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Torn Bob Haircuts for Round Face in 2022

How difficult it is sometimes to find the perfect haircut to highlight your dignity. Hair density, face shape, and even body shape all affect the choice of hairstyle. Today we’ll talk about chubby beauties. The round face shape has its pros and cons. Our task is to highlight these advantages and hide the disadvantages. A bob haircut will help with this.

chubby face long bob for round facelayered long bob haircut

Correcting the shape

To correct the round shape of the face, you should create an accent due to the volume, or lengthen the face due to straight hair. It is not recommended to choose a straight parting. It is important to move it to one side. In some cases, asymmetry helps to divert attention from the fullness of the cheeks. So, with the help of it, you can hide some flaws. For girls with a round face, you can safely recommend voluminous bangs. She visually lengthens the face. With the right choice of haircuts, the round shape can be visually brought to an ideal oval. And this is its plus.

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Advantages of the hairstyle

A bob haircut has long been a versatile option. It is chosen by millions of girls. She does not contradict desires even after 40, because she looks great even in adulthood. For chubby girls, a bob will also help to correct the shape of the face by stretching it a little. In addition, it hides the excess body, beautifully framing the face. Bob gives volume, and that’s great. Regardless of whether your hair is thick or thin, you can create an impressive hairstyle. The long bob is currently in vogue.

haircut for round face double chin

Features of technology

A ripped bob is an option that will delight girls with a round face. Its main feature is the design of the tips. They are cut in such a way that a little creative mess is created on the head. Ripped ends give a casual look. Original and stylish at the same time. The best option for a torn bob is short hair. However, there are decent options for all-length types.

chubby face low maintenance shoulder length hair

Since we are still talking about a round face shape, an elongated bob is the best optionThe most important thing is that the strands fall below the chin. Curls are undesirable in our case – this is additional volume to the face. But the bangs will be a good completion of the image. And, of course, don’t forget about coloring. It plays a big role and, if done correctly, also corrects some of the shortcomings.

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A torn bob is a stylish haircut for the new season. She always looks modern and original, so she becomes the choice of many girls, including celebrities. Practical, bright, romantic – it’s all about her.

chubby face low maintenance shoulder length haircut haircut for fat face double chin


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