Saturday, November 26, 2022
ombre purple hair ideas

20 Purple Hair Color Ideas for Women in 2022

There will never be a better time to play with hair color. It seems that all the rainbow colors have their days in the sun but are not as widespread as purple hair. Whether it's...

10 Gorgeous Burgundy Hair Colors to Spice Up Your Look

Choosing a hair color is not easy, especially if the question concerns bright, extraordinary colors, including the burgundy range. The complex union of red and brown colors can arouse admiration. But how to choose a...
honey caramel brown hair

20 Caramel Hair Colors That Will Completely Take Over 2022

Caramel is a juicy shade somewhere between gold and brown. He is not defiant, but at the same time sexy and attractive. You will definitely look brilliant and sophisticated, highlighting your image with such a...
natural copper hair

20 Copper Hair Colors and Trends for 2021

Copper hair color is often used in shades such as copper-blond, golden-copper, dark copper, etc. You will learn how to choose paint for your appearance, change your wardrobe for a new look. Copper hair color...
Blonde hair color ideas 2021

Short Balayage Hair 2021

Balayage is one of the hair trends that has taken more strength in recent years. The tips dyed in different colors such as brown, blonde, and even pink became one of the pampered looks...
Auburn balayage on brown hair

15 Auburn Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Short Haircuts

The hair of a southern woman is a crown that she never takes off; and any lady worthy of her salt does not agree to a dull, dull crown. That's why when our mane...
mermaid blue ombre hair short

20 Blue Short Hair Colors for Women 2021

Blue hair color is much more popular than green hair, even though both of these scales are considered unnatural due to the impossibility of natural origin. And, nevertheless, a deep dark blue color for a girl...
highlights strawberry blonde short hair color

20 Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors for Short Hair 2022

Strawberry blond hair color is not pink or red as one might think. It definitely has some pink pigment, though. This trendy color has long been loved by celebrities and beauty bloggers, and now...
Trendy short hairstyles for older ladies

20 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Older Ladies

For older ladies over 50, the same haircuts are recommended for young girls, of course without creativity. Indeed, regardless of age, every woman wants to look stylish and attractive. With age, not only wrinkles...
Shoulder lenght purple hair

15 Purple Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

There will never be a better time to play with hair color. It seems that all the colors of the rainbow have their days in the sun, but are not as widespread as purple...