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20 Youthful Hairstyles for Women Over 50 in 2022

A woman’s age is not the number of years lived, it is a reflection of her inner state, love for herself, caring for her appearance, and health. Having stepped over the 50th-anniversary mark, you can remain fresh and attractive, with no hints of a specific age. But for this, you need to competently approach your image and choose a successful haircut.

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Features of choosing a haircut after 50 years

Choosing the most suitable and at the same time fashionable haircut for women after 50 years, is worth adhering to certain rules and restrictions. This will allow you to shift accents from age and seriously transform the appearance of a lady, emphasizing all her advantages.

Look great on women over 50 short, medium, or slightly elongated haircuts. It is better to refuse braids and bunches, as well as long, not too voluminous curls. It is also necessary to focus on hair volume. Layers in a haircut, thinning or torn ends of the hair will help to achieve it.

layered short hair for square face low maintenance hairstyles for 50 year old woman hairstyles for chubby square face

Bangs are an indispensable element of haircuts for women over 50 years old. It can be completely different: ragged, asymmetrical, elongated, medium, up to the eyebrows, arched or beveled. The main thing is that it does not strongly contrast with the main idea of ​​the haircut and does not look vulgar.

And finally, you should not do complex, pretentious styling. Naturalness and lightness are the main advantages of youth and freshness. So, why make a beautiful female haircut heavier for women after 50 years with excessive bouffants, varnishes, and motionless hairstyles?

Dynamics, slight carelessness of strands, texture in the hair will create the necessary rejuvenating effect, remove excess years and help its owner get a unique and dignified image that does not go beyond elegance and thoughtful style.

Short, medium or slightly elongated haircuts with deep thinning, graduation, sharp tips and bangs look most successful on women after 50.

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Short haircuts for women 50 years old

Short haircuts for women after 50 are considered by many stylists to be the most profitable option for transforming and rejuvenating the image.

Pixie or Garcon

Boyish haircuts that open the temples and the area of ​​the ears, creating volume on the crown, are very suitable for ladies in their jubilee age. They can be created smooth, with even cut and soft transitions in length, or torn, feather-like, with strands sticking out to the sides. The main thing is to observe the principle of volume in the hair, especially if the shape of the face is far from the reference proportions. Pixie and garcon look great with or without bangs. The bangs present in the haircut can be absolutely any in length, but in their structure, they often acquire a profiled, torn, pointed shape.

long pixie cut
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short pixie cut
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A bob is created with a short leg at the back of the head and gradually lengthening strands reaching the line of the ears or cheekbones in the face area. After 50 – 55 years old, such a haircut should be created using graduation and a step effect. The crown and sides are processed in detail, the leg is not created too short – volume should be felt in the hair. The ends of the strands are milled, they acquire a pointed cut and feathers. The bangs complement this haircut favorably. It can be quite thick, medium, or elongated, with a beveled or sharp hair cut.

medium layered bob hairstyles for over 50
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Aurora – layered, stepped haircut with bangs. The stylish models its shape based on the characteristics of the client’s appearance and hair structure. For women over 50, the aurora is often created short, with an open neck and a voluminous crown made of graduated strands. Lateral curls frame the face in steps, tapering towards the neck. The final length of the hair does not extend below the chin. The ends of the strands are heavily milled, they are created sharp, with a clear texture. The bangs can be of any length, but variations that create volume, starting almost from the top of the head, look better. The bangs’ structure should repeat the haircut’s accents: thinning, sharp cut, torn effect.

Short haircuts can seriously rejuvenate a woman’s appearance, but they need constant styling and adjustment. Therefore, visits to the hairdresser should become frequent and systematic.

layered youthful hairstyles over 50 low maintenance haircuts for square faces

Medium haircuts

Medium haircuts for women after 50 years of age make their appearance no worse than short hairstyles. But this is not only their advantage: they are easier to care for, do not require courage and a special inner state from their owner.


Women over 50 years old can choose any variation of the bob: smooth, torn, graduated, or even asymmetrical. The main thing when clipping is to pay attention to the condition of your hair and facial skin.

Clear contours in the square, smooth lines, and the absence of bangs will suit owners of rather thick strands and an even face oval. It is better to choose graduation, sharp, protruding hair ends and bangs for the rest.

The bangs will perfectly hide everything unnecessary, so it is preferable to make it up to the eyebrow length or by beveling to create an elongated shape. The ends of the bangs should have a ragged or sharp cut.

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Medium bob is another anti-aging haircut for women over 50. The hairstyle is created with a finite length to the chin or slightly lower, thanks to which it allows you to successfully hide all imperfections and floating lines of the face oval. The nape is done with enhanced graduation, raises the top of the strands, creates pomp on the head.

The sides have sharp feathers, the transitions in length from the back of the head to the face are smooth and unobtrusive. Bangs are an important detail of a haircut. It is better to create it thick and voluminous, with a beveled cut, side styling, and serious length. The ends of the hair should be sharp at the bangs. This will give the haircut the necessary texture, blur the boundaries, remove unnecessary accents.

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