Saturday, November 26, 2022
asymmetric hair

Asymmetrical Haircuts for Short Hair in 2022

A few seasons ago, asymmetric haircuts came into fashion, and to this day, they remain one of the TOP trends in the beauty industry that do not give up their positions. Asymmetry in hair...
double side shave short hair

Short On The Sides Long On Top Haircuts for Women

What creative fashionistas go to in search of a new self! In addition to other means of changing the image, they often resort to unusual haircuts, particularly model haircuts with shaved areas. This article will...
pixie cut for round face black hair

Round Face Short Haircuts for Black Females in 2022

When trying to find the right hairstyle, it's a combination of many factors, including your hair's natural texture and face shape. The round face shape is about the same length as the width. It...
feminine women's buzz cut with bangs

Buzz Haircut for Women in 2022

Throughout human history, hair aesthetics have always reflected a person's identity. Their color, length, type, health, styling, and jewelry carried deep meaning and symbolism. For millennia, and still today, a woman's long mane has...
fluffy tomboy hair

Tomboy Short Fluffy Haircuts in 2022

Tomboy is a unique style that quickly won many hearts. We tell you its peculiarity, what haircuts to choose and how to care for them. Tomboy haircut features The term "tomboy" appeared thanks to the English...
choppy shaggy hairstyles for fine hair over 50

Shag Haircuts for Older Women in 2022

Unlike classic symmetrical hairstyles with rugged, masculine lines that accentuate imperfections, the shag makes a face look youthful. A women's haircut is the easiest way to rejuvenate your face. And at the same...
hairstyles for over 60 round face

Bob Haircuts for Older Women in 2022

The bob is always stylish; it is a haircut that is ageless but is especially attractive to mature women for its rejuvenating power in all its versions. The bob haircut has gone from a trend to...
layered bob

Hottest Short Haircuts for Women in 2022

Have you ever heard of the short bob, blunt cut, or shag mullet? No? That could be because these are the latest hairstyle trends for 2022! We introduce you to the hottest hairstyles, and you...
low maintenance layered short hair for square face

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces Over 50

A haircut should be flattering to your natural features so that the style complements the rest of your appearance. If you have a square face, the choice of your haircut should play with the strong...
layered bob

20 Short Haircuts for Winter 2022

Short hair for women remains one of the most popular trends in terms of women's haircuts in this new Winter 2022 season. The time has come for a "radical" change, and that is why...