Wonderful Short Haircuts for Women in 2023

Discover what the short haircuts that are sweeping this year are. Good news: they favor almost all of us!

Whether you are faithful to short hair or thinking of turning your image upside down, you should know the haircuts that will be a hit this season. These are the cuts that the most daring women are asking for the most in 2022-2023. They are comfortable, versatile, and very flattering.


Surely you have heard many women say that short hair does not favor them. Well, it’s not like that! It doesn’t matter what type of face you have, the density of your hair, or the color of your hair. There is always a suitable short haircut for each type of woman, for example for the most daring. What’s more, the same haircut can (and should) be adapted to the features of each woman so that they are impeccable.

On the other hand,  they are very versatile, they feel good, and give much more play than you think. And also forget that short hair is only for summer, they are also very practical in winter. Long hair often gets tangled in the collars of coats and scarves and ends up breaking. With short hair, you don’t have to worry about this.


Pixie , garçone, bixie, microbob, mullet, shullet… There are countless beautiful and flattering short haircuts for women that are sweeping this season. Also, good news, they favor us all! As you read it, you can cut your losses without any fear. These options favor both young women in their 20s and mature women over 50. The secret to achieving this is to put yourself in the hands of a good professional who knows how to understand your tastes, analyze your features and your style, and make a cut that takes all the variables into account. By playing with lengths and layers, you will find the best option for you. 


There are more and more women who decide to cut their ponytails and go for short hair. Hence, new hair options are emerging that coexist with the usual trends. These are the short haircuts that have garnered the most (and best) fame in recent times:

  • Bixie. Halfway between the pixie and the bob, this short haircut was a hit in the 90s and now it has resurfaced stronger than ever. The strengths of this cut: it is comfortable, practical, versatile, rejuvenating, and very easy to maintain.
  • Pixie. When talking about short hair, the pixie is always one of the great favorites. He is infallible. It adapts to all types of features and hair textures. It is enough to play with the length, the layers, and the bangs -another of the great protagonists of the trends- to achieve a spectacular result.
  • Mullet. Characterized by having shorter hair on the top of the head and the sides and leaving the back area longer. This layered cut admits different types of bangs. The appearance of this proposal varies according to the length and arrangement of the layers. 
  • shullet. It is nothing more than the much shorter Mullet. Hence its name, which combines the English words “short” (short) + Mullet. Follow the same structure with shorter layers on the top and the sides, and longer at the back, but shortens its length by a few centimeters.
  • Mixie. It is one of the great novelties of this year. It is a perfect option for women who decide to say goodbye to long hair and give shorter hair a chance but without reaching the garçone style. They bring the elegance and sobriety of the pixie and the rebelliousness of the mullet. A perfect cocktail!
  • Nape bob. slightly shorter cut in the nape area than in the front area generates a perfect inclination to stylize the figure. It manages to visually lengthen the neck and is very feminine and sensual.
  • Buzz. It is the most transgressive bet this year. This is the name given to shaved hair. It is a radical cut that, in addition, is worn with extreme colors to enhance its radical and casual essence. The theory says that it favors harmonious and proportioned faces, but the truth is that it brings a lot of strength and personality to the most angular faces.

Take a look through this selection of short haircuts, ordered from least traditional to most extreme. Impossible not to find your style!


A good haircut can have an “antiaging” effect greater than that of a beauty treatment. If you don’t dare to cut your losses, bet on the bixie, a natural evolution of the pixie. If you want to further enhance its rejuvenating power, bet on its version with bangs, just like the actress Monica Bellucci has done. You will see what a change!

low maintenance short haircuts


Charlize Theron always creates a trend when she decides to put scissors in her hair. She has been to all kinds of lengths and we loved this blunt bixie. It is nothing more than the evolution of a pixie that, in the absence of a few centimeters, does not lead to a bob. The actress looks blunt on this occasion, probably intending to break the sobriety of an awards ceremony.

shoulder length short hair styles


Do you know which is the most flattering cut of this season? The nape bob. This reinterpretation of the bob is sweeping all hairdressers. It is a cut that, by going slightly shorter in the nape area than in the front part, instantly stylizes. Visually lengthens the neck, making you appear taller and more slender.

short hair cut for girls


If you want to give a modern and informal touch to your look, you have to bet yes or yes for a casual bixie. In addition to being super flattering, it hardly requires maintenance, since you can comb it with your fingers, giving it a little movement. Ideal!

edgy short pixie cuts


If you want to twist the classic bob haircut, a very good idea is to include bushy bangs, as Taylor Swift does well. It is perfect for women with elongated faces since it favors the face a lot.

medium hair cut for girls


This jaw-length cut with tousled air is an infallible bet to take a few years off your back. Its lifting effect is immediate. It is done with a subtle gradient at the nape of the neck and is styled with very open and undone waves. It is not the typical hair that you straighten, comb your hair very stiffly or put the ends in… It is rather disheveled.

  • A piece of advice. Despite being a short haircut, it must be healthy. If the hair is very damaged or very bleached, it will look very static and the beauty is that it has moved.
long pixie cut


Short, heavily layered, and disheveled hair is also back to stay. They are suitable for both straight and curly hair. Specifically, the short, jaunty shag, with or without bangs, is a winning trend that doesn’t require spending a lot of time styling.

  • Advice. The disheveled effect can be strengthened with a finishing product.
youthful hairstyles over 50


The short pixie haircut is one of the great trends this 2022 since it is triumphing among all those women who want to bet on comfort but at the same time want to look modern. In addition, it is very easy to maintain and requires almost no effort to comb.

thick hair short haircuts


A polished effect is an infallible tool for special occasions. The actress Michelle Jenner usually bets on this look when she has to walk the red carpets, especially since she changed her long hair for a pixie that has evolved into a bixie. It is an ideal option for both young girls and more mature women. 

short haircuts


Terelu Campos is often torn between the bixie and the micro bob. They are her two favorite cuts. The daughter of María Teresa Campos usually wears it blunt and full of movement. A modern bet that suits you very well and is tremendously youthful.

shoulder length hair


The bixie is a cut halfway between the pixie and the bob. It looks like a movie with both straight and curly hair, but with soft waves, you can add an extra note of glamour. That was precisely the choice of actress Noomi Rapace.

short haircuts for women


On one side bixie and on the other, micro bob, this is this asymmetrical hair with which Michelle Williams manages to visually lengthen her face with rounded proportions. It is an attractive and unconventional cut that looks great on the actress and gives her a plus of style.

haircut for women


The pixie triumphs in all its versions, it is a lifelong classic that never fails. This year it will be seen a lot with bangs and a hairstyle with a parting on one side. This cut also looks great with a more pronounced quiff on top or transforming it into a boyish one leaving the outlines longer, it’s one of the most iconic styles out there.

Another strong point of this short haircut is that it is suitable for all types of faces, textures, and shades, but it is a foolproof option for women with fine hair and round, oval, and square faces. It is fresh and very moldable, no matter how you style it.

fine hair short haircuts


It is the classic and so flattering pixie, but taking all the hair to one side. To achieve this, you can apply a wax or a product that provides texture and strength to the hair.

cool short haircuts for women


The good thing about the pixie is that it is a very versatile cut, which admits a lot of versions, all super stylish and flattering. Short hair does not have to limit us. The good thing about the pixie cut is that it admits many versions and allows you to style it in multiple ways. The mixture of this cut with the wet effect is super attractive.

The very short pixie at the nape and sides and longer at the top is another of the trends that are coming this season and that also gives a lot of play.

women with short hair


You can also show off curls and waves with cut hair. The pixie curl is one of the most comfortable, stylish, and flattering cuts of the moment. It is super practical and comfortable for day-to-day, while at the same time adding style. It is the best bet to get on the bandwagon of the latest trends without too many complications. Plus, it’s super feminine.

A tip: use products that provide hydration and flexibility to your curls and reduce frizz to enhance the cut. It is never too late to discover the curly method.

pixie short hair styles


This cut has the upper part much longer than the rest of the hair, providing a rebellious air and offering many possibilities when styling it. If you comb it to one side and leave the bangs on one side, you will get a classic look, while if you bet on enhancing the quiff, you will have a super fun and rejuvenating punk look. You choose!

short hair styles for older women


Loved and hated in equal measure, the Mullet cut will also have a place among the women’s short hair trends this Fall/Winter 2022-2023. With the front part shorter than the back, this cut caused a sensation in the 80s, and actresses like Úrsula Corberó have brought it back in recent years. The mullet is an easy cut to adapt to any type of face. A perfect look for wavy and bouncy hair, which just let it air dry, without any complications.

women short haircut


The pixie never goes out of style. It is a super versatile option that offers endless possibilities. This year we are going to see him a lot with bangs and a hairstyle parted to one side. The actress Carey Mulligan wears it smooth and quite combed, achieving a very flattering girlish look.

short hairstyles women


Petite faces, like Jamelle Monáe’s, are clearly favored with pixies, as they leave the face clean and allow it to “stand out more”. The actress makes the most of her cut by livening up her looks with tiaras or fun hairpins scattered throughout her hair.

short hair style women


We have seen Jennifer Hudson with all kinds of cuts and hairstyles, but the pixie is undoubtedly one of the ones that favor her the most. It doesn’t matter how she wears it: with a toupee, disheveled, or, as on this occasion, with her bangs combed forward. The good thing about this cut, in addition to its comfort, is its versatility From it. She allows playing with multiple hairstyles.

bob short hair


The good thing about the pixie is that it is a short haircut that favors all types of features and has a powerful rejuvenating effect. Glenn Close switched to this cut some time ago and finds it so comfortable that he hasn’t gone back to it since. He now wears it with scaled bangs that suit his features.

youthful hairstyles for over 50


Do you have hair full of gray? If you want white hair not to make you look old, go for a pixie and style it casually. It has a powerful rejuvenating effect! Take Jamie Lee Curtis. Far from looking older, her image exudes style and personality. If gray hair is flooding your hair, follow his example.

short hairstyles female over 50


Do you like to go super combed? Do you prefer to bet on a rather casual air? Is your thing to transgress the rules? Whatever your style, with the pixie you can afford it. Supports multiple combinations. Wear it slicked back, parted to the side, bangs pushed forward, or, as model Ruby Rose does, with a bold, flattering quiff. You choose!

short hairstyles 2022


This bet is only suitable for women who exude personality. Shaved hair “officially” favors women with sweet and proportionate features, but the truth is that it brings a lot of strength to any type of feature. This season it is worn with striking colors, such as platinum or pink, although not all women dare to take this leap. The model Iris Law has become the best ambassador of this cut.

short haircut ideas for women

Fashionable Short Women’s Haircuts 2023

The question of how to cut your hair is one of the main questions on the way to creating an immediate image.

The ideal solution for the realization of a new and memorable appearance will be mega-trendy short haircuts for women of different age categories.

Our post, where you will see stunning short women’s haircuts, will conquer not only ladies who are not complex but will also appeal to those who want to change their appearance through an original haircut.

Fashionable short women’s haircuts 2022-2023 confidently hold the first positions along with other types of haircuts, because extremely fashionable women’s haircuts for short hair can create a very extraordinary, radically different, and super original bow for any woman.

bob haircut low maintenance short haircuts

Lest anyone there claim that a woman is more beautiful with luxurious long curls, fashionable short women’s haircuts 2022-2023 break this opinion, offering fashionistas amazing creative ideas for short haircuts that embody the most secret secrets of female individuality.

We all understand that fashionable short women’s haircuts in 2022-2023 will not become something innovative.

Despite this, fashionable short haircuts for women in 2022-2023 will still please with new experiments and metamorphoses of haircuts for short hair for women, appearing in beauty salons every day thanks to hairdressers all over the world.

Note that nothing changes a woman like fashionable women’s short haircuts. They are able not only to change but to improve the female appearance for the better.

We choose a new style and form a new image -fashionable short women’s haircuts 2022-2023

edgy short pixie cuts shoulder length short hair styles

For many beauties, it is familiar when hair, even if there is a significant length, falls facelessly over the shoulders and causes only a feeling of discomfort in their mistress.

Every day, girls and women are tormented to do something with a thin type of hair, and in the absence of volume, this is not at all easy to do.

The way out will be fashionable short haircuts for short hair of various types, pulling a woman out of facelessness, dullness, dullness, and giving her brightness, extravagance, and femininity.

Fashionable short haircuts for women and girls 2022-2023 is your chance not only to change beyond recognition but also to look a few years younger.

Although there is an opinion that fashionable short haircuts for women are a field of reflection for older women.

Properly selected for your face type, fashionable short haircuts for women can drop you up to a dozen. And this is not a joke, but a fact verified by many.

In order, we will consider the stunning fashionable short haircuts for short hair of various types 2022-2023, which deserve to be done by many, and their popularity has not faded over time.

Romantic short haircuts 2022-2023 – femininity comes first

short hair cut for girls bob short hair

Fashionable short haircuts for women are created by masters in large quantities. The names of haircuts are familiar to almost everyone. Among them are fashionable women’s haircuts 2022-2023 square.

Fashionable bob haircuts 2022-2023 have evolved, offering beauties to move away from stereotypes and, in addition to the classic solution, choose fashionable women’s bob haircuts with torn strands, asymmetry, graduated curls, bob for wavy hair, bob with an unusual side parting.

No less relevant will be fashionable short haircuts for women with bob without bangs and combed back.

Extremely fashionable solution for short hair 2022-2023 – pixie

layered short hair styles short haircuts

An impeccable hairstyle for extreme, outrageous, and creative people will be a beautiful short-pixie haircut that will draw everyone’s attention to your facial features.

Provocative and provocative trendy pixie haircuts for women with close-shaven temples are a bold decision, but with such a haircut you will not look like anyone else.
Pixies with shaved temples are striking. They create a very bold image, and, of course, reduce age.

Thanks to the layering, beautiful haircuts for short pixie hair create an inimitable volume and are suitable for any type of hair. Of particular interest will be fashionable haircuts for short pixie hair with a variety of bangs deformations and multi-level strands on the back of the head and temples.

Weightlessness and negligence: fashionable bob haircuts and a combination of outrageous and femininity – bob-car

pixie short hair styles

layered hair

Undoubtedly, the current trend of 2022-2023 will be beautiful women’s short bob and bob haircuts.

These trendy haircuts for short hair have a lot of variations, creating amazing stylish ideas for fashionistas – short women’s haircuts.

Very often, fashionable short women’s bob and bob haircuts are chosen by the stars, because these beautiful haircuts for women with short hair are very interesting in styling, and you can fantasize here indefinitely.

These types of short haircuts can be done on both curly and obedient straight hair, with short and long bangs. Once again, these beautiful short haircuts for women delight with the number of incarnations of how to cut your hair.

Unsurpassed layered, textured, asymmetrical bob and bob short haircuts 2022-2023 will undoubtedly interest young beauties, making their look very feminine and romantic.

Exciting asymmetry and graduation are the new popular hairstyle trends for confident beauties.

women's crew cut haircuts

medium hair cut for girls

Do not forget that beautiful short haircuts for women with multi-level asymmetry are a hit among short hairstyles.

Oblique bangs, and asymmetrical and graduated strands will create a magnificent look of a mysterious and mega-fashionable woman.

Usually, asymmetrical trendy short haircuts look better on straight hair with good volume, but thanks to the technique of performing this haircut for short hair, even thin and curly hair can be created very beautiful hairstyles with asymmetry. Also very popular ragged haircuts for short hair with asymmetry.

French luxury: trendy page and session haircuts

short female hairstyles short hair woman

These trendy short haircuts for short hair with a straight texture are somewhat similar. One fact unites them: they make a woman very refined, very unusual against the background of others, and extraordinarily beautiful.

Fashionable short haircuts for women page and session emphasize the beauty of the eyes, drawing attention to your face.

Ultra short women’s haircuts garcon and cap for sensual women

youthful hairstyles over 50 ladies short hairstyles

Photos of haircuts for short hair garcon and cap immediately speak of the shortest possible length. Such fashionable short haircuts for women are not suitable for everyone.

However, if you still decide on these options, you will create a very romantic and sensual image.

In addition, such hairstyles can be styled both in every day and in a festive version due to their versatility.

Fashionable short haircuts with the shortest strand length

thick hair short haircuts short hairstyles

Ooooh, beauties who choose outrageous short haircuts are ready for anything in life. For them, there is nothing wrong with shaving their heads, leaving a small hedgehog.

V Haircut Ideas for Women in 2023

The V-shaped haircut is back with a vengeance this 2022 to dominate trends and give freshness to your look and it works well with both long and short hair.

This cut, which was a trend in the 90s and early 2000s, and consists of cutting the part on the sides of the hair and the center longer, in a V shape, has returned more than 20 years later, as has happened with other styles, such as the mullet. It is ideal for changing your image without sacrificing too much the length of your hair this year.

You can wear this cut in many ways and here we show you some of them so you can try this style.

V haircuts will be a trend this year and so you can wear them

Smooth V-cut

This is the most common and the best way to wear this style, a V cut on your long hair, wearing it straight to make it look even better.

This will make you look sleek and stylish, and how high you start cutting on the sides of your hair is up to you and what you want.

v shape hair cut with layers layered v cut medium hair front view v shaped layered haircut medium hair

V cut with waves

You can also wear the V-cut with waves at the ends or throughout the hair to make it look more moving.

This is ideal for women with a lot of long hair, and to better appreciate it, try to start cutting it on the sides from the shoulders, it will look beautiful.

v haircut front view front layered haircuts for long hair v shape v haircut boy

Wide V cut

Another option to wear this cut is the same in a V shape but a little wider to give even more volume to the hair from the top to the bottom.

It is an original way to wear this 90s cut and it goes very well with long, medium, and short hair.

medium length v shape hair cut medium v cut hair long v cut hair

Round V-cut

You can also go for the round V-cut, which is neither stretched nor spiky, but round, and cut the layers slightly to give it more volume.

This cut also works well on any hair type, be it long, short or medium, and will make you look fresh and rejuvenated.

deep v haircut v shape haircut v cut hair

Layered V-cut

If you have long or medium hair, you can wear the V-cut with a few light layers to give your hair even more movement and texture.

It is ideal for women with fine hair who want to look fashionable and with a fuller mane.

curly v cut hair v cut layered hair v shape thick long layered hair

Wide V cut with layers

We already talked about the wide V cut, and in this case, the difference is that you will add layers and your hair will be seen with greater volume.

The layers can start from the middle of the hair or only at the ends of your hair, as you wish.

v shape shoulder length layered hair feather cut v haircut long hair

Fabulous Blunt Bob Cuts for Women in 2023

At the turn of the season, many women want to change their hairstyle. The bob haircut is one of the hottest hairstyles of the year and one of the most classic looks of all time. If you’ve been flipping through your Instagram news feed lately, you’ve no doubt noticed that a new cut is in the spotlight for this fall—that means the blunt bob. Read on to find out what this hairstyle is all about and get inspired by our superb image gallery.

jaw length blunt bob

It’s amazing how many hairstyles for short hair there are. A blunt bob is an edgy yet very sophisticated and elegant haircut. It makes your hair look healthier, stronger, and thicker.

Most of the time, the hairdo is worn straight to show off the smoothness of the texture and the faint lines. But that doesn’t mean you can’t curl your hair. Whether smooth or with soft waves – it always looks super chic!

chin length jaw length blunt bob

What is a blunt bob?

A blunt bob is a haircut where the ends of the hair are trimmed to a precise length and extra blunt. Any steps and thinning are forbidden in the trendy hairstyle. If you want to slowly feel your way into the new hair trend, you can opt for a long blunt bob. It is a highly customizable cut that is great for adapting to any hair type. The blunt tips accentuate the jawline nicely, giving you a flattering and elegant look.

ear length short blunt bob short blunt cut bob fine hair short blunt bob

blunt bob with bangs

What hair type is the blunt bob haircut best for?

The first thing to consider when changing your haircut is suitable for your hair texture. Do you have thin, thick, straight, or slightly curly hair? These are all things to consider and discuss with your hairstylist – they can help you determine exactly which blunt bob will suit you best. If you have fine and thin hair then this haircut is the best choice for you! A blunt bob makes your mane look fuller, making it an excellent option for hairstyles for thin hair. The straight lines make the thin tips look much more powerful and thick.

Do you have naturally thick and slightly wavy or curly hair? Don’t worry – you can sport the blunt bob too. In this case, however, the hairdresser would have to thin out your tips a bit at the end. You should also take a little more time with the styling, but the result is worth it! A small disadvantage of the blunt bob cut is that your hair will be trimmed every 3-4 weeks.

inverted bob long blunt cut bob layered bob blunt pixie bob blunt bob

short blunt bob haircuts

Blunt Bob – For which face shape?

Already decided on a new hairstyle and now want to know if a blunt bob suits your face shape.

  • If you have a round face, a blunt bob that ends closer to your collarbone will look good on you. In this way, your face will be visually lengthened. The hairdo makes your head look much narrower.
  • Anyone who has a heart-shaped face can go all out and opt for a super short blunt bob cut – this will accentuate your cheekbones.
  • A long blunt bob combined with grown-out long bangs is the best choice for anyone with a square face.
  • Do you have an oval face? Then count yourself lucky because the blunt bob is made for you!

blunt blonde bob neck length blunt bob shoulder length medium blunt haircut

shoulder length fine hair blunt bob

How to style a blunt bob?

If you’re one of those women who gets sick at the thought of having to style your hair every day, then a blunt bob probably isn’t for you. Not just bobs, but generally all hairstyles for short hair require a lot more styling and maintenance than longer haircuts. Weekly hair treatments and the use of heat protection products are an absolute must for a healthy and shiny mane. The blunt bob cut looks elegant and chic, both in the trendy sleek look and in soft beach waves. Assure yourself; However, smooth in this hairstyle means completely smooth – this is the only way to show off the cut and the blunt ends.

side part shoulder length blunt cut shoulder length hair soft blunt bob blunt straight bob haircut

Best Long Hairstyles for Older Women in 2023

We don’t need the latest statistics to see older women with long hair being in the minority these days. This is not surprising considering that until recently we all thought that more inches could only make us look older, not to mention trickier upkeep. However, the pictures below sell the idea of ​​sticking to your preferred length regardless of your age – you just need to understand what to watch out for.

Long hairstyles for older women with fine hair

We are blessed with messy hairstyles because they are perfect for mature women with long thin hair. From beachy waves to tousled ponytails, they allow us to bring texture and uproots without rocking into outdated bouffants.

layered hairstyles for 50 year old woman with long hair

Hairstyles for older women with long hair and round faces

The extra inches seem perfect for round faces thanks to their built-in elongation effect. But that’s not enough for a woman over 50 – add layers or waves to add volume at the bottom and a side part for some height at the top.

low maintenance hairstyles for 60 year old woman with fine hair

Older women with long curly hair

Curls and waves are best friends with aged hair because they create a flirty feel while providing dimension and vibrancy. The key is to retain the natural bounce or replicate it masterfully if we’re dealing with perms. Be sure to entrust your hair to professionals who clearly understand curl patterns and can avoid the “poodle perm” effect.

hairstyles for over 50 with glasses

Long hair with bangs for older women

All hairstyles for older women with long hair can be easily updated with bangs. Choppy bangs are today’s go-to option that flatters almost any face shape and allows for a cooler, classier look without too much maintenance. Alternatively, opt for side-swept bangs to softly frame your face.

layered long hair after 60

Older women with very long hair

Sure, women over 60 can wear their locks down to the waist, but what’s the point? If the braids are thin or thin, they will look even sparser in long hairstyles because the length will pull them down. So, feel free to opt for extensions – they will make your mane full enough for some nice long shots.

long hair over 70

Natural long curly gray hair

If you choose to rock your natural curls, your main task is to tame frizz and reveal your curl pattern in all its beauty. While a longer hairstyle works towards the first goal by weighing down locks, African American curls are naturally more fragile and usually get worse with age. This is the reason why it is recommended to recommend quarterly haircuts for older women with long hair and protective hairstyles including various braids, twists, and buns.

medium long hairstyles for over 60

Layered hairstyles for women over 50

Layers work great on long braids because they add both movement and volume to thinning locks. However, long layered hairstyles are also flattering on the hair as they take away the bulk. Either way, keep your layers on the softer side, otherwise, harsh lines and lots of disruptions can make you look older.

front layered haircuts for long hair

Medium to long haircuts

When you’re unsure whether you want to go with short or long hair, a long bob is a win-win choice. It gives you the best of both worlds, especially when combined with thoughtfully placed layers. Also, if your face is heart or square-shaped, this choice is sure to balance your bone structure well.

long gray hair over 60

Updos for older women with long hair

The main thing about anti-aging updos is to keep them simple. It can be a sleek side-parted bun or a waterfall half-up with a slightly teased crown, but it shouldn’t be overwhelmed with volume or detail. A relaxed feel and clean lines are better than a bouffant.

layered hairstyles for 50 year old woman with thick hair

Braids and bun hairstyles for older women

Think you’re too old for these trifles? Well, what about Madonna with her cool-girl tight braids? Buns are timelessly elegant, braids of all kinds are easily incorporated into casual and formal updos, and even a top knot can be stunning if it matches your face shape and hair texture.

old woman with long hair

Formal hairstyles for older women with long hair

Formal dosages tend to add years even to young girls, but mature women have the experience to solve the problem, right? The basic trick is to soften the lines around your face with bangs, tendrils, or face-framing layers – just choose what works best for your bone structure.

low maintenance hairstyles for 50 year old woman with long hair

Hair accessories for older women with long hair

You can secure your hair with pretty bobby pins, pull it back with silk or leather hair ties, or make ponytails using shiny (but hair-friendly!) rubber bands – as long as they’re not a good market. There are many stylish hair accessories to suit taller and shorter women and give their hair an age-appropriate look.

bangs long hair after 60

Older women with long gray hair

Yes, embracing gray hair is officially in vogue, with a slew of celebrities like Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren leading the movement. If you want to join them, just select a flattering shade of gray to go through the tricky transition phase, and you’ll end up with long silver hair that’s unaffected by chemical treatments.

hairstyles for over 50 and overweight

Gray highlights for older women with long hair

You can take a different route because you don’t have to go solid gray. Depending on your preferred color palette, gray streaks are capable of creating stunning contrasts, producing a sun-kissed effect, or adding the depth required to lighten strands.

hairstyles for over 60 round face

Hair products for older women with long hair 

Healthy locks are essential for long hairstyles, and mature women need to go the extra mile to ensure their manes retain shine, elasticity, and fullness. Scalp TLC, heat protectants, keratin treatments, deep conditioners, volumizing sprays, and thickening mousses – use them all as needed to halt the aging process of your hair.

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Modern Asian Hairstyles for Women in 2023

When it comes to hairstyle, Asian women have the advantage of being born with gorgeous silky black strands. But that doesn’t make her shy away from scissors or hair dye. In fact, many of the freshest and boldest styles are from Asian beauties, so scroll down for the top hottest Asian hairstyles that everyone can — and should — try for their next salon appointment.

Cute and easy Asian hairstyles for any length

Forget regular ponytail hairstyles and old-fashioned updos. Try something simple, yet trendy. Long and short, wavy and poker straight, layered and blunt, the following hairstyles for Asian girls captivate with their diversity and creativity.

Gorgeous Smoky Purple Ombre

If you’re going for a bold color, we strongly encourage you to consider this dreamy hood. From black to dark purple to icy blonde and lavender pink melts only an artist likes to create this magic. For maximum impact, pair with luscious long tresses in huge, bouncy curls.

trendy korean shoulder length hair

Ash Bronde Ombre Hair

No, that’s not a typo. “Bronde” is the result of combining shades of brown and blonde, resulting in a cool, ashy tone. It’s a popular choice for Asian hair highlights as it blends well with naturally dark tresses.

layered asian medium hairstyles

Modern Shaggy Asian Style

Popular in the 1970s, shag hairstyles are not only still around, but they’re cool-girl-approved and a great find for Asian hairstyles. Mid-layered strands — as opposed to short, wispy layers in the original ’70s cut — keep it current, as do cute bangs and fresh highlights.

round face korean long hairstyle

Black to Light Brown Ombre Waves

Long-layered hair curled into waves is always a delicious and popular choice, especially when colored with caramel ombre against dark roots. The chocolate swirl effect is both intoxicating and universally flattering.

layered trendy korean shoulder length hair

Asian Medium Hairstyle with Textured Waves

This universally flattering cut is one of the most popular among trending oriental hairstyles and with good reason. Layers through the bottom three-quarters of the hair create a soft texture that looks completely natural and effortless when curled into loose waves and highlighted with a touch of baby lights.

layered round face korean shoulder length hair

Pink Asymmetrical A-Line Bob

If you haven’t noticed, muted colors are trending. A dusty rose dark stone looks stunning against dark roots, adding beautiful depth. And as always, medium-length angled bobs flatter any face shape with a slimming effect, thanks to their eye-pulling long front layers. A great option for women with round faces.

layered korean long hair

Choppy Cut with Wispy Bangs

The best way to fake thicker locks is with a choppy cut. But since this style can sometimes be boring on its own, thin, tapered bangs will add visual interest, and caramel balayage will fake even the appearance of shorter layers.

female korean shoulder length hair

Black and Denim Blue Waves

Wearing denim is forever in fashion, and now its popularity has extended to hair color. This moonlight gray shade is perfect for those who want to exude a whimsy and mysterious vibe. It is also a great choice for a hairstyle for an Asian girl as it perfectly melts into black strands.

korean short hairstyles for round faces

Wavy long bob with bangs

One of our favorite Asian hairstyle choices is to finish each cut with bangs. Not only do straight bangs look edgy, but their biggest advantage is that they frame your eyes and make them pop. This long bob is also a great example of how warming up your natural dark and cold color can warm up your complexion as well.

bob korean short hair

Mermaid Waves with Side Cornrows

For girls who want to stand out from the crowd, try rocking several bold hairstyles at once: overlong curls, a bright bold color, and cornrows. While it would take a lot of maintenance to keep the color and manage so much hair, this cool unicorn-like coif is well worth the effort.

round face korean shoulder length hair

Edgy Textured Bob Hair

Bobs never go out of style: they’re chic, sassy, ​​and low-maintenance. To keep it modern add layers for texture and combine them with balayage highlights. When your hair is naturally wavy, it’s even easier to style: finger through a product and go.

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Cool Silver Asian Hairstyle

Looking for unique Chinese hairstyles? Dodge the black locks and consider going gray long before you naturally would. As long as the rest of your look is fresh and trendy, silver hair will appear young and trendy.

medium korean hairstyle girl

Braided shoulder-length hair

We can thank all the Free People for bringing us the effortlessly cool top knot, but if it’s starting to feel stale then take it to the next level by adding a braid. Bonus points for bold hair color and pairing it with a shoulder-length bob.

long hair korean hairstyle

Shaggy lob with bangs

A funky fresh option for Asian short hairstyles. This pretty choppy lob features layers that are chopped and fanned out to create a futuristic texture. The straight-across bangs balance the look with structure.

layered hair

Long waves with subtle highlights

There are tons of cute Asian hairstyles that you can do with really long hair to bring out its natural beauty. Elaine Tan graced her petite long locks with soft beachy waves and added a lovely side fringe. The subtle golden brown accents add another dose of sophistication and style to Elaine’s look.

shoulder length korean short hair

Classic bob with side part

Short Asian hairstyles, including bob cuts, have always been very popular. No wonder this particular style keeps hitting the runways and red carpet. Tian Yuan chooses this simple but timeless hairstyle because it looks youthful, casual, and elegant at the same time. It lasts all day with a little mist, so it’s a perfect choice for an all-day event.

aesthetic trendy korean shoulder length hair

Wavy lob with face-framing highlights

Jamie Chung had very delicate “barely there” waves at the Critics Choice Awards. And they looked flawlessly natural! The subtle face-framing highlights in this exquisite wavy Asian hairstyle are something we absolutely love!

long bob asian hair

Short Platinum Blonde Bob

Bob for medium hair is undeniably a very common hairstyle, but Pom Klementieff shows how to dispel this common misconception. At the Weinstein Company and Netflix Golden Globes after party, all eyes were on her funky light platinum blonde hair. To add dimension to her hairstyle, she got subtle messy waves and soft, wavy bangs.

long hair korean hairstyles

Bold Asian pixie haircut

This fashion lover caught our attention not only because of her pretty face or chic Gucci items but also because of her Asian short hairstyle based on a cute pixie cut styled in beautiful waves. Adding volume with a volumizing mousse on top and brushing the hair backward is one way to flaunt it!

asian woman hair style

Cascading Silky Waves

These subtle classic waves exude timeless class and taste. One of our top picks is Ming Na Wen’s cascading wavy hairstyle for thick brown locks. The waves are neatly curled outwards and divided into large sections. It’s hard to imagine a more graceful and feminine frame for a lady’s face than this gorgeous downdo. This style has no age limit: it is suitable for both young girls and women over 50, 60, and even 70 years old.

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Gorgeous Hair Colors for Women Over 50


It can be difficult for a gorgeous woman over 50 to notice the external processes of aging while her soul remains youthful. Whether it’s your first gray hair or you’re already completely gray, choosing a hair color for women over 50 that defines your new stage in life and at the same time showcases your timelessness can be a daunting task. If, as a result of a long search, you did not find what you liked, do not lose hope. We have collected twenty shades from which you can choose the appropriate option for your next visit to the salon.

Bronze chocolate

When looking for the best hair color for a 50-year-old woman, the ideal shade is the one you feel most comfortable with. You may decide that you want to go back to your original hair color, but for brunettes, this choice will be difficult to maintain. This bronze shade will flatter your complexion.

funky hair color over 50

Black and gray style and silver balayage

As you get older, accepting the changes that come with age, such as gray hair, can be difficult. However, with a trendy silver balayage, you will get a trendy hairstyle that you will be proud of.

highlights and lowlights for over 50

Blond with dark roots

Blonde is a common choice for older women. As more and more gray hairs appear, blonde allows you to balance between colors for longer. Finding the perfect shade is the key to getting that color to work for you.

best hair colour for greying brunettes

Neutral armor with warm tones

Balayage hair color is suitable not only for young people but also for women over 50 years old. Looking through tons of inspiring pictures, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the work of your stylist.

youthful hairstyles over 50

Cute bob in ice blonde

Asymmetrical haircuts are a stunning style that can be paired with blonde highlights. They add expressiveness, which does not look excessive. Choose a shade that will highlight your skin tone.

older woman best hair color for over 60

Bright copper layered bob

When choosing the best hair color for your over 50s, consider how much gray you have and what your natural color is. Red hair color is great for natural medium brown hair (which needs some brightness) and green or blue eyes.

hairstyles for over 50 and overweight

Pixie cut and champagne splash

Light skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair go well together. This light soft blonde and warm honey at the roots, combined with cool white highlights, give the skin a fresh tone and anti-aging effect.

color ideas funky hair color over 50

Caramel bronzing and pixie bob for thin hair

Perfectly matched bronzing is suitable for all skin types. Mixing warm and cool shades, such as caramel and ash blonde, is a popular approach in modern color work.

brown hair with blonde highlights

Strawberry blonde and white

Strawberry blonde and white make for an exciting combination that exudes warmth and sunshine.

anti aging best hair color to look younger

Long chocolate hair with side bangs

Many older women gravitate towards short haircuts because of the easier hair care. Aging doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your length, it just means you need to take care of your curls a little differently. Do additional hair care treatments that replenish lipids and moisture to keep your hair healthy.

hairstyles for over 50 with glasses

Ash hair with taupe roots

Hair colors and styles for women over 50 are varied and should be tailored to your face shape, skin tone, hair type, and lifestyle. This hair color will help revitalize your hairstyle, bringing back your youth.

best hair color to look younger

Layered crimson pixie for mature women

Punk style is a great option for adulthood. This is a modern daring style that characterizes you as an active and fun person. An uneven tapered pixie is great for choosing a bold color.

transitioning to grey hair with highlights

Chic brown bob with thin strands

Gray hair can appear dull and dull. By saturating your hair with color, you will fight back aging. After coloring, prevent pigment washout with a sulfate-free hair care system.

color ideas hair color for over 60

Bob in gray blonde and balayage

Volumetric hair color change for women over 50 creates a feeling of youth and sophistication. Choosing a color that is close to your gray hair color can help cut down on salon visits and regular grooming costs.

hair color for older women

Maroon and gold shades based on cocoa

Combining your natural color with unusual shades can create a new extraordinary style. Choosing a color that matches your skin tone creates a winning combination.

hair color ideas

Tousled pixie

The lucky ones who have a rare natural red hair color, you can be very disappointed when you notice the first strands of gray in your hair. However, there is a way out. Choose something bright and bold. A professional stylist will help you find your perfect shade.

highlights for older women

Bob in gray-blonde with gold and silver highlights

Silver hair is a fashion trend not only for older ladies but also for younger women. Creating this look for brunette hair would require several bleaching sessions to first bleach out the natural pigment and then apply the silver dye. For those with gray hair, the ideal option is to add highlights.

best hair color for women over 50

Bright white pixie bob

You may have found your perfect haircut through trial and error, but never underestimate the power of hair color. Color ideas for women over 50 are full of stunning options that will allow you to wear gray or change it to one of the many modern shades like metallic blonde.

medium hair color for women over 50

Voluminous gray pixie with lavender accent

Adding a pastel or neon shade to your hair can be the perfect way to show off your uniqueness. Let it even be one strand. This is a relatively new approach that will make your hairstyle trendy and bold.

highlights for women over 50

Stylish Long Hairstyles for Older Women in 2023

There is an old notion that long hair signifies youthfulness, so older women should avoid it as it is no longer appropriate for their age. This is old-school thinking, and it can be disputed in modern times. Women over 40 can sport a variety of long styles, from buns and braided updos to loose curls and waves. See 40 pictures of long hairstyles for older women below and don’t forget to save the best ideas!

Long hairstyles for older women

Updo hairstyles with pulled-in ends, such as Styles such as low buns, chignons, and french knots look elegant and can be worn as a casual or formal hairstyle. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one type of hairstyle. Braided crowns, braid and bun updos, half-swept hairstyles, and even flowing waves with multiple layers are among the options you can afford if you have healthy, medium, or thick hair. Here are some inspiring examples!

An elegant chignon

If you are a lady whose social calendar is packed with luncheons, cocktail parties, and galas, you must try the classic chignon bun as one of your long hairstyles for women over 50. It’s classy and conservative enough for more reserved crowds, but it’s far from dated or boring.

layered hairstyles for 50 year old woman with long hair

Festive and formal updo

For those who need a hairstyle for formal gatherings like a wedding or graduation, nothing beats this cute curly pin-up. The bottom is fun and fabulous, the top is raised, and the whole look makes a sophisticated and glamorous statement.

low maintenance hairstyles for 50 year old woman with long hair

Braided Low Bun

Less is more isn’t always the best motto when it comes to hairstyles, as shown here. With bangs, braids, and a messy bun, it can seem like a lot, but somehow all three elements work together. The long pieces at the end of the bangs instantly slim round faces.

low maintenance hairstyles for 60 year old woman with fine hair

Lovely low bun

A low bun is a major updo option in the collection of hairstyles for women over 60. The dress code for the event you are attending will determine the level of disorder in your style: messy for casual attitudes and sleeker for formal affairs.

layered long hair after 60

Simple Side Braid

Standard long hairstyles for women over 50 need a twist that makes them instantly more exciting. Choose a side part with a nice braid on the smaller part and sweep your locks on the other side, covering your temple and ear for a pretty and stylish asymmetrical look.

long hairstyles for women over 60

Milkmaid Braid

Bohemian beauties will love this fancy milkmaid braid. Wear it with a flowing blouse or an airy maxi dress. When you spend less time priming or focusing on your hair, you can spend more time living.

long hair over 70

Sassy Braided Pony

Ombre is an easy way to incorporate color without having to fully worry about maintenance and upkeep. If you’re worried about dying your hair and making it brittle, you can use a ponytail trick. Use attached bangs or extensions of slightly darker or lighter tones to blend well with your natural hair color.

medium long hairstyles for over 60

Classic French Twist

A classic updo like the French twist is a more composed choice for women with long hair over 60. It’s eye-catching, but it’s also not that complicated to achieve. If you’re a classic style lover, secure all flyaways in place with hairspray.

chubby face medium length haircuts

Tousled Side Ponytail with Bangs

Fringes are wonderful for mature women because they cover the forehead and distract from wrinkles under the eyes. These bangs are finished off with a simple ponytail choker for a playful look.

hairstyles for over 50 with glasses

Elegant Cinnamon Bun Updo

The cinnamon roll is among the top choices for hair updos, especially for those who have long hair over 40. It’s fabulous for older ladies because it’s uncomplicated, elegant, and polished.

long hairstyles

Blowout with folded layers

You may be wondering, can older women wear bangs? Bangs are great for framing and softening the face, but they’re also incredibly fashionable, especially when complemented with soft waves that are flipped up at the ends. For that extra touch, use subtle highlights throughout.

mature hairstyles

Laid-Back Beachy Waves

This look is a beautiful choice for brunettes with long hair. Embrace your natural texture by lifting it just slightly with a curling iron. The overall look is relaxed, albeit very flashy and modern. Highlights throughout create a more youthful feel.

long gray hair over 60

Half Curly Hairstyle

The half-up and half-down hairstyle strikes the perfect balance and is an example of how beautiful long hair can be for older ladies – no need to chop those locks once you’re past 40! Plus, it’s especially flattering on women with thicker hair. The curls add volume while the horizontal braid across the back of the head pulls the bouffant and curls together.

hairstyles for over 60 round face

Swirling French Roll

If you like classics and elegance, opt for a French roll with a modern twist. Update it with bangs, a delicious highlight hair color, and play with the shape of the roll and add a personalized detail, like this dynamic sweep.

thin hair low maintenance hairstyles for 60 year old woman with fine hair

Low Bun with a Wrap Around Braid

Updos are perfect for formal occasions or a night out with your partner. Older women tend to have thinner hair, so use a bouffant to add volume throughout the crown. You can also thicken your hair by adding a ponytail extension or a sock to create a thick bun with a braid.

long hair for women over 50

White Twisted Hairstyle

Don’t miss out on a look you love just because you’re afraid it’s too fashionable for you. Twisted waterfall braids can be popular among young girls, but they can also work in long hairstyles for older women. The key is to make them your own with special little touches.

long haircuts for older women

Crown braid with chunky highlights

Braid crowns aren’t just for music festivals and outdoor parties. With smoky eye makeup and minimal accessories, it is one of the most romantic and quick hairstyles for women over 40. It would be perfect for a formal event – pair it with a one-shoulder or strapless dress.

front layered haircuts for long hair

Long Red Layers

Nothing makes your look young like a bright smile and bubbly, positive energy. Play off your youthful inner beauty with a copper red color long haircut. Layers and big bouncy curls complete the look.

old women with long hair

Haircuts for Black Women with Natural Hair in 2023

If you are looking for the perfect style tailored to the needs of natural hair, then our list of natural hairstyles for dark-skinned women offers you a great choice. Just look at this variety of chic and super simple hairstyles and you will realize how fun, cuddly and versatile your black tresses can be.

low maintenance short natural haircuts for black females

In addition, the most elegant hairstyles are those that make a woman look very natural. Naturally styled curls give you that option, and the following simple black hairstyles are all about natural beauty. What’s more, they’re creative and expressive enough to bring out your hair’s unique texture, and they’re light enough and protective enough to make styling easy and keep your curls healthy. Even hairstyles for short African American hair will amaze you with their originality and freshness. Well, check out the natural hair ideas below and choose the one that suits your personality and lifestyle perfectly.


Braids are known as a traditional African hairstyle and also as one of the most popular protective natural hairstyles. With braids, you have the opportunity to experiment a lot with your hair and create various complex geometric shapes and patterns.

easy natural hairstyles for black girls short natural haircuts for black females round face low maintenance short natural haircuts for black females south african ladies cut

Goddess of the Scythe

Pay more attention to big braids (known as Goddess Braids ) that can be easily turned into cute ponies during the day and turned into huge buns or knots when you want to completely change your look.

easy natural hair styles round face short natural haircuts for black females fade short natural haircuts for black females female fade designs

Flat twist hairstyle

Women with natural hair know that a flat hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to create a gorgeous look in a short amount of time. It’s a bit easier than braids because you only have to manipulate two strands of hair and at the same time this hairstyle offers you endless styling possibilities.

short hairstyles for black women natural hairstyles african ladies hair cut medium length natural hair styles


What could be better for an African American than an Afro? This impressive hairstyle is a great base for showing off the playfulness of natural hair. Wearing it, you don’t even have to do anything to make people pay attention to you and your image. With Afro style, you will always be in the spotlight. Its originality and lightness inspire ladies with different hair lengths. By the way, Afro looks great and is easy to care for.

short curly haircuts black woman african short natural hair styles short natural hairstyles

Braids of Ghana

Another protective and very popular classic hairstyle among African American women is the Ghanaian weave. It’s really easy to wear and not that hard to maintain. But this simple hairstyle is stylish, detailed and so versatile. You can braid Ghanaian braids in a variety of ways and get a wonderful look every time.

short haircuts for black women ladies hair cut style black female fade haircut designs pixie short black hairstyles

What natural hairstyles do you prefer? Have you found your perfect hairstyle?

Modern Caesar Haircuts for All Hair Types in 2023

Who would have thought that a hairstyle dating back to 60 B.C. C. would become a staple for men, even in the 21st century? We are talking about the Caesar haircut, an iconic style that pays homage to the Roman general after whom it is named. Although modern adaptations of the Caesar haircut include alternate shapes and textures, the unmistakable base remains. Discover the best version for you below!

Caesar Haircut Bowl

messy caesar haircut

With this example, you can appreciate the main way by which the Caesar cut is recognized. However, it does indeed have a modern twist, thanks to the undercut addition. Men with straight hair should consider this alternative.

Balanced hairstyle

modern messy caesar haircut

Do you resonate with the idea of ​​balance in all aspects of life? Then this example is meant specifically for you. Choose a hairstyle that reflects your personality by trying a balanced Caesar haircut without any flashy angles or undercuts.

Caesar Fade Black Hair

taper fade caesar cut

If you’re looking for a subtle yet significant touch to your haircut, consider a low fade. We recently covered all about fade haircuts in a dedicated article, so you can read more about it there.

Straight hairstyle

modern caesar cut

Do you have straight hair and want to keep it a little longer? This is the ideal haircut for Cesar. While the length of the locks ranges from two to three inches or more, the sides and back are gradually shaved for a nice contrast.

Hipster hairstyle

ceaser cut

You can’t beat a hairstyle that provides cool charm. For this approach, we recommend leaving the top fairly long and layered, opting for an undercut for the rest. Feel free to save as much facial hair as you like.

Grungy Hairstyle

the caesar haircut

However, you can always experiment with a grunge look for your choice of haircut. To get that rebellious edge, we encourage you to pair your Caesar haircut with a full beard. You can get an eye-catching effect this way.

Very short hairstyle

short caesar haircut

We return to an alternative that is very easy to maintain over time. If you never seem to have enough time on your hands or you just prefer the way it looks, feels free to go for a super short Caesar haircut to complement your style.

Caesar Haircut with Bangs

low fade haircut

A Caesar haircut with longer bangs comes as close as possible to the initial representation of this hairstyle. You can change this look regardless of your hair texture; just make sure to keep your bangs neatly trimmed.

Side Swept Bangs

dark caesar taper waves

Men who opt for Caesar cuts with longer bangs can keep this design idea in mind. While you can always keep your bangs combed straight across your forehead, you can mix things up from time to time by sweeping them to the side.

Caesar Haircut with Thick Beard

classic caesar haircut

Do you want a robust hairstyle for the manly man in you? Feel free to grow a beard for the general style of it. When paired with a buzz cut and Caesar cut, a thick beard can have an extremely pleasing visual impact.

V Shape Front

curly caesar cut

When it comes to memorable hairstyles, form is everything. Regardless of whether you want to focus your efforts on shaping the back or front of your hair, this step of the process should not be overlooked. The Caesar haircut, for example, looks amazing with V-shaped bangs.

Caesar Pro Haircut

cesar hair

If you work in a corporate setting or similar space, you will most likely have to maintain a significantly well-groomed appearance. While you won’t be able to fully express your creativity through your hairstyle, you can benefit from a clean and sleek look.

Textured Hairstyle

caesar crew cut

Layers play an important role in shaping any hairstyle, no matter if you are a man or a woman. For an attractive Caesar haircut, think about going a little longer and getting layers. The result will be a smartly textured hairstyle that you feel confident with.

Zac Efron Caesar Cut

fade caesar haircut

We can’t talk about a Caesar hairline without considering Zac Efron. The popular actor changes his hairstyle from time to time but you will always see him with this stylish hairline when he keeps it short.

Choppy Caesar Haircut

low cut light caesar haircut

What if you want a little style and class in your hairstyle? Now is when you can start to put your imagination to the test. You can start with a base of blunt bangs and continue making the edges choppy.

Mini Mohawk

long caesar haircut

Most likely, you will notice a pattern with risky approaches, especially for modern Caesar haircut adaptations. Another idea that we think will inspire you is the mini mohawk. Get that trimmed line and gently shape the side of the top into a mohawk shape.

Straight line, messy hair

long caesar cut fade

We are all for contrasts, so we definitely confirm that this is an attractive look. What makes it genuinely special is the sharp line that separates the undercut from the longer part. To top off the look, smooth your hair carelessly.

Caesar Fade Hair

light caesar haircut

We’re back to fade haircuts with this one, this time with a clean high fade. This is a wonderful option for a summer haircut as it will help you beat the heat in style. We also admire the accuracy of the alignment.

Spiky Hairstyle

dark caesar taper up

Show your wild side by spiking your hair. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about throwing a full-fledged Backstreet Boys, but rather running your fingers through your hair with some quality hair product.

Long Bangs Caesar Haircut

ceaser fade

Even though you are getting out of the caesar zone with this approach, you can always choose longer bangs for your hairstyle. The key here is not to recreate a specific hairstyle, but to customize it to work with your personality.

In short, the Caesar haircut has proven to be a timeless hairstyle option for men of all ages and backgrounds. It’s one of the low-maintenance styles you can enjoy, while still being very tasteful. The Caesar hairstyle is a stylish approach to men’s hairstyles that we wholeheartedly recommend for each and every man. Which version best suits your tastes?

Great eBoy Haircut Ideas in 2023

eBoy haircuts are so popular and common these days. Indeed, they are often worn and recognized by younger generations and men who love new wave trends and modern hairstyles that attract attention! If you want to try this haircut, we recommend that you read the rest of this article, we will offer you a lot.

What is an Eboy Haircut?

An Eboy haircut is a hairstyle that has a lot of volume around the front part of your face. It is also described and known as a curtain hairstyle. It is a bit long and is usually styled behind your ears. The look may suit and look good on those who are teenagers, but it is worn by any age group and any hair texture/length. If you like stylish ideas, this will suit you!

How much does an Eboy hairstyle cost?

Don’t expect to pay too much for this hairstyle. Thing is, it’s like your typical haircut and blow-dry. The final result will last you 3 to 5 weeks (for some even more) without the need for a touch-up. Perfect for low-maintenance people.

Curly Eboy Haircut

middle part eboy haircut

This eboy hairstyle is really flowy and defined. You’ll love it if you’re in your twenties looking for that modern, curly look for a chic everyday outfit.

Side Swept Eboy Hairstyle

softboy eboy haircut

Go for a bit of that side-swept action and moment. If you are a modern man and you like trendy cuts, this will suit you!

Black Hairstyle with Bangs

tomboy short fluffy haircuts

Dark brown or black hair can look so good when styled in eboy style! Show off this beauty for any upcoming event.

Medium Eboy Hair

curtain cut eboy haircut

A look like this will need trimming every 3 weeks. Be careful when it comes to these long hairstyles because they are high maintenance.

Natural Brown Hairstyle

fade curtain haircut

Natural brown hair and this eboy moment will look so powerful. The look will suit all age groups.

Light Blonde Eboy Hairstyle

grunge aesthetic boy haircuts

Want to try that side-swept bang moment? It is so cool and modern, often worn by men who love beaver colors.

Long Straight Eboy Haircut

undercut eboy haircut

Go for this eboy cut only if you love defined looks and super shiny/shiny strands.

Bleached Blonde Eboy Look

eboy perm

Light blonde or icy blonde is a brave choice for most men. Only try this cut if you dare to wear trendy high-maintenance looks.

Brunette Hairstyle

eboy haircut curly

Dark brown natural hair is easy to maintain. Spice up the look with this type of haircut for your glamorous every day.

Light Brown Eboy Hairstyle

middle part undercut

This hairstyle is for men who love their natural texture. Show it off for any event and enjoy its trendy result.

Hairy eboy look

grunge eboy haircut

Define your bangs with your favorite hair gel and rock this cut for the summer season!

Eboy hair with highlights

tiktok eboy haircut

Add these light blonde highlights and show off your look for any upcoming event, big or small.

Light Brown Hairstyle

modern curtain eboy haircut

A brunette eboy hairstyle like this will take 2-3 minutes to do and style in the morning.

Eboy Wavy Hairstyle

undercut eboy haircuts

Men who are in their twenties usually opt for this eboy hairstyle.

Modern Eboy Hairstyle

eboy haircut long

The side-swept eboy hairstyle is a popular choice for men who like more volume in the front.

Cool High Fade Haircuts for Men in 2023

A faded haircut is a popular men’s haircut in which the length of the hair gradually reduces from the crown of the head towards the temples and nape of the neck. A high fade is one of its trendiest variants. Hugely popular with Asian, African American, and Caucasian men fades transcend ethnicity and age. They’re inherently cool – high fades used to be spotted on old Hollywood stars, and now they’re rocked by young, hip men.

High Fade: Where classic meets cool

Fade haircuts have evolved from classic tapers. But these days, the trend is more diverse than ever, and men are rocking longer (even curly) hair on the top of the head with contrasting shaved sides. In other words, the style can be worn in a variety of different ways.

Classic high fade haircut

With a subtle (yet sexy) pompadour across the forehead, this zero fade comb-over cut is a true high fade haircut classic. Using a wide-toothed comb, brush hair back, incorporating a small amount of gel or spray for extra hold.

short hair high fade haircut

Fade Blurred Skin

This high skin fade is the epitome of cool as the hair seems to move seamlessly from thick to thin, perfecting the edges. Slick your hair back into a puffy pompadour with texturizing pomade and spritz with hairspray if your hair doesn’t hold a pouf well.

crew cut

Forward Combed Style

Of course, not all faded looks need to be back slicked (their most popular form). Rather, some of the trendiest men’s haircuts are now combed almost Caesar-like on the forehead.

short haircuts for men

Wild pompadour fade cut

Assuming all high fade styles have the same look? think again Styles like this push the boundaries of traditional styles by relying on a sky-high pompadour and a precise line to add drama. Use a strong holding gel for extra security.

fade haircut for men

Soft blend fade

One of the most popular men’s hairstyles right now, the blend fade is all about seamlessly transitioning hair lengths rather than a harsh, drastic shift in texture. This can be accomplished by a talented barber with a sharp razor (and controlled hand).

high fade haircut black man

Longer hair cut up

Previously reserved only for hipsters, faded haircuts with long hair on top are now becoming more mainstream. It’s an incredibly flattering style that helps elongate the face and accentuate an array of chiseled, masculine elements.

short fade haircut

Messy Blonde Haircut

Although it’s most common to see longer hair of a high haircut slicked back into a pompadour, this trend is quickly branching out into mohawk-like edgy styles. If you want to perfect your blonde haircut, use lots of texturizing pomades to keep things messy yet under control.

military high fade haircut

Clean Cut Fade

Ideal for a job interview, Easter Sunday with Grandma, or even that first meeting with her parents, this shaved cut exudes confidence, class, and professionalism. The cleaner and tighter the overall look, the better.

undercut low fade haircut

Side part fade haircut

Just because you’re sporting a fade haircut doesn’t mean you can’t rock a side part, either. Sideways hair can create a unique twist on the traditional “pomp” style you often see.

low fade haircut

Buzzed up buzz

With faded hairstyles, there are too many looks to choose from. One of the most seen is a crop of short hair combed forward with the ends flipped up above the forehead. This adds some edge to an otherwise clean and simple cut.

low fade high fade haircut

Fauxhawk Spiky Hair Fade

A high taper mixed with a sky-high faux hawk is the definition of sexy hair, largely due to its diversity. While the top of the hair is wild, the sides are shaved and more serious. This spiky hair fade is a perfect cut for a young man.

high fade crew cut

Fade with curls

You’ve seen this cut on NBA players. Curly hair fades with an afro top is an incredibly hot style right now, mixing both natural black coils with clean sides and edges.

high fade pompadour

Taper with part

This parted taper is both clean and perfectly shaped, making her incredibly sexy. Although it can be difficult to style when the hair is particularly long and thick on top, you can experiment with a comb that looks incredibly stylish and neat when paired with a lineup.

mixed curly hair fade

Long hair fades

Long hair fade means your sides will be extremely short (often trimmed to 0) and the top will be super long. To tame your locks, wear them in a bun, ponytail, or half bangs. It would be a good idea to improve your braiding skills.

taper high fade

Paper cut

Scissor fade as mentioned above is chosen when a client wants a custom shape of the cut. It can be any type of hiding but created with scissors, not scissors. What does a customer get? Longer hair on the sides but the cut still has the tapered effect.

high fade haircut men

Temples fade

Temple Fade Cut is the best choice if you want to try fades but are afraid of making major changes in your look. With temp fades, only the sideburns are shaved off (partially or completely). Sometimes a small area around the ears is also cropped.

high taper fade

Shadow fade haircut

A softer version of a regular fade, a Shadow fade haircut is subtle and creates a more natural contrast between hair lengths. Sometimes you can read that this type of fade is for curly hair. Definitely yes, but men with straight hair can try it too. In general, it’s a great fit for any type, especially those who have sensitive skin and want to skip weekly trimmers.

undercut curly hair fade

Separate Fade Cut

The ragged haircut under fades is the broken fade. The definition is simple. “Disconnected” can be called any haircut that has dramatic length changes in the hair. See the example below.

boys fade haircut

The so-called “Uptown” fade

Does your girlfriend want to be in love with a criminal? Then the uptown fade is for you! Joke. But this cut is masculine and sexy!

curly loose curl taper fade

Box fade haircut

Box fade is more suitable for men with very curly and kinky hair. On both sides, it looks like a normal fade. The top of the head has a specific shape – either a flat or more custom shape that follows the natural curve of the skull.

high fade comb over

20 Edgar Haircut Ideas in 2023

Edgar haircuts are the latest trend for men. Short and sharp but full of attitude, this style suits men with long, oval, or angular faces. It’s perfect for those who already have short hair but want to update their look with a youthful, modern, and edgy cut, and it can also hide an uneven hairline.

Classic Edgar Haircut

The classic Edgar haircut is ideal for men with short thick hair. It’s about blending a high skin fade into a short Caesar Cut. Your stylist will then cut the front to create a straight line across your forehead. Although neat and clean, the classic Edgar haircut still has an attitude and edgy appeal due to its well-defined lines.

fluffy edgar haircut taper edgar haircut

Edgar Wavy Haircut

While the classic Edgar works best on straight hair, a wavy Edgar lets you show off your natural hair texture and has a more unique and unusual look. The barber will still skin fade your hair at the sides but leave the top section longer to create an undercut effect. Similar to the classic Edgar, your hair will be brushed forward and cut to create a straight line across your forehead.

mid fade edgar haircut curly edgar haircut

Spiky Edgar Short Haircut

To give your Edgar cut an edgy look, try adding spiky texture to the top section of your hair with clay or pomade. However, to maintain the signature straight bangs of the Edgar cut, leave the front of your hair smooth and product-free. Maximize the impact of Edgar’s short, spiky cut by pairing it with a less blended fade, creating a bold undercut effect that draws more attention to your hair.

fluffy edgar cut bowl cut

Mid Fade Edgar Haircut

For a sharper and more striking take on the Edgar haircut, pair it with a mid fade. This will create an interesting straight-line effect when viewed from the side. It is ideal for men with medium-length straight hair who want to change their cut with an edgy and unusual look.

black edgar haircut white edgar haircut

Edgar High Fade Haircut

If you already have a high and tight haircut, try an Edgar high fade for a subtle change of pace. As usual, your stylist will buzz the sides in a short, sharp high fade. However, instead of cropping the equally short top section, they’ll brush it forward into a mini Caesar. Fresh and contemporary, it will give your ultra-short cut a little more personality.

high taper fade modern edgar haircut

Edgar haircut with platinum hair

Platinum hair has become extremely popular with men over the past year. Not only does it completely change your look, but it also makes you stand out from the crowd due to its bright white color. Because bleaching your hair makes it weaker, short haircuts like the Edgar are a great option for going platinum. Plus, the edgy platinum look gives an Edgar haircut a trendy 80s vibe.

wavy hair fluffy edgar cut hair edgar haircut

Edgar haircut with choppy hair

The best way to make your hair stand out is to combine elements of texture with sharp angles, and the Edgar haircut with choppy hair is a great example of this. The hairstylist creates texture by cutting the top section in many different lengths – known as a “choppy cut” – while maintaining the classic straight bangs of an Edgar cut. It is better to go for a taper rather than a high-side fade to keep the haircut cohesive.

edgar haircut mexican edger hair

Edgar High and Tight Haircut

Another option for fans of the high and tight is to mix it up with the sharp lines of the Edgar haircut. Unlike the high fade Edgar, the high and tight Edgar involves extending the straight line of the forehead around the head, creating a disconnected contrast with the buzzed sides. The final effect is a “closed” look that catches the eye without standing out too much.

edgars boys taper fade haircut fluffy edgar cut

Edgar Haircut with Beard

Growing out a beard is a great option for men who want to drastically change their look. A beard can make you look more mature, as well as define your jawline and cheekbones. As an Edgar haircut is a short, angular, and modern cut, it is best paired with a beard that has those same characteristics. Clean lines are essential, so opt for a short beard with an upward shape or an anchor beard.

edgar haircut low taper fade curly hair

Edgar Haircut Bald Fade

For guys with very short hair, the Edgar cut paired with a bald fade is a great option. Similar to the high and tight Edgar, it creates a striking “lid” effect by extending the “line” of the forehead around your head. However, the bald Edgar cut is even more contrasting, as the sides are kept short without blending into the longer top section. Ideal for men whose style is closer to athletics or streetwear, this fit has a sleek yet edgy feel.

taper fade edgar cut fade

Viking Men’s Haircuts in 2023

As modern Viking culture rises, and TV shows like Vikings bring the Viking look into popular culture, Viking-inspired men’s hairstyles have made a comeback.

But how historically accurate are the Viking haircuts we’re seeing today? Do Nordic hairstyles include long hair, low cuts, braids, and man buns?

The short answer is actually yes! The styles we see in the likes of Vikings are quite accurate, if somewhat glamorous, versions of traditional hairstyles.

Read on to learn more about the historical haircuts favored by Vikings, and ideas for modern Viking men’s haircuts. You can also check out our article on Viking haircuts for women.

Top Modern Viking Hair Styles

Now that we have an idea of ​​how historical Viking haircuts look, the most burning question is how to achieve an authentic yet stylish modern Viking look. Get inspired by our modern Viking hairstyles below.

Long hairstyle

historical viking hairstyles

the most classic Viking look is long hair (with a beard of course). Let it grow out naturally and don’t worry too much about styling. Go for a classic and rugged look. But worry about hair care, the Vikings were known for their attention to hygiene, and most carried small combs with them to keep their hair free of dirt and grime. You can invest in a good shampoo and conditioner.

Long hairstyle with braids

nordic undercut viking haircut viking haircut braid

Braids are an essential part of the Viking look, and Vikings often added braids to their hair and beards. Accent your long Viking hairstyle by choosing a few small pieces to braid into long thin braids. This adds distinctive character without taking away the drama of her long-flowing Viking hairstyle.

Ponytail Hairstyle

male viking mohawk

when you want to get your hair out of your face, do the same as the girls and put it in a ponytail. But this isn’t a ponytail like her girlfriend, who can spend time slicking it back to perfection. She pulls back loosely and messily to give herself a nonchalant, ‘I know I’m handsome and I don’t need to try’ Viking hairstyle.

Half-Ponytail Hairstyle

celtic viking haircut

If you want to get your long hair out of your face, but also want to show off the length of your Viking hairstyle in the back, pull it back into a half ponytail, with the top half of your hair tied back, and the bottom half tied back. free left. Don’t pull it back too harshly, but rather keep it lost. This will keep the free-spirited essence of long Viking locks from him.

Detailed, Ponytail Hairstyle

double layer viking haircut viking mohawk braid

Whether you’re going for a ponytail or half-ponytail, full hair or undercut (see below), add Viking flair to the look by adding leather bands to the tail.

Bun hairstyle

viking braids short male viking braids

Of course, you may simply want to pull everything back, lifting your hair off your neck as well as away from your face, especially during the summer months. Again, a chignon is a great alternative to a ponytail if you’re looking for a Nordic hairstyle, don’t try to make your bun neat. Let it take on a natural form that leaves you looking too cool for school.

Double Bun Hairstyle

nordic hairstyle traditional viking hairstyles female

If your hair is thick and difficult to pull back, part and pull it back twice. Use half of your hair to create a top bun, and then pull the bottom half back into a bottom bun. This keeps the hair off the face and neck and looks dramatic and striking, especially in profile.

Braided hairstyle

mens viking hairstyles

For a different approach to pulling your hair back, try a braid, which was a very traditional hairstyle for the Vikings. Start at the top of your head and pull all of your hair as it goes down your back. This is a great way to maintain body and texture while keeping your hair in check. Braids, whether in the hair or beard, are a quintessential Viking look.,

Braided sides hairstyle

male viking haircut short viking hairstyles

Braids are an extremely versatile styling tool that can be used to control your hair while giving it character. You can use braids to give yourself the Viking undercut hairstyle, without having to shave any of your hair. Use multiple braids on one or both sides of the head to pull back the hair on the sides near the temples. You can then let the hair on top of your head fly free, OR keep your side braids visible by pulling them back into a ponytail or bun.

Double Bun with Braided Sides Hairstyle

scandinavian viking haircut

If you are looking to do something dramatic and different with your long hair, combine side braids with double buns, with part of the side hair being fed into your top bun, and the rest into your bottom bun. This will give you a dramatic and elegant Viking hairstyle that leaves you ready for war.,

Undercut Hairstyle

male nordic viking haircut

If you still have too much hair with a temple shave, or you are looking for a better look, then go for a hollow one, with shaved back and sides and long hair on top. We know that this is a historical haircut, and from here, you have so many Viking hairstyle options!

Undercut Side Sweep Hairstyle

long hair viking hairstyles

For great visual impact, sweep the hair that’s growing on top of your undercut all to one side, keeping one eye clear and free while keeping the drama on the other side. This works best if you let your hair grow to chin level.,

Undercut with Ponytail Hairstyle

short viking hairstyles men

If you want to show the difference between your long hair and your shaved sides in your undercut, pull your hair into a loose ponytail. This is also a good way to keep it out of your eyes. The ponytail can be slick or loose depending on your preference, either way, this Viking hairstyle will make you look like a warrior.,

Undercut with Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

nordic viking hairstyles

You can channel Bjorn from Vikings by keeping a very tight undercut and then styling his middle section of hair in multiple braids which he then pulls back into a ponytail. Braids add texture and interest to the ponytail and are great for adding body to hair that is naturally straight and straight.

Low Taper Fade Hairstyle

nordic viking braids

Searching for a Viking hairstyle that’s a bit more fashionable than a hollow? Try a low taper fade, which transitions from longer hair on top to short, shaved hair near the ears, with a consistent gradient. This haircut always stands out, and it’s great if you want to keep hair out of the way. your neck, but you want something to work with to add texture around your forehead and eyes.

Korean Men’s Hairstyles and Haircuts in 2023

male medium korean hairstyleIn search of fresh ideas for a stylish look, modern men are increasingly paying attention to Korean men’s hairstyles. They are distinguished by a creative eye, grooming, audacity, and eccentricity. The material of this article will tell about who they are suitable for, what they are, what they are called, and what features they have.

two block haircut

undercut korean hairstyle boy

short korean two block haircut


Interest in Korean men’s haircuts is increasing every year. Most Asian haircuts are distinguished by original styling and torn strands. Model haircuts of Koreans are textured, while they have a lot of varieties and are suitable for men of different ages.

Initially, there were no more than 10 of them, and the main one was the “ponytail” option. Today, slight negligence is in fashion; therefore, the smooth hairstyles familiar to Korean men have been replaced by non-standard haircuts.

haircut for men

fade haircut

korean side part

In our country, it is customary to cut your hair short. Most men are not accustomed to daily personal care, and therefore the optimal length does not require styling. Koreans, on the other hand, devote a lot of time to creating the perfect image. For them, appearance is a calling card.

In Korea, it is customary to look perfect from childhood. Using hair styling products for Korean men is a natural thing to do. A pleasing appearance helps to become successful; women pay attention to such men.

short hair korean hairstyle

summer korean hairstyle men

low fade haircut

Their hairstyles are sometimes more diverse than women’s. Moreover, they are selected for each specific case. For the office – this is a laconic smoothed version, for students – a casual look. Koreans do not forget about their appearance, even when they are at home. Their hairstyles are as simple as possible but well-groomed.

The length of the bangs usually covers the eyes. When laid, it completely covers the eyebrows. The length of the temples practically reaches the end of the earlobes. Short whiskey in Korean haircuts is rare. Usually, such haircuts are typical for recruits going to the army.

In general, haircuts for Korean men are distinguished by model styling of bangs, asymmetric lines, and torn ends.

korean clean cut

mens long hairstyles

hair style boys

new korean hairstyle

Who are suitable?

Men’s Korean haircuts are by no means universal. They don’t suit everyone. These haircuts are relevant for owners of straight and thick and coarse hair of a dark, almost black shade. It will be more difficult for fair-haired men with a Slavic appearances to choose their hairstyle.

The effect in such cases will be different from the original. It is especially difficult to make such styling for those who have thin and curly hair. In addition, one of the decisive factors will be the oval of the face. Often, Korean men have narrow, and sometimes even sharp chins.

korean men

Many haircuts copy the images of idols (young celebrities known to every Korean). These youth hairstyles are characterized by characteristic negligence or creative mess on the head. The strands can be long, and slightly disheveled. These haircuts are suitable for young guys with a thin physique.
korean men hair


Details are the main strong point of Korean haircuts. With their help, you can emphasize a certain style in clothes, making your image special.

Torn ends

Korean grunge has a special identity. This is a trend of our time, which is popular not only among representatives of youth subcultures but also among men 30-35 years of age. The uniqueness of the haircut lies in the fact that it allows you to add volume even to thin hair.

The principle of the wizard is to give the strands the effect of a torn edge, cutting them at an angle. They do this with a special razor not only along the entire length but also along the bangs.

korean haircut

Shaved whiskey

Shaved temples, coupled with long hair on top, are one of the favorite haircuts of Koreans. On this basis, you can lay a hedgehog or a mohawk, you can lift the bangs, leaving the base as it is. This is a trendy detail of a spectacular male image that makes the guy stand out from the crowd.

If desired, you can shave both 1 and 2 temples. To give the desired shape, use wax or gel, as well as varnish.

Koreans rarely dye their strands in bright colors, they like the native color of the strands more. The maximum that they consider appropriate is lightening the hair by a couple of shades.

korean french crop trendy korean male hairstyle short


These haircuts would not have looked so spectacular if it were not for the asymmetrically cut bangs. It is she who gives them a special chic and originality. The “bob” model with asymmetrical bangs and unevenly cut strands sometimes does not need styling at all. In this case, the bean can be not only single but also double.

Sometimes, for a greater effect, the master highlights the hair in a couple of tones, creating the effect of strands burnt out in the sun.

undercut two block haircut korean guy hairstyle


Perhaps this haircut can be called the standard of style for all Koreans. She is adored by both young children and older men. Among Koreans, there is not a single representative of the stronger sex who would not do it at least once in his life. This haircut is very recognizable, it is an alternative to our “pot” with a difference in hair length. A fluffy cap is created on top, the temporal and occipital zones are cut as short as possible (by Korean standards).

korean haircut for men korean short hair men

How to lay?

Styling is performed on medium length hair. If the curls are curly, before modeling the hairstyle, they must be straightened with an iron.

Unlike most European hairstyles, Koreans style their hair forward. They are sprayed with varnish or spray, after which they are laid in different directions, creating a slightly tousled look.

korean boy haircut short two block haircut

20 Super Easy Curly Haircuts to Manage in 2023

Women with curly or very wavy hair always have the fear that a particular cut does not go well with their hair left natural and therefore live in the anxiety of always having to resort to styling, even in summer. In this article, we propose different cuts that are also good for those with curly or normally unmanageable hair. The important thing is that the hairstyle reflects us and enhances us. The cuts for short and curly hair are many; asymmetrical, short in front and long in back, very short, even shaved or very frayed. The peculiarity of all these cuts, however, is that they are all super feminine!


If you are someone who loves traditional cuts and you don’t want to dare too much, we recommend a helmet. Two cuts that never fade and allow you to play a little more with the lengths, which we can drastically halve with curly or very wavy hair.

The bob usually has a length throughout the cut. The curly hair gives a lot of movement and the cuts appear soft and jaunty.

chubby face short curly hairstyles curly pixie cut low maintenance short curly hairstyles pixie short curly hair short curly hair bob

Shaved or asymmetrical

If, on the other hand, you are a dynamic person who loves to change his image and you are not afraid of changes, a choice you could opt for is certainly an asymmetrical haircut.

Very particular and adopted by many celebrities, such as Emma Marrone. The asymmetrical cut is shaved on one side and much longer on the other. It is a style outside the box, but which allows you to remain very feminine and above all to play with a beautiful side maxi fringe that will give us a very sensual look.

curly hair layers before and after natural short curly hair short curly hairstyles short curly hairstyles wavy medium curly hair

Scaled cut

This type of cut is also for people who like to be versatile and the watchword is always movementThe peculiarity of this cut is that the hair can be moved freely from one side of the head to the other and allowing for different types of styling.

Countless different combinations are born from asymmetrical hairstyles, disheveled – but deliberately – and with long and short tufts that alternate perfectly framing our face.

edgy short curly haircuts girl with short curly hair layered short curly haircuts naturally curly chubby face short curly hairstyles

The pixie is the right compromise for those who want to keep some length without losing the practicality of the shortcut. Tuft and bangs, then, are always ready to come to safety if we still want to give a breath of freshness to our hairstyle.

curly hairstyles low maintenance layered short curly haircuts short curly hair short hair styles for curly hair short length curly hairstyles shoulder length short curly hairstyles

Pixie Cuts with Undercut for Women in 2023

Pixies are versatile haircuts with a playful touch loved by women of all ages and builds. They open up incredible scopes for various styling that can match any type of hair and face. That is why in 2022, the 21st century, pixies are again at the peak of relevance. The new age calls for simplicity, flexibility, and versatility – all of which can be obtained from a perky and elegant haircut with a short nape.

feminine undercut pixie messy undercut pixie


Pixies with an undercut have very short side strands and the back of the head and leave the top part long for experimenting with styling. A bold and daring haircut gives you the opportunity to play with different styles.

long pixie cuttomboy undercut pixie

In 2022, pixies with an undercut can be complemented with creative coloring – for example, make shiny green strands on black roots. If courage is not enough for such an image, choose a strawberry blond or a deep solid chestnut.

edgy rocker pixie cut thick hair feminine undercut pixie

Pixie with a shaved head

The neck area can be shortened dramatically – completely or partially shaved. This model differs from the undercut in that the length of the temples is preserved here. The temporal and crown strands, in contrast with the back of the head, look voluminous. The haircut is easy to style – just tilt your head, dry the elongated strands and comb it in any direction.