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Bob Haircuts According to Face Shapes in 2022

Yes, the bob cut never goes out of style and does not understand seasons, but if you have been thinking about giving short hair a try for a while … indeed, the summer heat has convinced you. For the result to be perfect, having the hairdresser study your features well to find the shape that best suits you is a fundamental step, and, depending on whether you have a round, square, or elongated face, there is a tailor-made look for you. Because in a matter of hairstyles, the physiognomy plays a fundamental role and if a few days ago we explained to you why changing the place where you place the hair part would make you feel much more beautiful, now we advise you to adapt your following change of look to your face. Find out if a straight, asymmetrical, or more or less long cut will suit you better depending on your features:

“I know many people who did not dare to cut even an inch of their long hair, and when they did, their life changed completely. I think the bob cut is universally flattering,” says hairdresser and Youtuber Aly Art on her channel. That said, the expert also warns that cutting the right shape will get it to fit you well. To help you find your perfect look, Aly reviews the most common face types and explains what bob she recommends for each of them. If you have decided to refresh your hairstyle for the summer, this is the style that best suits you:

If your face is round

This face type is almost as tall as it is vast, and the features are smooth; the bone structure is not marked. According to the hairdresser, all the lengths look good except the shorter ones at the height of the ears because it will make the jaw appear even more round. As for combing it, it is best to create volume in the root zone and avoid looks that are too close to the head to emphasize the roundness of the face. The asymmetric finishes also help to stylize the features.

chubby face long bob for round face long bob haircut face shapes layered bob

If your face is elongated

That is to say, it is longer than it is wide and with rounded features: “The only thing you should avoid is creating volume in the root zone,” explains Aly in her video. In addition, explain that if the bob reaches the height of the chin, it will make the outfit appear wider. As for the hairstyle, the side waves are the perfect look to achieve greater harmony throughout the whole.

low maintenance bob haircuts for round faces short bob haircuts for long faces short hair for chubby face haircut according to face shape female haircut for fat face double chin

If your face is diamond-shaped

That means the widest part is the cheekbones and tapers at the forehead and chin, which is pointed. Although he says that the only cut that will accentuate the width of the cheeks more is precisely the bob that ends at that height, he assures that the rest of the versions will favor you. However, if you have a very prominent chin and want to hide it, avoid asymmetrical finishes in which the most extended locks are the front ones that focus the attention on this feature.

shoulder length long bob haircut pixie cut face shape oblong face bob cut for long face low maintenance hairstyles for long faces hairstyle for round face to look slim

If your face is heart-shaped

So you have a broad forehead and a pointed chin. In this case, a bob at the height of the jaw will make the jaw appear even more significant. The hairdresser recommends the most extended cuts parallel to the chin and even asymmetrical ones, which will frame the entire face thanks to the longer strands in front and shorter in the nape area.

diamond face shape hairstyles for long faces and big foreheads oblong face shape hairstyles male oblong face short hair for long face oval face shape

If your face is rectangular or square

“A cut one or two centimeters below the chin will look spectacular,” Art advises. If it is more square, that is, as long as it is wide and with the jaw and forehead of a similar size, the solution to lengthen the features is to add volume on top. In addition, it also recommends that the tips end a little below the jaw. As for the style, explain that both the straight and the asymmetric cut are flattering, so it all depends on your personal preferences.

face cut shape crew cut face shape inverted bob


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