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Scarlett Johansson Short Hair Ideas

It is one of the favorites within the film industry and one of those that first began to take its footsteps in Hollywood, where it has been moving since the age of 9.

As for her image, she has always known how to stay young and with the riskiest trends. And it is that Scarlett is not afraid of changes, that the actress has shown us during all this time with some of her most daring ‘look’ changes. Without a doubt, she is one of the most chameleonic actresses in Hollywood that we have already seen with hundreds of different cuts and colors of hair.

But the truth is that with each of the changes she has made, we see the most incredible actress. For that reason and because today is her day, we have thought about reviewing some of her most inspiring hair looks.

We started!

Short Bob:

Scarlett Johansson is currently sporting a ‘short bob’ cut with blonde, slightly weathered hair to help give her hair even more volume. Without a doubt a success.

pixie scarlett johansson short hair scarlett johansson blonde hair undercut scarlett johansson short hair

From blonde to brunette:

The actress surprised everyone a few months ago with a new change of ‘look,’ going from short blonde hair to a light brown tone and wearing a slightly longer cut.

scarlett johansson black widow scarlett johansson marriage storyscarlett johansson short hair marriage story

Garcon type cut:

This is another of the most versatile haircuts that the actress has worn. It is perfect for any age, as it provides a much more youthful appearance.

scarlett johansson bob avengers undercut scarlett johansson short haircut bob shoulder length scarlett johansson short hair

Bangs with extra volume:

A new garçon cut in which Scarlett wanted to highlight her bangs. A mix with the alert shape of her hairstyle brings a super feminine touch to the ‘look.’

scarlett johansson brown hair scarlett johansson long hair buzz cut scarlett johansson short hair

Semi shaved:

This is without a doubt one of his most daring ‘looks.’ And the actress was not afraid to pass the razor over the nape and sides, leaving the upper part disconnected and visibly longer, thus creating a more excellent contrast. Without a doubt, this haircut is evidence that whatever you do, it is always great!

curly scarlett johansson short hair

Cut with disconnect:

The actress has brought all the hair from the top to the front for this’ look,’ leaving a light fringe. Its cut uses the contrast with the shaved areas to seek disconnection and at the same time obtain a super groundbreaking ‘look.’

scarlett johansson long haircut shoulder length scarlett johansson short hair

Shaved and with a wavy toupee:

This is a ‘look’ with many personalities in which the actress combined golden blonde and her natural root in the hairpiece. A mix that, along with its waves, provides an extra volume.

black widow scarlett johansson red hair black widow scarlett johansson short hair bob scarlett johansson short hair

XXL toupee and darker root:

Here the actress continues with the same cut but with a slight change. And it is that her toupee has much more volume than in the previous one. She achieved something by leaving it slightly longer, with noticeably blonder highlights in a platinum blonde and much more marked waves that give even more volume to his toupee.

pixie cut scarlett johansson marriage story hair


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