Sunday, October 1, 2023
dark root short blonde balayage

20 Short Ombre Hair Colors for Women in 2022

Do not think that all the variety of dyeing techniques is available only to girls with long hair. Modern colorism has many solutions for owners of stylish haircuts. Can you try on an ombre...
ombre hair short hair color ideas

20 Short Hair Color Ideas for Women in 2022

There is a simple and affordable way to transform, attract attention and cheer yourself up: change your hair color, focusing on fashion trends. The options for dyeing short hair are no less than medium...
short red hair bob

20 Short Red Hair Colors for Women in 2022

Short red hair is not every woman's choice. Nevertheless, such hairstyles are in trend today. A couple of hundred years ago, it was believed that women with red hair were engaged in witchcraft. Thank...
caramel balayage short hair straight

25 Balayage Short Hair Colors for 2022

Experiments with color on short hair sometimes look even more impressive than on long hair. Especially when it comes to balayage on short hair - highlights of coloring make the haircut as expressive as possible. In...
lavender short purple hair

20 Purple Hair Colors for Women with Short Hair in 2022

Want to try purple hair? Lavender hair color and lilac tones are now popular. They can be used as permanent or temporary staining. Purple strands can look not only bright and bold but also gentle and elegant....
light blue hair

20 Blue Hair Colors for Women with Short Hair in 2022

Bright, unusual, but extremely comfortable to wear. Blue and blue hair, a trend that has come to salons from street culture, goes well with almost any outfit, any appearance, and is refreshing. Worth trying! The...
Undercut trendy short grey hair

20 Short Gray Hairstyles for Women in 2022

Gray hair is not a reason to be upset; this is an excellent reason to be proud of your age. Thanks to modern short haircuts, a mature lady with gray hair can perfectly transform...
magenta color

16 Charming Magenta Hair Colors for Women in 2022

When choosing something as bold as magenta hair color, it is important to understand the level of commitment required to stick with it. Women with low-key or hectic lifestyles should probably look for a more...
bronze hair color

20 Beautiful Chestnut Hair Colors for Women in 2022

All over the world, natural beauty has always been valued, appreciated, and will be appreciated. And for the image to be as natural as possible, it is necessary to take care of the appropriate...
Strawberry blonde hair

15 Ginger Hair Colors for Women in 2022

Girls with naturally red hair are accustomed to the attention of others. With this hair color, it is difficult to go unnoticed, and in case you like to impress with catchy images, dyeing in...