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20 Timeless Beehive Hairstyles for Women in 2022

If there’s one thing you can count on in the fashion and beauty industries, it’s that everything will inevitably repeat itself. This is true with a modern twist when it comes to retro hairstyles. Their favorite celebrities often see them on catwalks and red carpets. This post is about the classic retro style of the beehive hairstyle. Hives are considered larger than life and make a lasting impression regardless of who uses them.

50’s beehive hairstyle 60's beehive hair

Today’s beehive hairstyles

When you’re feeling just as adventurous and nostalgic, maybe you should try adding some spice to your strands. Modern beehives are a bit more daring than those of the past, making them ideal for experimenting without fear of dates or costumes. For those of you who are ready to dive into this classic hairstyle, we have prepared a wealth of inspiration. Here are hairstyles for a variety of hair types – have fun and experience the beehive!

half up beehive hair wedding beehive hair

Curly and twisted hive

This style shows that beehive hair shouldn’t be boring or one-note. This current approach to the hairstyle adds just the right amount of fresh innovation to make it attractive to younger women while still looking fresh and intriguing to older women. Related Posts Cute Shapes of

60's bouffant beehive hair

Lavender Beehive Bun with Flowers

The best phrase to describe this floral beehive is probably incredibly beautiful. This beehive is perfect for a romantic evening on the town with its soft thick candy pink bangs and a twisted bow at the nape. Of course, the finishing touch is the bright flowers that are placed on top to look like a festive wreath.

curly beehive hair half up half down

Beehive Curl Pin

While taking two separate hairstyles and combining them is not a new practice, the result deserves attention when the two styles in question are very retro. That is exactly what this beehive curl does, as it maintains its familiar shape until you get to the back where there are several pin curls. It is topped with tightly curled short thick bangs.

1960's beehive hairdo

Beehive Half Up Half Down

If you love a ruffle hairstyle but don’t want to fully commit to it, then the half up / half down style is a worthwhile alternative. Essentially, in a simple beehive, the upper half of the hair is shaped, but the back is left down and filled with soft curls. The deep side-swept bangs add a delicate layer of polish.

60s hairstyles

Swirl hive

Creating different varieties of the same basic hairstyle is part of the fun you experience when you interpret the vision of your hair. This beehive swirl is a perfect example: not only does it play with the shape, but it also deceives the eye. The normal hive is formed, but it is created in an open swirl rather than tucking in the ends.

bouffant short hair

Messy Beehive with Side Swept Face Framing

It couldn’t get more modern than this if you want to bring the hive to the current age. This beehive-shaped version is messy with a side-swept pop, but it also has enough sparkle to make it editorial and trendy. Added as a headband, the beautiful accessory provides a feminine and festive brush.

bouffant 1960s beehive

Low Bun Beehive

How can you achieve a retro and modern hybrid hairstyle? Well, the answer is this beautiful beehive fur, which is almost too beautiful to believe. The ruffle is wonderfully softened with the development of a low bun at the nape. This style is ideal for a wedding ceremony with such an elegant look.

beehive hairstyle half up half down

Half Up Beehive for Wavy Hair

Much like the half up / half down design seen in the images above, this is the same concept, except soft flowing waves are applied to the texture. Complementing the long waves at the back are the high ruffle at the top and the straight bangs that draw attention to the eyes.

60's beehive hair style

Braided bun ruffle

Braids and buns come together with a sound like a winning combination, but things get even more complicated when you add a beehive to the mix. A low bun is created by a collection of braids that start along the sides and then wrap around the base of the bun. The look is completed with a carefully shaped ruffle and soft side bangs.

vintage beehive hairstyle half up half down

Faint red hive

Wispy hair is usually perfect for adding a dose of whimsy to your casual look. That’s the product of this wispy beehive hairstyle that isn’t overly polished or sculpted but has a finish that gives it a windswept look thanks to gently curled strands of hair that escape around the crown and nape of the neck. the sides.

amy winehouse

Honey Blonde Beehive with Headband

A selection of blonde highlights and bee-trimmed hair accessories are the highlights of this side-swept beehive take. The largest section of hair is formed in a ruffle where the bangs are swept and pinned to the side while the loose curls cascade gracefully from under the ruffle.

wedding beehive hairstyle half up half down

Partial ruffle side braid

This beehive version features braided sides that form a messy knot in the middle. Without much bulk, the hive is quite small here and sits on top. We love the light wavy look and the gorgeous pearl blonde hair color.

vintage beehive hairstyle

Beehive with turned ends

Think of this hive as a slightly more sophisticated version of the above. They all have short and long hair, but this style adds flipped ends and a wispy side fringe.

wedding modern beehive hair

French-style tall beehive

It’s certainly not trendy and nostalgic as this beehive would look like in the 1960s. This means getting this done today without looking like you belong in a theme party is more difficult, but if you’ve got the guts, go for it.

bouffant half up half down hairstyles

Curly hive

This voluminous, beehive-shaped hair is centered in a huge curly crown. The back is carefully curled, allowing the golden blonde’s curls to remain the theme.

bouffant hair

it is deliberately reinterpreted this season, which explains the triumphant return of the hive. If the looks above reflect anything, it is without a doubt that the beehive hairstyle is still a style that resonates with those who like a bit of nostalgia for their hairstyle. However, whichever hive variant you choose, be sure to look amazing in it!

modern beehive hairstyle


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