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Short Brown Hair Colors for Women in 2022

What color of brown hair do I ask my hairdresser?

You have brown hair, you want to change, but you are not quite sure which one can look good on you. First of all, let’s learn to distinguish the different varieties of chestnut color.

Keep in mind that brown hair has a wide variety of shades, from the darkest (almost black) to the lightest (almost blonde). Let’s go over the main characteristics of each shade of chestnut!

Brown hair

It does not refer to a specific tone, it is a neutral brown neither cold nor warm, a uniform tone. Far from being a boring and flat color, this year the chestnut is full of reflections, nuances, and undertones capable of giving a new dimension to your hair. Warm, flattering, and “age-defying”, brown can also surprise. And if not, look at it!

shoulder length short brown hair short brown hair straight short brown hair with highlights short hair styles

Dark brown hair

Dark brown hair is a color very similar to black, the only difference is that more reddish reflections can be seen in sunlight.

caramel brown balayage short hair shoulder length hair medium brown hair

Golden brown hair

Generally, golden chestnut is a much lighter tone with more coppery reflections, a color that tends to soften the features of the face a little more.

brown hair with blonde highlights short brown hair bob

Ash brown hair

It is a chestnut with cold tones, if you choose too dark tones you will lose the ash reflections, while if you opt for a lighter tone, the ash tone will be more intense. Be careful if you go over ash, as it will look dull and dull.

short dark brown hair pixie short curly hair

Chocolate brown hair

It is a brown of the color of the same name, it is generally characterized by its mixture of cold and warm tones that make this tone one of the most demanded since it is a color that tends to favor most women.

pixie cut black hair with highlights

Light brown hair

Natural light brown hair usually has dark blonde highlights and golden highlights, combined with its light brown base. In sunlight, the golden reflections can be intensified.

shoulder length brown hair shoulder length short wavy hairchubby face short curly hairstyles low maintenance short wavy hairstyles

Reddish-brown or copper hair

Auburn or copper brown is a shade that has reddish and/or orange hues and reflections. It is much more daring because it moves away from the most natural colors. This shade, either you love it or you hate it, has no middle ground. Or at least I have not found it among my clients. If you opt for dark brown, the reddish tones will be more subtle. However, if you go for a light brown, it will look much more intense and vibrant … to the point of looking red.

edgy short curly haircuts natural short curly hair layered short curly haircuts


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