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12 Messy Updo Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

What to do if time is running out, and you need to look chic? Shorthairmodels experts are sure: there are no hopeless situations! We have collected from salon masters for you the best ideas for messy updo hairstyles and hair hacks for fast and beautiful styling.

Whatever styling method you choose, it is important first of all to get rid of the oily sheen of curls. For this, dry shampoo is ideal, which, if applied to the roots of the hair, instantly absorbs sebum and dries the hair.

Another way to create the appearance of a well-designed styling is a textured spray, which used to simulate beach curls – a bit disheveled, sloppy, and very sexy. In our case, hairspray will help to disguise hasty gatherings: you need to apply a bit of Matrix Texture Builder along the entire length of the strands and finger them into unobtrusive curls.

Professionnel shampoo helps create visible volume at the roots: it instantly lifts hair and slightly absorbs sebum.

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Since the problem is familiar to many, we have compiled a shortlist of “anti-recommendations”: what is not worth doing if you do not have time to wash your hair?

Carefully comb: the teeth of the comb help distribute sebum from the roots to the tips and further contaminate the curls. Leaving hair loose: it is better to make a tight tail or bun.
Use a finishing varnish for styling: as a rule, this tool gives shine to already shiny hair, emphasizing the stiffness of curls. Use weighting styling products: dirty hair holds the volume worse, so the use of gels and mousses that weight curls will not solve the problem, but will aggravate it.

Smooth hairstyles always save the situation. In our situation, it is better to choose one of the classic beam options. It can be low or high, but tight! A free sloppy bunch will not hide from others that you were going at the maximum speed today. The ends of the hair, as a rule, do not look dirty for a very long time, so you can smooth the curls at the roots and collect them in a tight tail on the back of the head or the crown. You can make two tails, if there is a mood it looks great! Tight braids are a great way to hide curls from prying eyes. Braid yourself with a tight spikelet, a French braid, or a braid of four strands.

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Take this opportunity to try creating a vintage hairstyle and briefly travel back to the 20s of the last century. By the way, on cleanly washed curls to reproduce miracle is much more difficult!

Using a textured spray, you can create an imitation of beach curls, and with the help of a light styling gel, the effect of wet locks. Both that and another does not demand a cleanly washed head but looks amazing. If the hair is shorter than the shoulder blades, try one of these styling options to mask quick picks! Gather the hair in a tight tail, and then make a bun with a donut: the longer the curls, the more magnificent the bun will turn out. Braid a thick braid and fix it in the manner of a rim: it is beautiful and will help to cover the contaminated hair roots.

Make a tall smooth bun. Intercept the base of the beam with a bright scarf to distract attention from contaminated curls and add a color accent to your image. The bangs get dirty faster than the rest of the hair, because it is short, and also because we unconsciously touch it most often. If there is no time to wash the bangs, we solve the problem differently:

apply a bit of texturing powder or dry shampoo to your bangs; if the length allows, stab the bangs to the side or up with the help of invisible or small hairpins; apply a little sparkle spray to your bangs if you are going to a party.

We have already discussed the option in which the scarf successfully complements the smooth bundle. Besides, you can beautifully bandage the base of the tail with a scarf, make a wide bright bezel from the scarf, or, in the end, tie it in the manner of a rocker bandana. Why not?


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