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15 Top Pixie Cuts for Girls in 2022

Parents need to take an active part in raising a child and creating an individual style, instilling taste in the future woman. Of course, a haircut is a personal matter for every person. From time immemorial, a tradition has developed that a girl’s hair contains her strength, and the longer they are, the more beautiful the girl is both inside and outside. However, the modern generation is not afraid to break the stereotypes of past centuries and boldly go to meet changes, cutting off their hair, making a bob, or even a boy’s haircut.

At the age of 11-12, the period begins when a girl who was just a child recently becomes one step away from the adolescent age group. It is imperative not to limit the child in making decisions because now the basic concepts of female beauty, style, and taste are being laid in the personality.

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At the age of 13 and 14, a teenager becomes particularly susceptible to fashion trends, the girl looks at her peers, and she wants to look no worse, but, on the contrary, stand out against their background. It often happens that her mother does not act as a decree either. However, girls are more demanding at this age because they have formed their style, and if they even crave change, it will be a stylish and straightforward square without much experimentation.

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