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20 Very Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for Women in 2022

A stacked bob haircut is a tight layered short hairstyle meant to increase volume at the top of the head. It includes both longer styles and shorter styles and can incorporate bangs as well. The length of the haircut depends on the thickness of the hair and the shape of the face. The stacked bob can be styled in several different ways.

choppy layered inverted bob ear length short curly bob fine hair short stacked bob haircuts for thin hair fine hair short stacked bob fine hair stacked bob

This haircut style uses heavily blended layers at the back of the head to create a round shape. Layers usually only incorporate the middle third of the hair; portions on the side of the head, near the face, are only slightly overlapped or one length. This tight layering in the back lifts the hair, creating fullness.

funky inverted bob funky short stacked bob high stacked inverted bob inverted stacked bob layered bob

In longer styles of a stacked bob, the layers start at the base of the neck and gradually get shorter towards the crown. The front parts of the hair can be the same length as the most extended layer in the back, or it can be slightly longer, creating an A-line effect. Depending on the thickness of the hair, the front parts can be somewhat longer.

natural curly stacked bob curly pixie short stacked bob short stacked inverted bob stacked inverted bob curly

The back layers of a shorter stacked bob usually start at the nape of the neck and get shorter towards the top of the crown. In concise cuts, the bottom layer can be cut with a razor just at the hairline. The front can be the same length as the bottom layer or slightly longer with the more extended versions. With this stacked bob haircut style, one side of the hair in the front part can be longer than the other, especially when the hair is parted to the side.

Bangs are a common accompaniment to a stacked haircut. Women with round or heart-shaped faces usually go for long, side-swept bangs that blend into the longer part of the hair. Those with more oval face shapes may decide to have blunt bangs, often medium to thick in density.

stacked short curly inverted bob super short stacked bob thick hair short stacked bob undercut short curly stacked bob

A woman with a long face usually looks better with a short stacked bob, often chin-length, while a woman with a round shape tends to look better with a longer style. Women with very crisp or prominent features are often suited to a stacked haircut with layers all over the place. These layers are usually cut with a razor for smoothness and movement.

The most famous styling method for a stacked bob is straightening it and flipping the hair underneath. The tightly stacked layers in the back often require extra styling to ensure the overall round shape of the cut remains intact. Women with more extended versions of this bob can usually wear their hair curly, especially if it’s lightly layered in the front.

undercut stacked bobstacked funky inverted bob


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