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20 Trendy Pixie Haircuts for Black Women in 2022

The pixie cut is a trendy short hairstyle that makes it impossible to get lost in the crowd; it is gorgeous, a little eccentric, and has many variations. An option with long strands around the cheekbones is suitable for a square face, for an oval face, an asymmetric haircut with long bangs, for a round face, styling with high strands on the crown.

Last summer, three-step short monophonic haircuts, multi-colored layers, pixies with longer strands at the temples, short pixie elf hairstyles with an open forehead or flat side bangs, blond with shaved temples and the back of the head, long strands laid back, a pixie haircut that was in vogue with medium hair length, short oblique ragged bangs, as well as numerous styling variations from previous seasons.

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Today, the trend is two-tone options, a completely shaved head, an accent on combed forward bangs of various lengths with torn strands, significant asymmetric elongation on one side, and a pixie hat styling based on a pixie haircut with an utterly open forehead. All of the above will undoubtedly give your summer look an additional touch of relevance and youth because there is nothing more daring than this contrasting hair length in different areas of the head, haircut!

See the photo gallery of the most fashionable Pixie haircuts and choose the hairstyle that suits you. And don’t forget to zoom in to get a good look at every strand of hair in this stunning short hairstyle!

A haircut with the exciting name “pixie” is considered universal today. It can be performed on almost any hair length: short and medium. At the same time, such a hairstyle emphasizes the dignity and expresses the individuality of each woman.

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