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Dark Brown Hair Color for Women in 2022

Dark brown hair color is one of the most versatile. Its numerous shades allow you to create an organic image, subject to almost any color type of appearance. In addition, changing hair color to a dark tone is considered less traumatic than lightening it.

Color Features

Dark brown shades range from almost black bitter chocolate to golden chestnut, light brown, and caramel red. A beautiful deep shade is universal because it can go in a “cold” and a “warm” palette. Dark colors allow you to emphasize the characteristic features of the appearance, while lighter variations add playfulness to the image.

chocolate dark brown hair color dark brown hair color chart light brown hair color

Nevertheless, this shade also has a drawback – it adds age even to the youngest girls. The presence of dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles automatically adds a dozen years.

It has a dark color and the ability to focus on skin imperfections. Pimples, wrinkles, bags – all this becomes more noticeable, especially if the owner of dark brown hair is also fair-skinned. The same applies to a haircut – split ends or an unsuccessful haircut will immediately appear on a dark background. This, by the way, leads to another drawback of the shade – it has to be very carefully maintained; otherwise, the stylish image will quickly be destroyed.

dark brown hair with highlights warm chocolate brown hair color

Washable paint and growing roots, especially if they are light, very quickly spoil the whole picture.

Varieties of shades

In principle, many shades are called dark brown since this color range is quite extensive. The difference between them lies in the subtone used. Dark brown with a cold ash tint looks very natural but often adds extra age to a woman and therefore is suitable only for young beauties. However, it looks good with absolutely any color of eyes and skin. Dark brown with purple tints looks relatively modest and appropriate even for office work. Its bright colors appear only when exposed to sunlight.

Dark brown with gold is a slight variation of this color scheme and is recommended for beauties with fair skin and green eyes. Dark brown with a red undertone looks very bright, a little extravagant, and suitable only for girls with an appropriate character. Owners of light should use it, but not pale skin. There is even a combination of dark brown and light brown colors. It is also quite versatile and very natural.

Dark brown with a black undertone almost close to black. It is recommended for two main types: fair skin and blue eyes or tanned skin and brown eyes. Dark brown with red undertones reaching almost cherry tones. It is ideal for those girls who prefer dark hair but want to refresh the image a little and make it more interesting.

ash brown hair mocha dark chocolate brown hair

Who will suit?

To choose the most suitable tone, you first need to understand which variation of dark brown suits which color type. It should start with the fact that regardless of the style, the shade is suitable for those girls whose natural shade is only one or two tones lighter than planned. It, as a rule, always turns out to be successful and only emphasizes the advantages of appearance. In addition, a dark brown color is recommended for “winter” girls, as for the color of the eyes, brown or green look the most harmonious in this case.

In general, if the girl’s color type is warm and her skin is tanned or olive, you need to choose warm shades of dark brown. For example, the undertone can be red, golden, or honey in this case. If the girl’s skin is light, cold shades are much more suitable. The length of the hair or the presence of a specific haircut does not play any role in this case. The dark brown shade looks great in any case.


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