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20 Slicked Back Hairstyles for Women in 2022

Beautiful hairstyles with hair pulled back can give an image of a unique charm and charm. We will tell you more about how best to comb your curls back to get a bright and memorable look.

Hairstyles, when the hair is styled back, appeared a long time ago, and to this day, they remain quite popular. And this is no coincidence. The peculiarity of hairstyles with curls combed back is suitable for important special occasions and everyday life.

sleek slick back hair female

short swept back pixie cut

For hair that is styled back to look beautiful and neat, certain cosmetic products are required. So, to make the curls smooth, a fixing gel is needed. This product not only makes curls smooth but also helps to fix the hairstyle securely. To give Lokonan a beautiful shine, you need to use a special hair spray containing small shiny particles. The tool will help you create a hairstyle for a festive event, even at home.

middle part slicked back hairstyles female

You can make a beautiful and simple styling when the curls are combed back; you can do it yourself. First, you need to wash the curls. If you plan to create hairstyles with smooth and shiny hair, then, in this case, you should choose shampoo and conditioner balm, which gives shine to the curls.

Style your hair back strand by strand. To do this, a strand of hair of the required thickness must be applied to the brushing and then dried with a hairdryer. In this case, brushing should comb the curls from root to tip, moving in the direction from the face.

slick back bun

baddie hairstyles

Laying the hair back at home is not difficult at all if the curls are short. “Licked” sleek hairstyle looks beautiful and romantic. Stylists note that she helps the “rebel” girls look pretty and elegant. This hairstyle is also suitable for owners of fashionable haircuts, for example, pixies.

Pulling back hair can also save in a situation when there is no time to wash the curls. For the styling to look better, the hair must be additionally combed at the roots. It is better to lay strands of medium length or long in this way.

female short slick hair

For many years now, slicked-back hair, gathered in a ponytail, has been an undoubted favorite when creating images of many Hollywood stars. This hairstyle looks amazing when the hair looks “sleek.” Moreover, this styling can be combined with almost any clothing. It will also be appropriate as an addition to an evening dress. Applying varnish with a shine effect to the hair pulled back is imperative to give the image a zest.

sleek slick back hair
Another adorable ponytail is the tiered ponytail. An easy way that any girl can handle. A tiered ponytail is usually suitable for long hair. To create it, locks are sequentially taken from the lateral parts of the head and connected. Rubber bands are used to fix each part of such a tail.
womens slick back short hair

A hairstyle where the hair is gathered in a low bun is great for the office. For the styling to last all day, it is fixed with foam or hair mousse. For a stronger fixation of the low beam, it is necessary to use “invisible” ones.

slicked back bob hair short slicked back black women's hair
swept back pixie cut

For girls with a square face and straight shoulder-length hair, combing the hair back may not work. This hairstyle will visually distort the proportions of the face, making the chin more massive. Styling with hair pulled back, perfect for those with an oval face.

When creating a fleece, it should be remembered to make the hairstyle taller and the forehead, accordingly, visually wider. So, it is better to refuse it for women with a high forehead. Moreover, if you make a fleece from the sides of the face, then, in this case, the face will become visually wider. That is why pile on the temples when creating voluminous “licked” hairstyles is not suitable for girls with a round face.

Ladies with thin hair should first decide what kind of bouffant they will do. In this case, the uppermost part of the curls must be left intact – it is she who will cover the created bouffant from above. To create additional volume, curls should be combed from the roots a few centimeters down. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the strands.

messy slick back hair female medium slicked back hair

A beautiful look can also be created when combing back using the side parting. Styling fits perfectly on medium-length hair. Stylists note that this hairstyle can “refresh” any bow. Moreover, it is suitable not only for young girls but also for older ladies. For the hair to look more well-groomed, a special spray must be applied to shine after creating the hairstyle. This hairstyle is one of the most beloved by many Hollywood stars.

short layered swept back hairstyles

messy slick back hair

Combined styling with a mix of different textures helps create a very fashionable look. In this case, the hair at the roots should have a “wet” effect, and the ends should look natural. This styling looks great on hair dyed, for example, using the sizing technique. To create such a hairstyle, the hair at the roots combed back should be treated with a special gel to give it a “wet” effect. For general fixation of the hairstyle, hairspray is also quite suitable.

Braided hairstyles are great for young girls. To do this, the “licked” styling can be decorated with a pigtail. A thin braid looks beautiful next to the side parting. In this case, the pigtail can be woven in a way that will be more to your liking. To fix the braid, you need “invisibility.”


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