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20 Short Wavy Bob Cuts for Women in 2022

The bob haircut was one of the most popular hairstyles in 2008. It was a real hit that was worn by many Hollywood stars. Now the fashion for an elongated bob is back, and styling is again becoming in demand. However, if this option was done earlier by owners of straight hair, now bob haircut for wavy hair is in fashion. This is a great way to look original and fresh. On wavy hair, this styling seems especially beautiful.

layered wavy bob natural wavy bob

Features and Benefits

Bob is a short haircut with a voluminous top and long bangs. Many romantic young ladies prefer to wear this hairstyle, as it helps their self-expression. There are quite a few options for such styling: you can shave the whiskey slightly, make an oblique bang instead of a straight one, or cut asymmetrically, leaving the front hair somewhat longer than the back. On wavy strands, the bob looks good in a thin structure; they are easier to style and keep the volume long. Thick, heavy waves lose their shape faster. Owners of too lush hair will have to style locks to look like a dandelion constantly.

Complementing the hairstyle with various accessories in bows, hairpins, headbands, or headbands is recommended. They will give a more attractive look to your hair in a matter of seconds. Short curls are easy and quick to style.

natural wavy short wavy bob bob haircut

A huge plus is its versatility because it looks great on girls with any face shape. With its help, you can slightly correct it visually. Owners of a square, round or triangular shape do not have to worry about their appearance with this hairstyle. Young ladies with rectangular or elongated faces will have to first consult with a competent stylist who will help you choose the right kind of bob for wavy hair to make you even more attractive.

The versatility of this styling also lies in its suits any clothing style, be it an outfit for an official meeting, an evening event, going to the cinema with friends, or just a romantic mood. 

low maintenance short wavy hairstyles shoulder length medium wavy bob

However, a bob with wavy hair also has some features that should be considered before deciding on a radical image change. The process of creating such a hairstyle is by no means easy. It is a mistake to think that you can cut this option at home on your own.

It is essential to strictly follow the step-by-step instructions for a haircut, and only, in this case, will it be possible to get the perfect option. This can only be done by a professional hair master who will not only be able to cut you well but will also pre-select the type of bob hairstyle that suits your particular style of face.

shoulder length short wavy hair

To maintain the health and attractive appearance of the strands, it is better not to risk and not save on your hair, entrusting it to a professional who will quickly make your wish come true in a matter of minutes.

It would help if you also remembered the need to have healthy waves without split ends. Even of medium length, short strands are always in sight, and unhealthy spikes immediately attract attention and can say a lot about their owner. Bob requires careful grooming and regular haircuts.


There are several types of bob hairstyles, each of which has its characteristics. When shaping the styling, be sure to consider the structure of the hair, its density, preferred length, and the presence or absence of bangs. In this case, its size and shape do not matter. A professional hairdresser will quickly choose the right kind of bob for wavy hair, depending on the condition of the face and its main features.

Bob will provide you with a stylish, original look that matches the main fashion trends of our time. The cost of a competent hairdresser’s work can vary depending on his popularity, professionalism, the level of the beauty salon in which he works, and the need for additional procedures for your curls. It is advisable to go to a master who has experience creating the desired option, having previously familiarized himself with his work.

chin-length wavy bob layered bob

Short bob

This type is optimal for slender, young girls with delicate facial features. A short bob will perfectly emphasize the sophistication of the image, making it romantic with notes of insolence and playfulness. A bare neck will add sexuality to the picture. As a rule, this styling option is complemented by an oblique bang or elongated at the edges. A bob square on wavy strands looks not only beautiful but also very bold.

chubby face short wavy hairstyles jaw length short wavy bob with bangs long bob haircut natural curly curly bob with bangs shoulder length wavy bob

Elongated bob square

This type of haircut looks more feminine and elegant and will suit older ladies. Its peculiarity lies in the transition from short hair on the back of the head to longer hair on the front. The most restrained in this case is a smooth transition, which will make the image more delicate. The sharp change from short curls to long ones will be perfect for glamorous parties who love parties and parties.

An elongated square visually softens extensive facial features, slightly stretches the round shape, and is ideal for owners of an oval one. Suitable for those with a long, swan neck.

stacked short curly bob wavy bob with bangs

Asymmetrical bob

The peculiarity of the asymmetrical look is the random arrangement of long and short curls or a side parting. Such a risky option is suitable for women of fashion who like to experiment with the image, changing their hairstyle every season. Such girls are not afraid to change their appearance and will part without regret, even with a long head of hair for the sake of the current asymmetrical bob-bob. The significant advantage of this hairstyle is changing the image every day and style the curls in a new way.

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