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20 Short Inverted Bob Haircuts for Women in 2022

Unlike the bob, which we all are already familiar with, an inverted (or reverse, inverted, and in some sources, graduated) bob is a haircut with short hair on the back of the head and long strands in the front. Universal – depending on the length of the strands, it will suit all types of the face; does not require significant skills and effort in styling – apply a protective agent to the hair and go over it with an iron. Or, on the contrary, to pay tribute to wavy strands, curls – essential for special occasions. Short strands in the back visually lengthen the neckline, and long frontal strands resemble the forehead.

fine hair short inverted bob funky inverted bob medium length inverted bob

Ombre blond

Even though the haircut is short enough, it looks soft and playful, especially in combination with a stunning ombre; the technique and appearance will not make you pay attention to the growing hair roots for a long time. After all, it was intended!

Closer to the forehead

With such an elongated bob, almost narrower than the forehead, if not for the length of the hair at the back of the head, it is easier to cope with than with its shorter alternative. The released size gives you a lot of hairstyle options. And be sure to try out the balayage highlighter technique on such a haircut, depending on your base hair color.

stacked inverted bob

Smooth, straight bob

Classics of the genre. Sometimes – the more straightforward, the more remarkable. The uniformity of color and the lines’ smoothness equal the grace and the French charm, which will never give up its position. Having decided on such a haircut, make sure ten times that the hairs are cut one to one – the slightest unevenness will ruin the whole impression. And do not forget to constantly use products that support and preserve the shine of your hair – in this bob, this is perhaps the second main thing after a straight line.

funky short stacked bob

inverted bob with bangs choppy layered inverted bob

Bob in a bright red shade

Such a haircut is an ode to the envy of all owners of copper-red hair from everyone deprived of this magnificent shade. Have you decided to add this tone to your haircut? Get ready for frequent maintenance and root renewal. But it’s worth it! Just imagine with what bright rays the strands play under the sun, even winter rays.

thin hair inverted bob


A stunning all-time trendy haircut. Gloss, chic, volume! This sleek graduated bob will suit any occasion and will never get lost among other hairstyles – you will undoubtedly become the envy of every woman along the way. The haircut style is suitable for any hair color, and the owners of a long graceful neck have nothing to get lost in thought – to stun, so to the fullest!

super short stacked bob

layered bob long bob haircut

With the effect of sunburned hair

Light, refracted strands as if illuminated from the inside by sun glare – an image in a million! A little trick – do not use the ombre technique along the entire length and mass of the hair: pay maximum attention to the strands of the front and bottom of the hair. Thus, you will get a lighter, more airy, and romantic look.

bob haircut

undercut stacked bob blunt cut inverted bob

Light dark blond

Is it a layered bob with strands of different lengths and a soft transition, or is it more correct to say cooperation? Dark blonde and platinum strands, which give the hair maximum naturalness. Add light curls here, and the hairstyle will look like a voluminous and hidden mess in the style of light.

inverted bob with undercut long inverted bob pixie short stacked bob stacked choppy inverted bob

fine hair short choppy bob


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