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Short Wedge Haircuts for Older Ladies in 2022

The wedge haircut is a short, voluminous layered retro bob for women with fine, straight hair in the 1970s. Olympian Dorothy Hamill made this look popular. Although short wedge hairstyles are not for everyone, many women will find these haircuts refreshing.

You’ll find lots of gradual layers, stacking techniques, asymmetrical or short A’s, choppy cuts, blunt or wispy bangs, tapered backs. These all form a usual wedge and can naturally enhance the density of your mane without needing too much weight!

This is a popular cut for women with thin, fine hair that needs a voluminous twist or just for trying the short hair lifestyle.

Wedges come in a wide range of styles – you can go for soft, smooth layers for a feminine aura or a super short, spiky style for a funky vibe.

Super short wedge haircut

This hairstyle gives you a neat look every day without being too formal or vivid. If you want a cut similar to the short inverted bob but shorter and more straightforward, this is the one for you.

fine hair thin hair low maintenance short hairstyles

Perfect for thick hair

This cute graduated cut is best suited for those who want to look stylish with their thick hair. The hair shorter in the back and layered throughout gives less volume and texture for an excellent finish.

wedge haircut 80s

Ideal wedge hairstyles for over 60

This lovely short haircut for women over 60 incorporates volume and elegance together. This short angled bob complements natural colors well with low and easy maintenance.

hairstyles for over 60 round face

Beautiful for over 50

This is a cute stacked bob with lots of movement. It is a great short hairstyle for women over 50 who want the ease of shorter hair without going for a pixie cut. She is getting gray, so I did an intense highlight and toned the blonde to match her natural gray hair better.

undercut short stacked wedge haircut

The classic wedge haircut

This short stacked bob or wedge haircut is classic with a modern twist. There is a happy balance between precision lines and texture. Adding just the suitable surface makes it more modern, and the precision stacking in the back makes for the classic stacked bob that never goes out of style. What I love most about this cut is how it retains its shape, and at the same time, the hair moves and bounces naturally. I also love the soft wispy lines that frame the face.

pixie cutStacked Ash Layers

Is it grey? Is it blonde? They’ll never know with this expertly blended shade of ash. It’s perfect for low-maintenance women because it will reduce the need for frequent touch-ups.

low maintenance hairstyles for 60 year old woman with fine hair

Ash Blonde Short Layered Hairstyle

Women’s hair gets more delicate as we age, just like men’s. A teased hairstyle with volume at the roots gives the appearance of thicker hair. Those layers and ripped bangs also help pump up your locks.

low maintenance short wedge haircuts for fine hair

Short Feathered Pixie for Fine Hair

The tousled, tiered layers of the short pixie are an excellent way for women with fine hair to look young and stylish because the feathered effect adds height and volume—the tapered nape area functions as a back frame for the pointed sideburns that accentuate the cheekbones.

undercut wedge hairstyles

Disconnected Chic Cut

This is almost a cross between a pixie and a textured bob. I approach most pixie haircuts similarly, cutting the sides and back before deciding where to go with the top section.

I took a horseshoe section in this particular haircut, cut the back and sides relatively short, and left the remaining hair longer, cutting it into a bob. It is a little nervous but very soft. This is probably my favorite haircut. It allows for more creative liberties, even while keeping the final look more conservative.

youthful hairstyles over 50

Short Feathered Cut with Layered Back

A good short haircut idea for women over 60 is a crop with long feathered layers that will keep the strands off the face and look neat throughout the day. If this sounds like you, try a tapered cut with swept-back layers that won’t fall on your face when you’re out and about.

layered wedge haircuts for over 60


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