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20 Purple Hair Colors for Women with Short Hair in 2022

Want to try purple hair? Lavender hair color and lilac tones are now popular. They can be used as permanent or temporary staining.

Purple strands can look not only bright and bold but also gentle and elegant. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the choice of shade.

Purple hair has long ceased to be the prerogative of only fans of the emo style. Any girl can safely experiment with the many shades of purple. Dark purple, pink-purple, bright, or light purple hair … There are definitely plenty to choose from.

lavender short purple hair

violet short purple hair

Is your natural shade of black or dark brown? Then the eggplant or dark purple hair color will be effectively combined with the roots.

dark short purple hair

aesthetic grunge aesthetic short purple hair

Do you have ashy cold hair? Then consider the bright purple, blue, or metallic lavender strands. They will help give the color depth.

aesthetic short purple hair

edgy purple pixie cut

Is your natural hair color warm? So, it is worth considering coloring, coloring the ends, or a bright ombre. Of the shades, it is better to choose pink-purple—either inky or bright neon.

pastel purple hair shoulder length short purple hair

For blondes and fair-haired girls, a lavender shade is ideal. Or, let’s say, a rainbow coloration with a predominance of purple and pink shades.

lavender hair

Ready to lighten your hair a lot? A sheer white base can create luxurious light purple hair tones. Such strands seem to glow from the inside. It is recommended to do this in the salon. Indeed, at home, you can severely damage your hair.

purple ombre hairmidnight purple dark purple short hair

Purple coloring on blonde, light, and dark hair

So, you want purple hair. What color options are worth considering?

Dyeing the whole hair in a purple shade

grunge purple hair aesthetic

ombre short purple hair

This option involves the complete coloring of the entire mass of hair. Perhaps this is most relevant for light and blond curls. After all, they can be tinted. Or, for example, to dye with direct pigments without much harm to their health. Darker strands will have to be lightened or stained with persistent dyes.

Purple hair: strands on dark and blonde hair

short dark purple hair aesthetic

deep purple short dark purple hair

Want your vibrant purple hair to blend in with your natural color? Perhaps you should try small highlights. The master will lighten thin strands to a very light blonde. And then tones them in the chosen shade. Such coloring will give the total mass of hair an unusual tone and refresh the image.

Purple hair at the ends

plum dark purple hair

grunge aesthetic hair colors

The purple-colored tips look interesting. As if they had been dipped in ink. This is a spectacular color option, especially for brunettes.

Purple hair: ombre

aesthetic short dyed hair pixie short purple hair black to dark purple ombre short hair

Ombre visually divides the length of the hair into two parts: natural roots and bright coloring from the middle of the hair. It is also possible to paint purple with a gradient using 2-3 similar shades.


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