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20 Short Hair Color Ideas for Women in 2022

There is a simple and affordable way to transform, attract attention and cheer yourself up: change your hair color, focusing on fashion trends. The options for dyeing short hair are no less than medium or long. Short ones even have their advantage: a regular haircut eliminates the problem of split ends, and the paint lays down as it should, shining intensely and brightly. In addition, it is more convenient to paint them, and the paint consumption is less. We offer a selection of the most interesting, in our opinion, ideas for dyeing short hair.

Balayage technique

Fashionable dyeing of short hair – balayage. A new highlight that hit this year allows you to tint the ends slightly without dyeing the entire strands. Short hair is combed, and the protruding ends are treated with dye. The color can be contrasting or differ by one or two tones; in any case, the hairstyle comes to life, attracting spectacular highlights and overflows. Balayage emphasizes the silhouette of the styling and looks great on a torn bob haircut.

caramel balayage short hair caramel brown balayage short hair dark root short blonde balayage honey balayage short hair shoulder length balayage short hair

Creative coloring

Creative coloring is a bold combination of different colors in a hairstyle. Many creative coloring techniques can be used to create different patterns – feathers, waves, etc. One of the latest trends is block dyeing and stencil dyeing. From the name, it is clear that certain “blocks” are highlighted on the hair, and they are dyed. The bangs are most often affected.

blonde balayage short hair straight ombre short hair caramel balayage short hair straight highlights hair color for short hair unique hair color ideas for short hair

Coloring bangs

The image can be changed with a few strokes, highlighting the top layer of the bangs and front hair without affecting the bottom layer. Long bangs give a new sound to the Pixie haircut, individual strands of which are painted close to the main color or in contrasting and even neon tones. The paint is applied along the entire length of the strands, creating bright accents and refreshing the face.

ombre hair short hair color ideas popular hair color for short hair

Contrast highlighting

Short hairstyles, colored with ashy, purple, or sunny honey strands, are beautiful. The traditional highlighting technique is still relevant, and this season it is fashionable to use two or three or more tones simultaneously. The different widths of the colored strands give the haircut volume and liveliness. The optimal main hair color for this highlighting is dark and dark blond.

summer hair color for short hair summer hair color ideas for short hair hair color for short hair morena ash brown short hair with color

Dark roots

Regrown unpainted roots have ceased to embarrass women of fashion; now, the effect of dark roots is achieved specifically with the help of modern dyeing techniques. Stylish novelty attracts with color contrast and is especially good on short, coquettishly tousled hair.

brown hair color for short hair pic of balayage hair


The procedure for bleaching hair is not the most gentle, but if a specialist carries it out, you can not worry about the consequences and enjoy a short haircut with a luxurious platinum shine. White hair with an ash tint looks best on short hair, making it shine!

unique short hair hair color sunset hair color for short hair

Short hairstyles captivate with a mixture of enthusiasm and femininity, the charm of youth and sexuality, and various types of coloring give them a special sophistication. Do not miss the opportunity to look original and modern; emphasize the style and shape of your haircut with a play of shades.


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