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20 Trendy Clavi Haircuts for Women in 2022

Neither short nor long: the clavi cut is the successor to the long bob. The focus is now on the transition length, which ends at the level of the collarbone. What is behind the coveted haircut and how to style it properly.

What is a clavi cut?

The haircut is an elongated bob, but the cut is crucial in the clavi cut. “Clavi” is the abbreviation for the English word “Clavicle”, which means “collarbone”. With the trend hairstyle, the ends of the hair extend exactly to the collarbone. The front section of hair is ideally a little longer than at the back of the head so that the strands of the facial features are optimally caressed. In addition, two different types of cuts are used in the clavi cut: on the one hand, the so-called blunt cut, which requires a blunt and precise cut, and on the other hand, the razor bob, in which the hair strands are slightly thinned down with heaviness or a razor and in this way more Preserve the contour.

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What makes the Clavi Cut so special?

The long bob gets an update with the clavi cut. The shoulder-length haircut is no longer just an interim solution for women who want to let their short hair grow out and have to accept the transition length for better or for worse. Today the trend hairstyle is more popular than ever – no wonder, because hardly any other hair length is so practical and varied at the same time. The clavi cut is not only easy to care for, but also offers scope for hairstyle experiments: sleek, messy, glamorously curled, with bangs, side or middle parting – the shoulder-length cut allows many different styling variations and is still long enough to tie your hair in a handy ponytail.

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Who is the Clavi-Cut for?

The clavi cut is a real all-rounder. The shoulder-length cut suits every woman, regardless of the shape of the face. Whether oval, round, rectangular, or heart-shaped – the Clavi Cut flatters every face shape:

  • With distinctive features, the extra-long bob takes away the harshness and makes the face appear softer.
  • Round faces are optically stretched by the haircut.
  • It underlines the fine features of oval and heart-shaped faces.

In addition, the Clavi cut is suitable for both fine and thick hair. The exact cut, in which a lot of hair lies on a compact line, gives thin hair more volume immediately, thick hair can be thinned out with the cutting technique.

If desired, an additional pony or a slight gradation can round off the clavi cut – this ensures that the hair falls better. A few fine strands, such as delicate highlights set with the balayage technique, make the clavi cut even more stylish and give the hair more structure.

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Styling tips for the clavi cut

The clavi cut is not just an uncomplicated solution if you cannot decide between long and short hairstyles. The trend cut also offers a lot of variety with numerous styling variants:

Romantic clavi cut

The shoulder-length hair comes into its thanks to the combination of light waves and a middle parting. The Clavi Cut looks feminine and flatters the facial features.

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Minimalist clavi cut

Or you can style the trendy haircut in a minimalist way: add a little hairspray or volume powder for more body and grip, loosen the hair with your hands, done.

blunt collarbone length hair layered clavicut layered collarbone haircut shoulder length hair


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