstyle are used to make the elongated face rounder. However, it is not appropriate for every age of a woman. For example, bangs are right in the asymmetry of a teenager’s hairstyle, and the bob’s length can be either ultra-short or extended, straight or oblique. Bangs look best on short lengths. To make her look good as a mature woman, you need to limit the length of the haircut itself. In this case, the length should be short and the diagonal line not too sharp.

fine hair asymmetrical bob funky inverted bob asymmetrical lob


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