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20 Short Hair Perm Ideas for Women in 2022

Many women dream of curls, but their creation requires daily curling on curlers. In order not to waste time and energy, a perm is made for short hair. This will allow you to change the look without drastic changes in the hairstyle. The main advantage of curls is the creation of voluminous hair. And short haircuts in combination with curls give the image of coquetry and enthusiasm.

After curling, you do not need to spend a lot of time styling since the hairstyle is practically formed and will last for several months.

short hair before and after perm

Features of curling for short hair

Perm is the application of a unique composition to the strands, which are pre-twisted in bobbin curlers. This procedure allows you to give the curls the desired shape. After aging on the strands of the chemical composition, a fixative is distributed from above, which fixes the curls.
There are sulfur bridges in the hair structure, which allow you to give the curls the desired shape.

shoulder length short hair perm

The best haircuts for a perm for short hair are a shortened cascade, an elongated bob.

Before going to the hairdresser, you need to focus on the type of face shape. Curls are especially suitable for girls with oval or round faces. If the face is triangular, then it is worth picking up neat curls.

loose curl perms for medium hairspiral perms short hair

Advice! Stylists do not recommend creating curls for haircuts such as bobs or asymmetrical hairstyles. With asymmetry, the waves don’t look perfect. And when cutting a bob, the hair is concise, which is also not suitable for curls.

types of perms for short hair

Possible options for short curls

There are various types of perm for short hair. Modern options can be divided into varieties according to the chemical composition, applied to the strands, and other characteristics.

Root option

This chemistry option allows you to create an excellent root volume. It is recommended for thin, thin, and lacking curls.

loose beach wave perm short hair short permed hairstyles for over 60 short hair fine hair body wave perm short perm with bangs

The fixing liquid is distributed only to the roots. The root type of curling will create additional splendor and volume for the hairstyle.
With the regrowth of hair, volume is gradually lost.

Advice! To maintain the effect of chemistry for a long time, do not pull out wet curls with a towel. It is also not recommended to go to bed with damp hair.

Acid procedure

Acid perm for short hair is considered the most aggressive way to create curls. In the photo, you can see different options for the resulting hairstyles.

Although this procedure is very harmful to the strands, it is considered the most durable. The effect can last up to six months. This option is recommended for women with oily hair.

shoulder length loose perm short perm wig

Acid chemistry has the following features:

  • Unique ingredients do not reveal hair scales.
  • Strong curls are created that last for a long time.
  • Hair does not swell as much as when exposed to alkaline drugs.

Advice! Acidic chemistry is not suitable for all hair types. Thin and soft strands can become too dry and brittle. The acid causes crispy curls.

Alkaline perm

The alkaline curling technique involves creating curls that can hold their shape for up to three months. A similar procedure is used for unruly styling curls. Alkaline components penetrate the hair structure and reveal their scales.

spiral perms for medium hair short wavy permshort hair loose spiral perm corkscrew spiral perm short hair

This method is faster than acidic. It is more gentle, as it does not require exposure to high temperatures. Care should be taken during the procedure. Such a drug should not be overexposed on curls.

This technique has specific features:

  • It is not used for complex strands, as the created effect will not last long.
  • When creating curls, there should be no muscular tension on the hair not to damage them.
  • Before the procedure, it is imperative to test for allergic reactions.

Advice! Preparations for this type of curling contain a high concentration of alkali. It is better if an experienced master carries out the procedure.


A great hairstyle is obtained with carving. This is a perm for short hair with a mild effect. It is also called light chemistry. In this case, minor damage is done to the hair.

A similar procedure is used to achieve root volume. The appearance lasts for two months.

Advice! This procedure can be used by those girls who are worried about the condition of their hair. The components used do not affect the hair structure. When the hair grows back, the border of the transition from curls to roots does not appear.

medium length hair loose spiral perm loose spiral perm medium hair

Spiral chemistry

Spiral curling differs in the way it is wound on curlers. In this case, papillotes, boomerangs, knitting needles, and spiral curlers are used. Spiral chemistry allows you to create curls of different sizes and elasticity.

To create visible volume, you will need to form many spiral curls.

The strand to be rolled should be fragile.

short hair perm loose wave short hair perm

This type of chemistry is recommended for thick hair. In this case, the bobbins are arranged vertically, and the strands are wound in a spiral. For this kind of curling, the effect of wet hair is suitable.

Advice! When using a hairdryer, you must use a diffuser and direct a comprehensive air stream. If you dry it differently, your hair will loosen up.

Curling nuances

The final result depends not only on the product used but also on winding the strands.

The best option can be offered by the master, focusing on the shape of the face, hairstyle, and hair structure.

body wave perm

Perm can be done in the following ways:

  • For short hair, spiral curlers are suitable, used in the vertical direction.
  • With the help of horizontal chemistry, elastic curls are created.
  • For thin and thin hair, creating curls at the ends of the strands is perfect. This option is considered the best solution for girls with a triangular face shape and cascading haircuts.
  • The use of papillotes allows you to create natural spirals without bends.


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