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Haircuts for 10 Year Old Girls in 2022

Every girl dreams of looking beautiful and stylish; this desire is most evident in adolescence. In this period of life, young fashion women choose their image, using bright makeup, unusual models of outfits, and original hairstyles. For a haircut to become the main decoration, it is crucial to choose the right length and shape, considering current fashion trends.

short haircuts for girls medium length haircuts for 10 year olds girl

Stylists recommend choosing haircuts for children aged 10 to 13, taking into account the peculiarities of the texture of the hair and the personal wishes of the young beauty. For teenagers 11 and 12 years old, you can use any suitable hairstyle for long and short hair.

medium hair cut for girls

An essential point in the choice is the care of the haircut, as some hairstyles require constant styling, which can take a lot of time before preparing for school. If the beauty is not ready for this, she should prefer simple options, decorating her hair with hairpins.

cute haircuts for 11 year olds girl popular cute haircuts for 10 year olds

For short hair

A short haircut is considered a bold move for girls between the ages of 10 and 13, as this type of hairstyle looks best on older girls. If the style is ideally combined with facial features, the hair can be cut short.

This season, several options for short haircuts are trendy.

  • Garson. Even though this model corresponds to teenagers over 15 years old, it will emphasize the gentle and youthful image of a future girl, originally even at 10 years. The main feature of the hairstyle is that it completely opens the face. Therefore, the garcon is recommended for owners of an oval face with refined and delicate features. Girls with more expressive features, a square, and oval face shape, should refuse such a haircut.

indian baby girl hair cutting styles little girl haircuts with bangs

  • Kare. This is a versatile style that is perfect for both adults and teens. The hairstyle allows you to emphasize facial features beautifully due to its geometric shapes. In addition, strands of any density are suitable for creating a fashionable look. The main advantage of the bob is that it takes no more than 20 minutes to make a styling, and it is perfectly combined with bangs of various lengths and geometries.

little girl shoulder length bob haircuts hairstyles for girls

  • Pixie. This hairstyle is usually chosen by girls who imitate their idols. It is generally used on thin hair that needs volume. The disadvantage of this style is complex care and long styling. Lovers of short hair can choose it if they have a round and oval face shape. cute short haircuts for 10 year olds girl
  • Bean. It is one of the types of neat haircuts suitable for all teenagers, regardless of hair structure and facial features. Curls, in this case, can be given a different volume and shape, but styling takes a little time.

little girl layered haircuts

For medium length

Fashionable haircuts for young ladies with medium-length curls (shoulder length) look both restrained and stylish. The main advantage of such models is that they allow you to leave your hair loose and style it with a curling iron or hairdryer. As a rule, such styles are easy to care for and take little time to style.

In the new season, stylists recommend that girls under 13 prefer several hairstyles.

  • Ladder. This is a perfect win-win option for any look and allows chubby beauties to hide a large forehead. In addition, thanks to the ladder, the curls acquire a visual volume. The only thing is that such a haircut is not suitable for hair with very split ends, as they become too noticeable.

short toddler girl haircuts wavy hair layered little girl haircuts for wavy hair

  • Bob-car. The hairstyle is a simultaneous fusion of several models, with elongated strands and a high nape. On the one hand, the curls reach the chin, and on the other, they slightly cover the ear. You can choose a different length.

little girl wavy haircuts

For long curls

It is much easier for girls with long hair to choose haircuts, as chic strands give them elegance anyway. In addition, this length opens up many opportunities for styling experiments. Today, the trend is a classic haircut with evenly cut tips; this model goes well with bangs of any shape, maybe without it.

A cascading haircut, a multi-layered ladder, is also considered fashionable. To do this, make the hair short at the top and gradually add length to the lower layers.

The main advantage of this hairstyle is that it is easy to care for and is ideal for schoolgirls.

little girl haircuts for thick wavy hair

For owners of thin hair, to increase the volume, the length of the hair is left, and the upper zone is made in the form of a bean or square.

If the girl’s mother supports her extraordinary style, the haircut can be supplemented with coloring or highlighting. But at this age, hair coloring is not recommended so that you can give an exciting look to long hair with the help of original styling.

For example, for children 10-13 years old, a “foxtail” or “hat” hairstyle is suitable.


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