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Viking Hairstyles for Women in 2022

The culture, history, and costumes of the northern peoples, the so-called Vikings, inspire people all over the world even today. Young and old find the Viking Age exciting.

The series “Vikings” about the legendary Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok from History Chanel is more or less historically correct or at least as far as the styling of the actors is concerned. In the first scene, the main hero arouses deep admiration with his modern look on a battlefield:

hair shaved on the sides, long on the head, and tied in a pigtail at the back. Viking hairstyles are real eye-catchers that are not only popular at medieval festivals, cosplay, or Halloween. The beautiful braided hairstyles inspired by the Viking Age are also suitable for special occasions as well as for everyday use.

female easy viking hair warrior lagertha hair

The possible combinations are almost infinite. The different braiding techniques not only offer women an individual hairstyle. The men usually wore their hair just as long as the women and did not do without braided accents. In addition, some women were also warriors and then wore their hair like the men, for example partially shaved – the so-called side and undercut. The hairstyles were rarely symmetrical. Elaborate details and filigree hair accessories can usually be seen chaotically incorporated into the hair.

Viking Hairstyles for Women – Lagertha

The most effective and probably most complicated Viking hairstyles for women are presented by the main female character in the series “Vikings” – Lagertha, the first wife of Ragnar Lothbrok. In the film, she was first the wife of an ordinary farmer, then the wife of the earl (the head of a Viking community) and later she became an earl herself. But she was always a warrior who fought with the bravest men. Depending on the occasion, the actress got a different hairstyle. We have presented a few of them in this post.

female braided viking hairstylesfemale nordic viking braidsshort hair female viking braids

Viking hairstyles: hair accessories

Viking hairstyles also include opulent hair accessories, especially in the form of hair beads, but also hair buns and hairpins. Artful hair beads made of precious metals such as bronze and silver with beautiful Celtic ornaments, which are threaded onto wafer-thin braids, can be seen in Viking hairstyles for both women and men.

old norse female norse hairstyles celtic hairstyles female nordic female viking hairstyle goddess female norse hairstyles

As you have probably already noticed, the Viking hairstyles for women and men are not that different from each other. However, they are suitable for medium or long hair. The look includes a wide variety of types of braids such as French, Dutch, peasant, and herringbone braids that are combined.

beginner braids for short hair viking undercut female

The variety of variations on the Viking hairstyles is great that making these hairstyles so unique and popular. Braids are braided with two, three, four, or five strands of hair. So you have to be aware that braiding with multiple strands of hair does require some practice and concentration. You don’t have to worry here though, as the imperfect braids complement the somewhat messy Viking look perfectly.

traditional viking hairstyles female

If you have long hair, there are no limits to your creativity and imagination with Viking hairstyles. Braiding several strands of hair, twisting in strands of hair, braiding small and slightly larger braids, then sometimes tying them nicely or teasing them in the meantime, everything is possible here.

Tips for simple Viking hairstyles

If you’re not skilled at braiding pigtails, simply work up several small strands of hair irregularly and braid them into simple pigtails. In between, you can insert small pearls of hair. Finally, give the remaining hair structure with a curling iron or crepe or tease it.

shield maiden viking hair braids female female viking braids

Viking Hairstyles for Women: Complicated Updo

For this Viking up-pinned hairstyle, you need to braid all of your hair into braids. The upper section of hair is made into a slightly wider Dutch braid. Two narrow braids are braided on both sides. You can style or braid the rest of the mane as you like. Finally, all the small and large braids are tied together and twisted into an updo. In the film series, the elaborate updo looks like real wickerwork. The hairstylists tied the individual braids together with string or thread.

undercut viking haircut valkyrie viking braids female female short hair viking braids

Lagertha Hairstyle: Perfect for Cosplay, Halloween, Mardi Gras, or Mardi Gras

These three Viking hairstyles from Lagertha are perfect for cosplay or carnival. The first variant is from a Viking ritual in the “Viking” series, the second – a real warrior woman’s hairstyle and the third hairstyle is a modern version with colored strands.

lagertha wedding hair long hair viking braids female viking hairstyles for short hair


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