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20 Blue Hair Colors for Women with Short Hair in 2022

shoulder length short blue hair

The bright coloring is fashionable, but not for everyone. The blues and blues are welcome exceptions. According to the Spanish expert of L’Oréal Professionnel, Patrizia Robel, the secret of the popularity of this type of coloring lies precisely in its wearability. ” Jeans are like salt, you can add to everything ” – this famous statement of the model, writer and fashion expert Ines de la Fressange applies to dye denim. “ Denim goes well with almost any color. Delicate and barely noticeable or bright, striking – blue and blue hair suits a lot, ”says Patricia. And especially blue-eyed blondes, blonde with dark eyes, and burning brunettes.

According to Patricia, blue shades of hair are appropriate in any situation. “ Competently combining color with clothes, style, and furnishings, it can be safely used both as a bright accent for a strict business image and as a way to stand out at a party. “Boldly” is the key concept here: of course, you need to have certain courage to wear such shades.”

mermaid blue ombre hair short

Blues and blues have virtually no limits. However, red-haired girls should be wary of them: blue can make them look more faded. One more thing is not if the skin has an uneven shade and many imperfections; in this case, blue will draw attention to them. Finally, the third taboo is the congenital blue under the eyes: blue and blue tones will make a face visually even more tired.

What to consider when choosing your blue hue?

The first thing to worry about if you decide to dye your hair blue is to find a competent expert. Based on your personal style and physical characteristics, an experienced professional will help you choose the shade of blue that suits you. “Just as jeans come in a wide variety of shades, blue hair comes in dozens of variations,” notes Patricia Robel.

When choosing a color, the stylist considers the shade of your eyes, the shape of your face, and your skin color. For example, light blue shades that turn greenish are suitable for blondes with light hair and eyes. Dark-haired and brown-haired women – blue shades of coloration with a silvery undertone. “

light blue hair

Pale cornflower blue, heavenly, aquamarine, or aquamarine – blue and light blue have fifty shades. Here are some of the most popular ones this season.

Light blue hair

Ideal for blondes with blonde hair.

royal blue blue ombre short hair icy blue blue ombre short hair

Blue with a greenish undertone

An important plus of coloring in aqua and turquoise is visually rejuvenating to be recommended after thirty.

tapered short blue natural hair short blue pixie cut

Ash blue

Another noble shade that looks good both in full-color format and in the form of highlights or contouring. Good on both light and dark hair.

blue pixie cut midnight blue pixie cut dark blue hair

Blue and blue with a silvery undertone

Suitable for dark-haired girls, both brown-haired and brunettes.

pixie short blue hair aesthetic blue short hair

Light blue or blue highlights

The optimal choice for those who want to try a new trend but are not yet ready for full-color dyeing.

dark blue curly hair short curly hair

Trendy dyeing ideas for short hair

Short hair is the perfect base for bright color experiences. Both blue and blue shades are no exception.

Dark roots and blue coloration

dyed blue curly hair

ombre blue curly hair

Dark roots do not lose popularity in the new season. Brown-haired women and brunettes should combine this trend with coloring in blue, blue-green, or indigo.

Light ends and blue coloration

A stylish solution for blondes and fair-haired.pastel blue hairblue ombre hair

Ombre and bob or bob

A smooth transition from light ends to dark roots is traditional for a classic bob or bob. However, in combination with blue and blue, the ombre looks very unusual.

midnight blue black to blue ombre short hair

Blue bangs

Several blue strands in the bangs are an excellent solution for those who like to experiment but have not yet decided on a full-color format. Looks especially good in combination with a pixie haircut.

dark blue short hair


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