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20 Timeless Pineapple Hairstyles for Women in 2022

It’s important to change your look to feel good, don’t you agree? Therefore, every season, trends emerge that help to shape the hair, whether with braid, ponytail, half-up style, side clipping, and, of course, composition with various accessories. With that in mind, this content shows you everything you need to know about one of the hottest hairstyles of the moment: the pineapple bun!

In this post, you’ll understand what characterizes the pineapple bun and see why the style is winning people’s minds, whether for its styling function, ease of reproduction, modern look, and the fact that it is used in all types of hair. In the end, the material will reveal a step-by-step way to rock this fashionable hairstyle. Good reading!

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What is the pineapple bun hairstyle?

Before learning how to make pineapple buns, it’s important to know what this trend is all about. The hairstyle is constructed by securing the hair extension on top of the head with the help of an elastic band, scarf, or hairpin.

The name is because the look simulates the “crown”, that is, the tuft of pineapple leaves, being widely used by those who have curly and frizzy strands. The bun is all an excellent option for straight locks, shaping the hair and leaving the person with a wonderful volume.

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Why is pineapple coke a trend?

By now, you already know what characterizes pineapple coke. However, there remains a question as to why this look is winning people’s minds, right? We list the main qualities associated with the hairstyle that imitates the “King of Fruits”. Check out!


The first reason pineapple bun is a trend is because it’s not just a hairstyle. Quite the contrary, the model fulfills several functions, serving, for example, to assist in hair styling. This way, with the strands attached to the top of the head, it is possible to control the shape of the curls even after a long night’s sleep.

Usual in all hair types

Another factor that contributes to the favoritism of this hairstyle is that the pineapple bun can be used on all hair types. Although it makes people’s heads with curly and frizzy strands, the look can also shape straight hair, leaving it with a more alive and natural look.

Easy to reproduce

Some hairstyles are very complex to reproduce, requiring expertise and, of course, great care from professionals to achieve a good result. However, the pineapple bun, in addition to leaving the person with a radiant appearance, is easy to be produced and can be modeled either at home, with the help of some materials, or in the beauty salon.

pineapple dreads pineapple hairstyle braids pineapple hairstyle for short natural hair pineapple hairstyle for straight hair

Modern look

Finally, the favoritism of the pineapple bun has to do with the modern look it leaves on the person. The hairstyle gives volume to curls, curly and straight hair, increasing the vitality of the strands and helping to conquer self-esteem and the expression of empowerment.

Ideal for all situations

There are indeed hairstyles that can compose your look for a more formal or informal environment, just think of the productions made for wedding parties or, on the other hand, simple productions, for a relaxing day at the beach, for example.

But those who think that pineapple buns should only be used in a context of relaxation are mistaken, due to the ease of modeling. The reason is that this hairstyle looks good both in informal situations with friends (a lunch or happy hour) and in a time that requires formality, such as a business meeting.

What is the step by step to make pineapple coke?

Do you want to enter the world of pineapple buns and reproduce the hairstyle in your hair? So, check out the step-by-step instructions we’ve prepared for you to be in fashion in a few minutes!

Pattern the wires

The first step is to use a fork comb, especially if your hair is curly and frizzy. The object, which can be easily found on the market, must be passed from the root to the extension of the hair, leaving the locks with more volume.

Join the hair

At this stage, there is no mistake, as all you have to do is gather the hair and bring it to the top of the head, adjusting the loose strands with your fingertips. A tip to join the locks in place is to wrap them in an elastic band, which can then be hidden by another accessory.

pineapple hairstyle with scarf pineapple ponytail short hair finger waves short hair pineapple hairstyle

Finish the hairstyle

Finally, you must check if the wires are attached to the top of the head, fixing them with some accessories, in case they come loose during the process. To complete the styling, it’s important to use a finisher, like our Spray Day After, great for breaking frizz and activating hair movement.

How to style pineapple bun hairstyle?

You already know that pineapple bun is quite versatile, being a good choice for both informal situations and formal events. But, perhaps, the question is how to style this hairstyle, isn’t it?

The first tip to enhance the look is to tie the hair laterally, being careful not to overtighten the strands, leaving them still with a voluminous appearance.

Another way to modify the hairstyle is to attach a scarf to the top of the head, wrapping the fabric along the entire length of the bun or leaving the cloth closer to the base of the pineapple bun.

pineapple cornrow hairstyle

short natural haircuts for black females

A good tip is that you can still leave some strands in the front of the hair, simulating a fringe on the forehead or the side of the head. And it never hurts to invest in accessories, such as earrings and necklaces, which help to emphasize beauty.

In this article, you got inside the pineapple bun, a hairstyle that has become a fever among people, as it facilitates hairstyling and increases the volume of the strands, leaving them with a lively and powerful appearance. But to be successful with the look, it is important to follow the step by step, fastening the wires well, with the help of some accessory, to the top of the head.

Did this text inspire you to try pineapple coke? If so, enjoy the moment of creativity and learn now how to make other stunning hairstyles!

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