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Short Shag Haircuts for Older Women in 2022

What is the shag cut?

The shag cut was better known in the wild 70s under mullet. But the hairstyle short in the front and long in the back is finally shedding its dusty image in 2021 and is experiencing a modern comeback! The shag cut is characterized by its many levels, which merge more smoothly than the retro mullet. With a shag cut, the face is usually framed by fringed curtain bangs and long bangs.

Seventies stars like Nena or Mick Jagger wore the mullet many years ago and are now being replaced by contemporary and modern variants of the new old haircut of stars like Billie Eilish or Taylor Swift.

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How to wear the shag cut?

The shag haircut is super versatile and can be worn by almost any hair length and hair type. If you have a short hairstyle, you should better keep your hands off the trending haircut, as the fringed cut would bring too much unrest into your look. Whether your hair is straight or curly doesn’t matter with the shag cut. If you have straight hair, there should not be too many layers. If you have naturally curly hair, the layered shag cut couldn’t suit you better – it couldn’t be more casual!

  • The classic variant:  the shag cut is parted in the middle and cut in stages up to shoulder length. Due to the uneven and fringed steps, the amount doesn’t look boring – on the contrary! The casual cut gives a modern undone look. The fringe is also parted in the middle and frames your face on the left and right. Of course, you can also let it fall loosely backward.
  • Long bob:  The shag haircut can also be styled in various ways as a long bob. The cut is not very different from the classic version. But make sure that with shorter hair, many layers also give a lot of volumes, which can quickly look overloaded. That’s why you should rely on fewer steps here, but on fringed ends! You can let the bangs fall loosely over your face.
  • Long mane:  If your hair is longer than your shoulders, a layered haircut suits you exceptionally well! Layering the long hair takes some of the heaviness out of the hair and gives you a messy look you want. The deep bangs on the forehead frame your face nicely.

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Styling tip:  The casual undone look doesn’t need too much styling. You give your hair a little more structure with a saltwater spray or mousse!

Who suits the shag cut?

Good news: The shag cut suits every face shape! However, the haircut can be further customized to emphasize your assets:

  • Oblong and oval faces rely on curtain bangs to frame their face.
  • Round faces should part in the middle. This visually stretches the face!
  • The shag is particularly flattering on angular face shapes!

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How is the shag cut maintained?

Due to the fringed cut of the shag and the many layers, there is a high risk of split ends with this hairstyle! Therefore, you must visit a hairdresser regularly and have your ends trimmed. Hair oil keeps your ends looking healthy and gives them a little extra moisture.

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