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20 Trendy Bob Haircuts for Women in 2022

The classics will always remain relevant and in demand, regardless of trends and fashion trends. And this applies not only to the wardrobe but including hairstyles, haircuts, and everything else.

The bob haircut is the very classic that will never go out of fashion, since it has remained popular and in demand for a very long time, and 2021-2022 will not be an exception.

Over the past few years, quite a few different trend variations of this haircut have appeared. Among them, there are very creative and unusual ideas that not every fashionista can decide on, but there are also those that will become the burning trend of the coming season. The main advantage of the square is its versatility and the fact that it can refine any facial features, making them more delicate, feminine, and sophisticated.

layered bob haircut short hair neck length bob cut shoulder length bob haircut with bangs

This season, short haircuts will be an incredibly relevant trend, and therefore it is the short bob that will become one of the hits of 2021-2022. Its main advantages are practicality and versatility because such a haircut is perfect for both young girls and adult ladies.

A short bob will be especially popular among businesswomen, who, due to their constant employment, cannot devote a large amount of time every day to various styling, but at the same time they should always look stylish, restrained, and conservative.

It is a short bob that perfectly combines all these qualities because thanks to a special haircut technique, the curls themselves fall very beautifully and do not need additional shaping.

bob haircut 2021 medium length bob haircut short hair bob cut

Due to its versatility, a short bob looks great both in combination with a casual stiletto and with a formal or business bow. For a gentle and romantic look, this hairstyle will add femininity and elegance to its owner.

Among other things, a short square can be easily diversified by adding to it an extraordinary asymmetrical bang or a cropped temple, or the back of the head. It is also worth noting that a short bob looks great without bangs since it makes the oval of the girl’s face smoother and more graceful.

thick hair bob haircut bob haircut with bangs fine hair short bob haircuts

Medium bob: haircut ideas for medium hair

A medium-length square without bangs is considered a classic haircut option, and therefore it is madly liked by millions of fashionistas all over the world. This haircut is so popular that it has invariably remained one of the burning trends for many seasons in a row. She always looks stylish and modern and fits absolutely any look, be it a business work bow or just an outfit for a romantic date.

The classic middle square looks best on girls who have an oval elongated face, because thanks to a neat cut of hair in the collarbone area, it becomes more noble and pretty.

shoulder length bob haircut 2021 shoulder length hair inverted bob edgy short bob with bangs

The unconditional trend of 2021-2022 will be the French bob since it harmoniously combines the optimal average hair length and slightly careless bangs, which makes the image as natural and natural as possible, and as everyone knows, naturalness has remained the most popular trend for several seasons in a row.

round face bob with bangs medium bob with bangs bob with side bangs

A medium-length square with asymmetry will be no less relevant; a trimmed temple or nape will remain a burning trend. The main advantage of such a hairstyle is that it practically does not need styling, the strands of hair are cut in such a way that in any case, they fit stylishly and attractively, but if necessary, a girl can quite quickly and simply do the styling she needs with just one hairdryer and round comb. Light careless curls or soft waves will also be quite popular styling options.


A rather unusual and original version of the square is the graduation, that is, the so-called square on the leg. It involves cutting the temple partially in such a way as to create additional volume in the area of ​​the crown and create the effect of a cap on the leg.

In appearance, such a square resembles a mushroom. It should be noted that a square on a leg is one of the classic options that will always remain relevant.

Preferably, this haircut option is chosen by serious adult women over thirty-five years old, businesswomen, and young ambitious girls who are associated with creativity.

long bob with bangs

Such a haircut makes its owner much brighter and more spectacular, giving her a certain aristocracy, extravagance, and elegance because since the neck remains completely open and the strands slightly cover the cheekbones, the neck bend becomes more refined and feminine.

However, when choosing a square on a leg, it is worth considering that it will not suit every fashionista. So, for example, for owners of a round or too elongated oval face, it is best to choose some other haircut option, let’s say the same bob-bob since a bob on a leg, in this case, will make the face bulky and will focus the attention of others, preferably on minor flaws in appearance, hiding obvious advantages.

chubby face long bob haircuts

Extended square

A square with lengthening for several seasons in a row remains incredibly popular among the fair sex of all ages, types of appearance and face, as well as lifestyle.

This is justified by its incredible practicality and versatility because such a haircut fits harmoniously into absolutely any image, and does not require special care or complex daily styling.

shoulder length bob haircut short hair styles

Among other things, it looks great both with bangs and without it, the same applies to the structure and thickness of the hair. Owners of thin, weakened, and not too thick hair with the help of an extended bob will be able to add extra volume and a well-groomed lively appearance to their hair.

But on wavy curls, such a haircut will sparkle with new colors, since a girl can generally forget about styling, due to a special technique of performing, strands of hair will go to bed in different ways every day while creating a stylish and unique image.


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