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Honey Brown Hair Color in 2022

Enveloping, intense, sophisticated: the color of the moment is Honey Brown, the perfect blend that gives the hair three-dimensionality and charm. Here’s everything you need to know!

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With the advance of spring (and the holidays approaching) the main question to ask is always one: how  to light up brown hair ? The answer is simple: with  shades of honey . Yes, because there is nothing better than a multi-faceted hair, illuminated by warm and at the same time vibrant shades, of a blond able to blend perfectly with any type of brown. Honey brown is definitely the trend of the moment and, if you are looking for the ideal solution for an enveloping and bright summer hair, it is definitely the solution for you. Here is everything you need to know about Honey Brown hair!

caramel honey brown hair color caramel honey brown hair caramel honey hair color caramel honey light brown hair color

Honey brown: the enveloping charm of Honey Brown hair

If you are a lover of  summer lightening , but you are looking for an original hairlook that is different from the usual highlights, then  honey brown is the solution you were looking for. The coloring consists in the combination of the natural brown base with the shades of honey, which are declined in golden nuances and an intense yellow color, in order to give three-dimensionality to the hair and create warm and bright points of light. Honey Brown hair is perfect especially if you are looking for a touch of warmer brightness than the classic light blonde or nude blonde strokes: honey, in fact, gives an extra touch of softness and warmth, able to adapt to all types of brown.

golden brown honey brown hair golden brown honey caramel brown hair honey blonde hair honey brown colour

Honey brown: how to wear honey brown shades on your hair

Honey  brown is a very versatile color. First of all because, as mentioned above, it goes perfectly with all types of brown: from the dark ones, with which it creates a simple but captivating contrast, to the lighter ones, with which it blends perfectly to create a color. glossy and charming.

As far as  skin tones are concerned, there are no major impediments: the only shade that is less valued by Honey Browns is the lunar one, which prefers lighter or neutral shades of blond, rather than too warm colors. 

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