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Dark Blonde Hair for Women in 2022

Specific features of dark blond color

Dark blonde hair will look best on long, slightly curly curls and suit girls with fair and slightly tanned skin. It is better for women with naturally dark skin to opt for more “warm” colors because dark blonde hair has slight cold notes.

In harmony with dark blonde hair, makeup should be kept light, while lipstick is chosen in the tonal range from pale pink to coral—perfect smoky eyes for evening makeup.

Another dark blonde shade of hair feature is that this tone looks worse with damaged hair. If the curls are overdried, then before staining them, it will be helpful to carry out treatment and moisturizing. In addition, in this case, you should choose a more gentle staining method.

Hair coloring in dark blonde color is done using ordinary tint balms, chemical dyes, or henna. Hair color will not be very resistant when using a tint balm or henna.

A dark blonde tone gives free rein to experiments because you can get a more or less intense shade when creating it. Everything will depend only on the duration of the painting.

balayage dark blonde hair brown hair with blonde highlights caramel dark blonde hair color dark blonde hair color chart

Blonde is what color of hair?

Not everyone knows what tones are considered blonde. If you draw information from the open spaces online, light brown is all shades between white and black. Even from the list of soft brown tones, the bright red colors of the palettes should be excluded.

Light brown includes several diverse colors. The main groups of this color are divided into three subcategories:

  • Dark shades of light brown (brown, mocha, chocolate, dark blond, chestnut).
  • Light hair colors. These include the following colors: beige, golden blond, platinum blond, etc.
  • Medium tone strands. In particular, these are light brown, brown-haired, and others.

ash blonde hair dark blonde hair colour light blonde hair mixed blonde curly hair

Advantages and disadvantages

Dark blonde hair color used to be called “mouse” and tried to eliminate it in many ways. But with the development of the fashion industry, constantly changing world trends, and the emergence of hair dyes with different shades, the color still gained its popularity. It, like other shades, has both its advantages and disadvantages.

And before choosing a tone, you need to study all the information available on this issue carefully.

  • One of the main advantages of this color is its naturalness. After all, different shades of this color are pretty standard, which means that even dyed hair will look as natural as possible. Hair dyed in a beautiful dark blond shade always looks luxurious rich, but at the same time unpretentious. The owner of dark blonde hair always looks fresh and feminine, as the color allows you to smooth out even the roughest facial features.
  • Dark blonde hair color suits almost any lady. It is impossible to spoil the appearance with this color; the main thing is to choose the right shade. The dark blonde shade is perfect for ladies who prefer dark tones but do not accept black hair. In addition, dark blonde does an excellent job of painting over gray hair, which is essential for older women. Any shade gets dull over time, but changing it to another is not always easy. Dark blonde, unlike black, can be altered to ash-blond, and this can be done relatively quickly and without much harm to the hair structure.

dark blonde hair with highlights dirty blonde hair golden blonde hair honey blonde hair

  • Another advantage of this color is the ability to give individual curls a lighter shade with the help of highlighting and if desired, toning. After all, many shades of this color are perfectly combined with highlighted and tinted curls.
    There are a few shortcomings in dark blonde hair color, but they are still.

The shade must be chosen correctly; otherwise, even the most pretty and not yet old young ladies may visually appear older.

  • The wrong choice is not fatal, but repainting does not have the best effect on the structure of the hair, so the exact tone is essential. Another disadvantage of dark blonde color is the presence of initially shiny and silky hair. All shades of this color look beautiful only on healthy hair, and, unfortunately, not every lady can boast of such.
  • The disadvantages of this color can also be attributed to its gradual washing out. Of course, almost all dyes are washed out gradually, but not all of them acquire a greenish tint, like dark blonde color.
  • Unfortunately, the appearance of this shade does not depend on the type of paint, so to maintain the original color, you will have to tint the curls regularly.

light brown hair color light brown hair medium blonde hair medium dark blonde hair

Who suits?

Although the dark blonde color is universal and suits many ladies with different skin tones, eye colors, and hair lengths, there are still some nuances that you need to know before buying paint. For owners of long and medium (up to the shoulders), dark blond fits perfectly because he will best emphasize both natural density and natural shine.

This color will look worse on short hair and bob haircuts, so it is better for girls who prefer different types of short haircuts to abandon the dark blonde color.

  1. The shape of the face also matters. Dark blonde color, coupled with an oval or round type of face, looks great. But for owners of a triangular or square style, this tone does not suit since it can visually emphasize the angularity of the forms and add a few extra years. The condition of the skin, oddly enough, also affects the choice of tone. The more ideal the skin of the face looks, the better the dark blonde color will look.
  2. For girls with problem skin who decide to dye their hair in this shade, you will either have to put it in order or completely abandon dyeing.
  3. Dark blonde has different shades, and therefore the combination of skin tone and eye color should also be considered when choosing paint. For owners of brown eyes and dark skin, dark blond with a golden or reddish tint is more suitable. But green-eyed or blue-eyed ladies should choose an ashy shade. Gray-eyed beauties will like the color with a reddish or completely reddish hue since he is best able to emphasize the color of the eyes make it rich and bright.

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