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Spiky Pixie Cuts for Fine Hair 2022 Trends

If you’re looking for new variations on everyone’s favorite pixie haircut, check out this collection of short spiky styles we’ve curated just for you! This type of haircut is very popular among women of all ages.

Daring punk hairstyles go great with short, pointed ends. In addition, this is a great short haircut for older women who wish to part with their long curls.

The trick is to make the short pixie look more current and daring by using volumizing hair products. You can use single strand coloring to add charm and freshness to your new hairstyle.

Before choosing a short pixie, make sure it matches the shape of your face and hair texture. Check out our selection of stylish spiky pixie options and choose your new beautiful hairstyle.

Many older women turn to pixie cuts to look half their age. And they almost succeed, the only thing they forget is to include their glasses in the equation. Fashionable pixie styles for women aged and glasses are age-defying styles.

Stylists say “The bigger the glasses, the thicker the hair should appear.” It’s important to get the right fit, so don’t forget your glasses when you go to your hairdresser. But before your next visit to the beauty salon, check out these inspiring photos of the best pixie cuts for older women with glasses.

Ivy League haircuts are a variety of men’s haircuts that got their name from the community of the most prestigious American universities. It was the students of these educational institutions who began to cut their hair in this style in the last century. But the Ivy League style remains relevant today.

Such a haircut does not require special care and at the same time looks quite stylish. To make such a haircut not look ordinary, you can use a styling tool. But it is worth distributing it not with a comb, but with your fingers, to give the effect of negligence.

This option can be considered classic, since the hair is combed to the side. But at the same time, it looks modern, thanks to a small cascade. To make your hair look as smooth as possible, style your hair with gel using a comb.

This version of the hairstyle has the main element – the volume in the front. This effect is easy to maintain daily. For this, it is enough that the stylist left the hair a little longer in this part, and it was not too thin. To maintain the shape, it will be enough to apply a little gel or fixing spray, or use a hairdryer.

This option was popular in the nineties. But now it’s making a comeback thanks to its versatility and playfulness. But styling should be done only on wet hair. When the hair is dry, it will be much more difficult to style the hair in this way.


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