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Hairstyle Trends in 2022

Perhaps the easiest way to change is with a new hairstyle. We offer you a glimpse into the world of hair trends for the next twelve months and show you which hairstyles will be everywhere in 2022. The inspiration for this comes from the big catwalks and social networks. Of course, you can’t miss the looks of our favorite stars – who doesn’t want to wear a stylish celebrity hairstyle? Read on and browse through the most beautiful hairstyle trends in 2022 to find your new haircut.

Hairstyle trends 2022: You should pay attention to these haircuts this year

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The only problem: you have a hard time deciding on a new hairstyle! Do you want to say goodbye to your long hair, cut a fringe, or emphasize the lengths? You are spoiled for choice: Which haircut should it be? We have compiled the hottest cuts so that you can keep track better. No matter which of these haircuts you adopt, you are guaranteed to turn heads!

Hair trend levels: This is how we wear the shag cut 2022

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This year, the most famous hairstyles of the 1970s, such as the shag cut, are back in vogue. So enough with the severity, bring on the layered cut! Shaggy hairstyles were also high on the trend hairstyles list in 2021 and will not vacate their place this year either. They suit every hair length and combine wonderfully with other hair trends such as curtain bangs.

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If you wear the classic box bob but are looking for a change, the short shag is the right choice. Singer Billie Eilish’s trendy haircut is characterized by its short to medium length and looks particularly fresh and wild. This hairstyle is usually combined with a fringe, which is also cut fringe.

The wolf cut

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A modification of the shag cut is the wolf cut, which looks just as wild and playful. But what is the difference between the classic shag? In the shaggy hairstyles, layers are cut throughout the hair including at the back of the head, with the wolf cut being characterized by layers only in the front part of the hair. This outlines the face, which flatters the facial features. The layers already start on the forehead with fringes, which go over in slight layers around the face.

Pixie, Bixie, or Mixie? Short hair will remain trendy in 2022

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Hybrid hairstyles are a megatrend in the new year. When the bob meets the pixie cut, the bixie is born. This trendy cut is the perfect choice for all undecided women who can’t decide between a short and a medium-length cut.

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If the short haircut is your thing, then you can give it an update and go for the Mixie. The mixie cut is a combination of the classic pixie cut and the mullet or mullet. Compared to the bixie, the mixie is shorter, with the topcoat being cut compactly and only the hair on the nape of the neck and the ears is slightly longer. Which variant should it be?

Hairstyle trends 2022: The micro bob

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The micro bob was already a trend in 2021 and is also indispensable in the new year. The versatility of this hairstyle is what makes it so special. With bangs or without, blunt or layered, straight or wavy – everything is allowed here.

chubby face medium length haircuts

Medium length hairstyles 2022: the mid-length bob

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One of the trendiest hairstyles for medium-length hair is the mid-length bob, which is sometimes referred to as the clavi cut. If you wore the bob last year, you don’t have to do much right now to achieve this trendy look. Just let your hair grow back a bit until the strands reach your collarbone or a little bit above if you like. For a playful touch, you can also have the mid-length bob cut a little asymmetrically, or wear it with bangs.

This is how we wear long hair in 2022

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Don’t want to say goodbye to your long mane? We can understand that. But which hairstyle can best show off your long hair? The center part seems to be the best long hair look for the next months. If you are still looking for some variety, you can have the fringes cut a little shorter, as Duchess Meghan Markle wears, for example.


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