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Medium Hair Cut for Girls 2021

Mothers of little fashionistas carefully monitor the style and image of their babies literally from their very birth, and therefore it is not surprising that, in addition to fashionable clothes, fashionable hairstyles and haircuts...
Holiday Ponytail Hairstyles Tutorial: Ponytail Braids

Holiday Ponytail Hairstyles Tutorial: Ponytail Braids

Brush out your hair. Tease the top up. Take a section of hair at the temple and braid. Comb the rest hair into a high ponytail. Wrap the braid ends around the ponytail and fix it in place.

15 Hairstyle For Curly Hair Women 2021

We have selected for you fashionable haircuts for short, medium, and long curly hair. And step-by-step instructions for haircuts and styling with photos, tips for thick and thin hair will help you choose the...
Step by step updos for short hair

Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair 2021

Features of wedding hairstyle with veil 2021 If choosing a wedding hairstyle is not difficult, then combining it with a veil is often problematic. This is because the styling in this case may look too...
beginner braids for short hair

Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair 2022

FASHIONABLE BRAIDS FOR SHORT HAIR It so happens that the owners of short hairstyles really want to braid their braids. And in fact, there are a huge variety of stylish braids for short hair. At...