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25 Balayage Short Hair Colors for 2022

Experiments with color on short hair sometimes look even more impressive than on long hair. Especially when it comes to balayage on short hair – highlights of coloring make the haircut as expressive as possible. In a new SalonSecret article, we share all the information you need to know before going to the salon and show trending ideas for executing the technique.

Balayage is often called the freehand technique – the master, using a dye composition, applies an arbitrary pattern to the curls and thus creates an effect in the style of strands naturally burnt out in the sun.

honey balayage short hair

At the same time, the dyeing technique for balayage for long hair and short hair is visually different.

If, in the first case, the color only repeats the bends of the hair, then in the second, it literally forms the hairstyle. Not every hairdresser is given balayage on a short haircut.

Thus, there are several advantages of the technique:

  • makes the shape of the curls harmonious;
  • gives volume to hair;
  • only the tips are exposed to aggressive clarifiers;
  • even for concise hair.

caramel brown balayage short hair

The disadvantages can be attributed only to the fact that balayage in its classical sense is not applicable for very light hair – it will simply be invisible. In such cases, booking looks more profitable.

Balayage ideas for different short haircuts

The shade of staining during balayage should be selected very carefully. It is important to take into account the base hair color and the haircut itself.


One of the trendiest short haircuts this season that looks great with sophisticated dyeing techniques. Pixie balayage usually emphasizes the bangs, while the roots at the very top of the head are left dark.

ash blonde short hair balayage

dark root short blonde balayage

For such a hairstyle, we also apply a bright version of balayage. The combination of ash pink and turquoise shades and snow-white strands with rich purple tones look especially stylish.

Bob Haircut

caramel balayage short hair straight caramel balayage short hair

It is this elongated version of the bean that is ideal for dyeing balayage. Falling blonde curls will accentuate facial features and accentuate the cheekbones and eyes.

ombre short hair

At the same time, balayage can be very natural and include only shades close to the natural hair color.

Straight square

shoulder length balayage short hair shoulder length blonde balayage short hair caramel honey balayage short hair

The traditional square has been very fond of stylists over the past few seasons. And to somehow diversify this hairstyle, you can use the balayage technique on short hair, which will create the effect of hair burnt out in the sun.

balayage medium hair

For the most daring – sunny shades!

Variations of coloring in the style of balayage with bangs for short hair

Bangs are a spectacular element for balayage on short hair. She pulls on the main color accents, making the image more expressive.


shoulder length balayage light ash brown balayage short hair flame balayage hair

Oblique bangs are most popular with short haircuts. It follows the curves of an asymmetrical pixie, accentuates an elongated bob, and harmonizes a straight bob.

A balayage pattern on a short haircut with asymmetric bangs often emphasizes the most elongated section of the curls or complements the highlights of the main hair.


dark brown balayage short hair straight

Basically, with short hair, straight bangs are not dyed but left as a darker color accent.

dark brown ash blonde balayage short hair

In other cases, experts advise complementing straight bangs with thin highlights, which does not overload the image but makes the bangs more textured.

Balayage for short hair of different structure

Before you go to the salon for a fashionable balayage for short hair, it is important to analyze the structure of your hair and understand exactly how this technique will look on you. One thing is obvious: the image will be light and cheerful in any case!

On wavy hair

shoulder length brown balayage short hair

Short wavy hair is ideal for creating the effect of sun-bleached curls. With the help of balayage, it is possible to favorably emphasize the hairstyle’s shape and give expressiveness to each curl.

For curly hair

balayage short hair pic of balayage hair

One of the most effective balayage options is balayage for short curly hair. The effect of burnt hair looks as bright and concentrated as possible. Light strands accentuate each curl for even more volume.

balayage long hair


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