Friday, October 7, 2022
Low maintenance little girl pixie cut

15 Top Pixie Cuts for Girls in 2022

Parents need to take an active part in raising a child and creating an individual style, instilling taste in the future woman. Of course, a haircut is a personal matter for every person. From...
Tapered pixie cut black hairstyles

20 Trendy Pixie Haircuts for Black Women in 2022

The pixie cut is a trendy short hairstyle that makes it impossible to get lost in the crowd; it is gorgeous, a little eccentric, and has many variations. An option with long strands around...
Feminine pixie cuts

15 Fluffy Pixie Cuts for Women in 2022

Let's be clear: fluffy , especially wavy or curly hair is a nightmare. Everything seems simple: you need to develop a unique approach, assuming that something will go wrong during the day. Provide for...

20 Emma Watson Pixie Cuts for 2022

A lot of time has passed since the filming of the first Harry Potter film, and from an angular Hermione with fluffy hair, the actress has turned into a style icon. One of the...
Tomboy little girl pixie cut

11 Cute Pixie Cuts for Little Girls in 2022

Short haircuts are most suitable for active girls who are constantly moving and are not ready to spend time on long styling or braiding their hair. At an older age, the advantage of such...
Pixie bob haircut back view

10 Chic Pixie Bob Haircuts for 2022

A pixie bob haircut is one of the most beautiful and versatile options you can get with the combination of the two. It has a trendy asymmetrical look that you can vary to fit...
pixie haircut

Edgy Pixie Cuts

Edgy Pixie Cuts The asymmetrical short pixie haircuts really caught our fancy. And they're at their peak this season, with a huge range of bolder haircuts and brighter colors to choose from. Therefore, if you love short,...
round face long pixie

Long Pixie Cuts for Women 2021

The elongated pixie haircut managed to conquer the fashion world with triumph and conquered women of all ages with its versatility and ease of styling. The lightness and sophistication of the hairstyle in this case...
short pixie haircut styles

Pixie Haircut Styles For Girls

The pixie haircut first appeared back in the 50s. She immediately became incredibly popular. This is a short women's haircut that reflects the sensuality, sexuality, and bright temperament of its owner. Since its appearance...
medium/short haircuts for women

Short Hair Cuts For Women 2021

Short Hair Cuts For Women 2021 Short Hair Cuts For Women 2021 Many women don't know how to get their hair cut right. Often, choosing a haircut does not work the first time, because it is...