Sunday, August 14, 2022
ash brown hair color chart

Ash Brown Hair Color for Women in 2022

Now that the first rays of sunshine are returning and we are slowly but surely saying goodbye to the cold season, we are ready for something new again -because new hair color is needed! ...
color trends

TOP 8 Trends In Dyeing And Hair Colors In 2021

Among the current colors for hair for 2021, you can find a shade for every taste - new items and well-studied classics will make any female dreams come true. Moreover, the trend includes both...
Undercut trendy short grey hair

20 Short Gray Hairstyles for Women in 2022

Gray hair is not a reason to be upset; this is an excellent reason to be proud of your age. Thanks to modern short haircuts, a mature lady with gray hair can perfectly transform...
Shoulder lenght purple hair

15 Purple Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

There will never be a better time to play with hair color. It seems that all the colors of the rainbow have their days in the sun, but are not as widespread as purple...
black hair with highlights

Short Brown Hair Colors for Women in 2022

What color of brown hair do I ask my hairdresser? You have brown hair, you want to change, but you are not quite sure which one can look good on you. First of all, let's learn...
medium auburn balayage

Popular Auburn Balayage on Medium Brown Hair 2021

Populer Auburn Balayage Red hair color was once a rather rare phenomenon, and its owners were even considered representatives of the world of magic. However, now anyone can try on this “witchcraft” color, the main...
50 Stunning Silver Hair Color Ideas You Will Love 2019.

50 Stunning Silver Gray Hair Color Ideas You Will Love 2022

These 50 stunning silver hair color ideas became more than just elderly things, they are so much popular right now. Tell me, which hair color can be more sexy, stylish and chic than these silver...

20 Cute Short Balayage Hair Blonde Over 40

This year, stylists presented blonde women with an unexpected surprise by presenting them with a radically reincarnated balayage called reverse balayage. The effectiveness of such coloring was achieved by a simple maneuver - the roots...

Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair in 2022

You need to keep up with fashion, its trends change very quickly. Short colored hair is fashionable and relevant in 2022. We will tell you what hair shades are fashionable this season, and what dyeing techniques...
light blue hair

20 Blue Hair Colors for Women with Short Hair in 2022

Bright, unusual, but extremely comfortable to wear. Blue and blue hair, a trend that has come to salons from street culture, goes well with almost any outfit, any appearance, and is refreshing. Worth trying! The...